01 July 2020

Style Lately

respect the shoes June1
My toes may not be thrilled about being stuffed into heels, but I like having an excuse
to dress up again (even if it’s just to go to work) πŸ’•.
exact: skirt $40 / bag
sim: top $18 / shoes $27

respect the shoes June2
All set for casual summer strolling 🌸.
exact: espadrilles $69 / sandals $49

respect the shoes June3
Feeling these floral cropped pants - for the days when I want to look like I’m strolling
my way through Palm Beach (instead of dodging co-workers in the copier room) 🌺.
exact: pants on sale / shirt $20
sim: tote / shoes $45 (with TAKE50)

respect the shoes June4
 Is there such a thing as wearing too many colors? 🌈
exact: sneakers / sweater $69 / gingham $29

respect the shoes June5
Keeping things pretty #basic for the weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful
first day of summer! ☀️
exact: flats $84
sim: jacket $26

respect the shoes June6
I’ve been loving the longer tiered skirts that have been popular the last few summers -
they’re swishy, fun & help keep my pale, bug-bitten legs hidden πŸ’›.
exact: sandals $60 / sunglasses $69
sim: top $60 / skirt $30 / bag $33

respect the shoes June7
“The thing to do, it seems to me, is to prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in
somebody else’s cloud.” - Dr. Maya Angelou 🌈
from left to right: exact navy $29
sim blue $15 / sim green $50 / sim yellow $36 / sim pink $14 / sim red $30

15 June 2020

Style Lately in June

respect the shoes June1
I got myself a denim jacket earlier this spring & I don’t know why I had waited so long 🌻.
exact: dress $59 / sunglasses $69
sim: sandals $24 / jacket $35

respect the shoes June2
TGIF style - when in doubt, mix it out 😸.
exact: mules $25
sim: sweater $70 / shirt $22

respect the shoes June3
I always like to add a pop of punchy color to an otherwise neutral outfit ❤️.
exact: blouse $24 / bag on sale / shoes on sale
sim: pants $33

respect the shoes June4
Felt like wearing a skirt, i.e., offering up some leg to appease the mosquito gods 🌼.
exact: sandals
sim: skirt $73

respect the shoes June5
We did some yard work & gardening yesterday, which pretty much means
I get to spend most of the foreseeable future trying not to scratch my mosquito
bites & poison oak rash ... Will be covering up appropriately today 🌿.
exact: skirt $28 / satchel / shirt $60 / sunglasses $59
sim: sandals $69

respect the shoes June6
Some pretty shoes to complete my beautiful ensemble of leggings,
sweats & unkempt hair πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️.
exact: shoes on sale

respect the shoes June7
All dressed up & home office to go πŸ‹.
exact: flats / wallet / belt $45 / bracelets $20 set
sim: sweater jacket $31

10 June 2020

Style Lately in June

respect the shoes June1
Not afraid of a little color 🌈 (& if it still matters, it’s almost the weekend) ❤️.
exact: sweater $69 / shoes $70
sim: shirt

respect the shoes June2
I’m going to let this blouse do all the “dressing up” for me, especially since
it’s practically wrinkle-free & silky-comfy πŸ’™.
exact: blouse $32 / satchel on sale
sim: belt $17

respect the shoes June3
When I need a mood brightener ... ❤️
exact: top 
sim: bag $30 - great dupe! / shoes $25 / pants / bandana $5

respect the shoes June4
When in doubt, wear all the patterns πŸ’—.
exact: striped top $21
sim: sweater $17 / belt $17

respect the shoes June5
Blue & yellow has been my go-to color combo recently - it’s easy & cheery 🌻.
exact: sandals $50 / sunglasses $59 / shorts $16
sim: sweater $28

respect the shoes June6
Getting way too comfortable working from home ❤️.
exact: sandals $45

respect the shoes June7
I spend most of the year being pretty pale, so I will try to distract everyone
from my πŸ‘» legs by doubling up on the stripes πŸ’›πŸ–€.
exact: sandals / shorts 
sim: top $21 bag $30 - great dupe! 

29 May 2020

Style Lately in May

respect the shoes May1
A nod to the red, white & blue on this Memorial Day πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.
exact: sandals
sim: scarfsweater

respect the shoes May2
#throwback style ... way back when it was Thursday (& I was dressed) 🌈.
exact: sweater
sim: shirt / necklace

respect the shoes May3
I have no complaints about being able to get dressed like it’s the weekend all week long 😎.
exact: sandals / dress / shirtsunglasses
sim: bag

respect the shoes May4
No better time to learn to walk in flatforms, especially when my practice pair is pink πŸ’•.
exact: shoes

respect the shoes May5
I could probably get by in leggings all day, but putting on “real clothes” helps me 
feel like I am preparing to be productive (granted it may just be productive enough to go
to the market so I can restock snacks for my TV watching, but nonetheless ...) πŸ“Ί
exact: shoes
sim: hat / cardigan / shirt / bag

respect the shoes May6
Gone fishing πŸ .
exact: dress / jacket / necklace

respect the shoes May7
A drive-by birthday is a good enough excuse as any to get dressed nowadays 🎈 
What are your excuses to get dressed? 🎈
exact: shirt / dress / sunglasses / mules
sim: tote

18 May 2020

Style Lately in May

respect the shoes May1
It’s been really difficult on the work front, especially in these recent weeks - but I want
to enjoy my weekend, so I’m putting on some cheery hues to set the tone 🌸.
exact: shirt / shorts / bag / shoes / hat / sunglasses

respect the shoes May2
Wearing pretty much the same outfit I wore earlier this week. But that didn’t count
since no one saw it 🌿.
exact: watch / hair ties as bracelets
sim: sweatshirt / belt 

respect the shoes May3
A bit of camo since I live in the Southeast, NY for my fave baseball team, stripes for
that preppy aesthetic, a puffed-sleeve for a bit of girly & animal print always ❤️.
exact: top / sunglasses
sim: sneakers / hat

respect the shoes May4
New beauties for summer, thanks to Spring Step Shoes 🌿.
exact: sandals

respect the shoes May5
Not sure if fanny packs are still a thing or not, but they sure are convenient for
holding your everyday tissues, wipes, masks, sanitizers ... 😷
exact: loafers
sim: belt bag / shirt / jeans

respect the shoes May6
It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away 😎.
exact: dress / sunglasses
sim: hat / earrings

respect the shoes May7
Overindulging over the weekend means pants & leggings are not my friend today.
Easy dresses to the rescue! πŸ’›
exact: dress / sunglasses
sim: sandals / cardigan / clutch