26 November 2020

Sale Alert! Shopbop Black Friday Sale

Sale Alert! Shopbop is hosting their Black Friday sale where you can get 20% off (almost) everything! Look for items labeled "Black Friday" that qualify for the promotion and use code SHOP20 when you check out. Total purchase must equal $200 or more to qualify for the promotion, but does include sale items.

The sale is love now through Monday, November 30th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. For more information about the promotion, click here.

Here are some goodies in my shopping cart that qualify for the promo. There are LOADS of items I am looking at and as usual, I'm having a hard time narrowing down in list!

19 November 2020

Style Lately

Pink sweatshirt & silk pajama pants. Dressy loungewear for when I have to go
into work but mentally am still in bed 💗.
exact: shoes $40 / sweatshirt on sale
sim: pants $38 / necklace $20

Upgrading my collar game ❤️.
exact: collar $13
sim: blazer $30 / sweater $35

I was out of town this past week due to work & as much as I have missed
being able to freely travel, there’s nothing like being at home
(& sleeping in your own bed) 🥰.
exact: cardigan $26 / shoes
sim: shirt $29

Working from home today means holey jeans are totally acceptable & high
heels are for the ‘gram only 😘.
sim: sweater $20 / shoes on sale / tote

Going to make sweater ponchos a thing again 🍂.
exact: poncho $28
sim: shirt on sale / boots $70 / brooch $28

Feeling like I will need some strength to get through today - so I am donning
some leopard print, bold color & a blazer that makes me feel pulled
together no matter what ❤️.
exact: loafers $63 / belt $24
sim: blazer $30 / shirt $25

Just like that, it’s already November 🍂 And gingham is good all year round 🍁.
exact: sunglasses $59 / flats $35 with SHOPSALE
sim: shirt on sale / sweater

10 November 2020

Outerwear for Everywhere

One thing I love Looooove during winter is outerwear. Because when it's cold outside, all that really matters when it comes to style is what kind of coat you're wearing. You could be in a slopped up tee, but if your jacket is on point, everything is alright. 

So naturally I tend to have more jackets and coats than I would ever need, but I still can't help but to ogle the new options each season. And I love that there is a style for every mood. Below are some of my faves so far this fall (that blue-green plaid furry coat is calling to me, seriously):

30 October 2020

Style Lately

Living in the Southeast means fall boots weather doesn’t hit until at least mid-October. 🍁
exact: jacket $40 / shirt $25 / boots $53
sim: sweater $56

Prepped in pink. Have a wonderful fall Friday, folks! 💕
exact: shirt $29
sim: blazer $40 with code FRIENDS / sweater $40 / necklace $19

I’m totally one of those people who does not like to decorate or celebrate early.
But 2020 being what it’s been so far, I am going ahead & breaking out
the Christmas plaid. 🎄
exact: sweater 40% off with LAYERUP / bag larger size / shoes
sim: shirt $28

This week I’m going on my first work trip since February. Masks, sanitizer &
wipes aside, I will also be packing these beauties. Not sure I’ll get a chance 
to wear them, but I’ll be looking for excuses! 💎
exact: shoes $40

This sweater was pretty much made for me. ❤️
exact: sweater $55 /  boots $53
sim: bag $128

Fall Fridays mean being able to wear all the casual things at the same time
(& of course throwing in a bit of leopard print). 🍂
exact: belt $23 / watch
sim: sweatshirt $21 / striped top $17

Gotta have the loose pants this weekend, because I plan to eat my weight
in all things apple cinnamon, maple cream & pumpkin spice. 🍁
sim: sweater pricey / pants $22

21 October 2020

Fall Bag Wishlist

Barely beaten out by shoes is my love for handbags. I am sure I already have way more bags than I should, but I can't help but to always look out for more pretty options. Here are a few that are currently catching my eye for fall and winter. Though I do love the neutrals because they go with everything, there's nothing cuter than a bold bag to go with a great coat. I can't help but to adore them all ...

These cuties are all currently on sale:
1. Pamela Munson tote, now $241 / 2. Love Moschino crossbody, now $171
4. Tory Burch crossbody, now $264 / 5. Santi clutch, now $126