18 January 2022

Style Lately

I would have never thought to pair together this magenta (or is it fuchsia?) hue
with the tan color, but it totally works IMO. Are there any more “unusual” color
pairings you guys love? I’m always on the lookout for ideas. πŸ’•
exact: coat, now $90 / loafers, now $80
sim: sweater 

My outfit hues today mean: I’m early for Valentine’s Day, ready for the
NCAA championship game, or I just like to matchy-match. ☑️❤️
exact: sweater $28
sim: coat, now $100 / removable collar $11

When the weather outside is frightful … so I’ll work from home, stay cozy &
try not to think about having to run to the market later (ugh, outside). ❄️ 
exact: pullover $109 / sneakers, now $65
sim: shirt $69

Working from home this holiday week, so I am wearing ALL the comfy
things & finding my stretchiest bottoms in prep for the Eat-fest (Thanksgiving)
to ensue later this week. πŸ—
sim: pullover, now $19 / hair tie $12 / earrings $48

Casual winter Friday. Little bit of snow out, means cozy jacket required.
Hope you’re all staying safe & warm. ❄️
sim: coat $129 / shirt $59 / boots $99

Spots so nice, I had to wear them twice. 😽
exact: sweater, now $87 / belt $29 / watch $225
sim: top, now $40 / pants $53

Been binging my hub’s current fave show #yellowstone (think Sons of Anarchy,
but with wealthy landowners on horseback), so my outfit today is my (loose)
idea of “Dutton Ranch style”. 🌲
sim: cardigan / boots $58 / bag

09 January 2022

Style Lately

For those of still working this week, I am right there with you. And I am going
to wear all the festive things I’ve got while doing it. πŸ’
exact: removable collar $13 / coat $120
sim: sweater

Wore this combo before the holidays & liked it so much that I’m bringing
it back. Can’t let go of that Christmas plaid just yet. ❤️
exact: clutch
sim: jacketshirt $16 / shoes $49

Just the basics (& a generous gift from my fab big sis). 😸
exact: coat $120
sim: sweater $28 / clutch $59 / wallet

Ah, we’re so close to Christmas now! As we’re reaching the height of
all the rush, try to take some time for your sanity & remember that the
holidays is not all about gifts but blessings. ❤️
exact: boots $75
sim: coat $150 / shirt $16 / scarf $89

Stay safe & warm out there, my friends. We should all wear a little color
to be bright spots against this dreary winter day. πŸ’—
exact: coat $144 / scarf $55
sim: sweater $70 / trousers $80 / tote

2021 seems to have passed in a blur & we’re already at the end of it. 😳
exact: glasses $13
sim: sweater $22 / skirt $8 / shoes $101 / bag

‘Tis the season. Even my #wfh sweats have to be festive. ❄️
sim: coat $40 / fleece $89 / joggers $21

23 December 2021

Style Lately

T-minus 10 days until Christmas & I’m noticing everyone’s outfits getting
more & more festive. I guess it’s time to break out the sequins
(we’ll keep them subtle this go around). 😘
sim: sweater $30 / shirt $59 / shoes $53

Still not all the way done with my gift shopping (& trying not to low-level panic about it),
but at least I can look like I’ve got it all put together for the holidays.πŸŽ„
exact: shirt $59
sim: clutch $59 / bracelet / skirt $40

Has anyone finished their gift shopping yet, because I feel like I’ve barely
begun. So I’m keeping my outfit cas & cozy in order to get some of this “holiday
business” knocked out. 🀢🏻
sim: shirt $59

Happy December, guys! Along with the statement necklaces, it’s time to go full
out with the holiday plaid & fair isle. Go be your best festive self. πŸŽ„
sim: sweater $92 + addtl 40% off with SHOP40 / shirt $59 / necklace $42

I think most of you know by now that blue + red, plus green + leopard print
are some of my fave “color” combos. Another one I adore? Yellow + grey.
What are some of your fave hue combos? πŸ’›
sim: blazer $90 / blouse $16 / pants / shoes $60

Not sponsored (I wish!), just a healthy love for #newbalance sneakers.
My collection of cool kicks has exploded over the last two years … along
with fleeces, sweats, anything stretchy with no waistband … πŸ‘Ÿ
exact: sneakers $90

Sparkles are in season until the end of the year, so I am going to wear
my share of them while I can. πŸ’« 
sim: sweater / skirt $42 / bag / shoes $83 / necklace $18

17 December 2021

Style Lately

‘Tis the season for even cuter shoes, despite the threat of cold toesies. πŸ‘ 

It’s plaid & brown leather season, so layer it up, wear it out, get cozy with it. 🍁
sim: tote $128 / boots $63 / shirt $20 / sweater $39 / blazer $150

Feeling a little low-level anxiety about how the rest of this year seems to be
flitting by so quickly, so I am revisiting an old outfit combo to get me dressed
& out this morning. Leopard print + stripes = easy peasy. 😸
exact: coat $119
sim: sweatshirt $22 / shirt $79

Some casual December style. What I wore to run errands & eat nachos
(btw, where is the nachos emoji?) πŸ§€ 
sim: vest $23 / shirt $69 / boots $148 / hat $32

:: Cozy toesies :: Had my eye on these booties for a while now, but held off on
them until the pre-Black Friday sales hit & I found a deal I couldn’t resist.
I sized up 1/2 size from my normal & it was a perfect snuggly fit. ⛄️
exact: boots $112

Not sure what I’ll be wearing for Thanksgiving yet, but I think it’ll be some combo
of this look: put-together, ready for the fam, yet warm & comfy. And
stretchy pants? For sure … πŸ₯§
exact: blazer $228 / loafers $80
sim: sweater $59 / shirt $81

Spotted: a #jcreweverything kind of day. 😸 
exact: belt $29
sim: jacket $62 / blouse $40 / pants $13

01 December 2021

Style Lately

I may not feel ready for the upcoming holidays, but I can at least dress like I am. πŸŽ„
exact: bracelet $22
sim: sweater $30 / shirt $29 / shoes $40 / clutch $33

When it’s the weekend & casual, but still got to add some “fancy” to your
outfit because that’s just the type of Extra you are. 🀍
exact: pullover $89 / necklace $24
sim: shirt $29

Minimal styling with maximum print impact - my kind of easy outfit. 😸
exact: sneakers $60 / striped top $39
sim: cardigan $75 (girl's version if you're petite for $65)

Wearing a sweatsuit with attitude … or I just wanted an outfit I could
both run errands AND take a nap in. 🧑
exact: coat $98 / top $15 / joggers $15 / sneakers $80 / used version of the tote

I hope you had a peaceful & plentiful Thanksgiving (or just plain Thursday). 
May your spirits (& bellies) be full for the rest of this week. Here’s a peek at
my outfit from yesterday. 🍁
sim: cardigan $35 / blouse $25 / shoes $33

It’s finally Friday, so just call me Fuzzy Wuzzy. 🧸
exact: fleece pullover $35
sim: vest $29 / shirt $24

Better get comfy with the idea of stretchy pants for the foreseeable future. 🍁
exact: jacket $148 (or factory version $59) / sneakers $60
sim: hat $32 / denim shirt $21 / tee $20 / joggers $15