26 October 2013

Bits and Bits and Bits

Bits and pieces from October taken with my camera phone - have a great weekend, ladies!

 Oct bits 1  Oct bits 2
It's finally puffy vest weather: J.Crew vest (this year's version), LE cardigan, JCF necklace & bracelet,
Yunikelley pave bracelet (sim).
Oh to enjoy warmer days again: LEC gingham (worn before - sim), ON jeans, Clarks wedges.

Oct bits 3
Laying out an outfit: Asos sweater dress (worn before - sim), LEC shirt (sim), F21 necklace, PLV wedges.

Oct bits 4
Clear baubles: C. Wonder (worn before - sim) & Ruche necklaces, Ruche top (sim).

Oct bits 5  Oct bits 6
Greys: J.Crew tippi & blythe (worn before - factory version), c/o Choies necklace (simpler).
A new coat that's really just a fleece jacket in disguise.

Oct bits 7
My fave loafers (worn before).

Oct bits 8
It's sequin season: ON dots & colorblock, F21 bracelet (sim), Sally Hansen nails.

Oct bits 9  Oct bits 10
Casual: F21 jacket (worn before - sim), J.Crew shirt (sim), Rock and Feather necklaces.
The grass is greener with fun red shoes (sim).

Oct bits 11
Patterns: Anne Klein loafers, Coach case (sim), Hawthorn necklace (worn before - sim).

Oct bits 12
Blues: BRF trench, J.Crew scarf, Anthro top, BRF jeans, JCF necklace (outfit worn here).

Oct bits 13  Oct bits 14
A colorful day: Anthro skirt (sim, sim), Kate Spade wallet (worn before - sim), Zara pumps, Fossil tote (sim).
You can't have just one: retail and factory vests.

Oct bits 15
Forget heels - welcome new home shoes!

Oct bits 16
Navy & pearl: Ann Taylor necklace (sim) & bracelet (sim), LEC shirt (sim), J.Crew dress (worn before).

Oct bits 17  Oct bits 18
Was it warmer just last week? LE jeans, c/o Jambu sandals (worn before), Kate Spade wallet (sim).
Love these earrings (sim).

Oct bits 19
Loading up on loafers: Sam Edelman studded & Anne Klein animal print.

Oct bits 20
Day look: J.Crew jacket (worn before), Loft top (simpler), Hawthorne necklace (sim).


  1. Love your loafers and your puffy vests!

    I just ordered a new vest from Lands End--the navy blue polka dot one. They're running a promo where you get 25% off regular priced items (10% off sale) and free shipping over $50. The vest actually came in under $50 (whooaaa!) so I threw a pair of gloves in for my little lady.

    1. I adore LE stuff - plus their great deals and return policy!

  2. I´m absolutely in love with your Asos sweater dress and your other looks are also really great - so fresh and only watching you makes immediately good mood <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  3. I love all these looks too, Lisa. Your collages are always like eye candy, with so many pretty colors and details!

  4. I always enjoy your post with a mix of your outfits. I love all the looks. Now if I can just get your loafers!

  5. I want your entire wardrobe...and your way of being able to pull everything together so well :) I love all of these.

  6. You sure know how to accessorize! I need those home shoes asap!

  7. are you on instagram? your pictures are just so beautiful, I want to see them alllllllll the time :)

    1. Aw, thanks. I have an account (@respecttheshoes) but so far all I've done is follow people.

  8. I love all of the bits! The are so classy and well put together!!

  9. You just have the coolest jewlery! I love that JCF necklace!

  10. Love it all! I was psyched to find the Quincy boy shirt on eBay recently, & I hope they bring back the dt field jacket in black!

  11. Great outfits & accessories!

  12. you seriously have THE best accessories- i bet your jewelry box looks like heaven. and your camera phone is SO clear- do you have an iphone or do you have some sort of app?

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Thanks! I used an iPhone for all these pics. I just use the existing camera app.

  13. Gorgeous colours, prints and outfits in general!

  14. So many phone pics, time to start that instagram account? :)

    I love the last pic, the grey and black and the pop of turquoise with your lipstick. Fantastic!

    1. I've got one (@respecttheshoes) but so far all I've done has been to follow people - you included!

  15. Great stuff, mouth watering.....

  16. Oh, I like that ASOS dress. I always scour their sight and never find anything I like...even though they have a trillion things! Not sure if its how the clothes are styled on the model... Btw, your loafer collection looks amazing. Have a great week!!

    ~Jane B

    1. Well they have free ship and returns, so I figure it never hurts to try with them - I've found some great winners (and loads of misses!)

  17. I don't own a puffer vest and I stopped myself from buying one over the weekend and now I wish I hadn't! I love, love love the layered sweaterdress look.

  18. i am in love with ur asos sweater dress! Soooo cute ♥

    NEW POST :)
    xoxo ♥

  19. Um, are you on Instagram yet?!? The hot pink puffy vest with stripes and that gorgeous necklace is my favorite!

  20. So amazing, lots of sweet photos, what a great collection.

  21. stunning outfit !

    wanna follow each other on GFC/FB and bloglovin ?

    Elegantesque Blog

  22. Such lovely layering and accessorising in these little shots! :)

    Away From The Blue

  23. Get yourself on Instagram already! ;-)

  24. I love so many things in these bits and pieces posts of you. Which is why it is hard to believe you have so little storage space for your jewellery. (Unless that horse you are using is full size.)
    Again I love nearly everything but especially the home shoes. So cute.


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