15 June 2021

So Many Pretty (Smocked) Dresses

I'm not sure smocked dresses have been popular since the early 1990s (remember those strapless terry Juicy cover-ups?), but they are back and have come with a vengeance this summer. Personally I'm loving them, especially in the current iteration of pretty dresses that are flattering and comfortable. 

Here are some of my fave smocked frocks recently, in a range of pretty styles (and prices!):

Wallet-friendly dresses from:

Mid-priced dresses from:

Pricey but pretty dresses from:

22 May 2021

Style Lately

Getting to work from home part-time is a privilege (plus I love the commute),
but I do miss being able to dress up. Today is NOT a #wfh day. ❤️
exact: shirtdress $40 with SHOPSALE / cuff
sim: clutch / jacket

The weather recently has been wonky, but I will appreciate shorts weather
when I can get it. Sorry for the folks who will have to see my pasty
pale legs though. 💚
exact: shorts $22 / watch / sneakers $60
sim: sweater $29 / tote / hair tie $6

I hope everyone can spend the rest of their weekend in peace & comfort
(& I’ve got comfort covered in overalls, y’all ... 🌻)
exact: overalls $35 / blouse $25 / necklace (from Rocksbox)

Comfortable, casual & ready for the world (as long as it can fit in my bag).
#tgif guys! ❤️
exact: tote $240 / sneakers $80
sim: shirt / sweater $49
(Check out other totes from Naghedi or sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger).

As a person who is chilly almost all the time, I like a good summer sweater for
that extra bit of warmth without having to layer it on. ☺️
exact: sweater $24 / belt $23

Casually dressed. After the week I had, I am sure glad it’s still the weekend. And
can you believe we’re already into May?! 🍄
exact: sneakers $60
sim: jacket / dress / hat $20 / clutch

Comfort & snake print, I'm in! ❤️
exact: sandals $25 / bracelet set $11
(Check out other jewelry from Roxanne Assoulin).

05 May 2021

Style Lately

Happy Friday-eve. It has felt like the longest week already, but I also can’t
believe that April is almost over ... it is busy times at work currently, so
I’m keeping the outfit simply done. 💕
sim: shirt / loafers $69 / tote $195 / earrings $6

Even on a casual #wfh day, you know I’ve got to be a little extra for
the video calls. #tgifguys! 🌸
exact: earrings $8 with SHOPSALE / pullover $30 with SHOPSALE
sim: hair tie $12

Outfit from last week I didn’t get a chance to post. You guys know I can’t
go more than two days without mixing it up in the pattern department. 🍒
exact: top 
sim: skirt $80 / tote / shoes

It’s the weekend. Time to get high-waisted & start seeing spots. 😉
exact: belt $29
sim: sweater / top / watch $61

Color & simplicity. Taking things easy for the remainder of the weekend.
I hope you all are enjoying yours. 🌞
exact: mules $25, now 20% off / satchel
sim: shirt / sweater $34

Keeping things basic. The roomiest light tote, cozy pullover & my first
pair of jeggings for the weekend. ❤️
exact: totepullover $30 with SHOPSALE / leggings $25 with LEAVES
sim: flats $25

Feeling a bit more foggy-headed than usual this start of the week. 😴
Thank goodness for a Casual Monday to make the getting dressed part
at least easy. 🌸
sim: shoes $40

21 April 2021

Style Lately

Happy Daylight Savings 🥱 Rewarding myself with (more) donuts today,
so that’s a pretty good reason to get on up 🍩.
exact: sneakers $60 / jacket $59 / shirt $39 / pants $46
sim: hat / bag

A popped ruffly collar? I’m in. And #tgif guys ... 😎.
exact: shirtdress $48 code SHOPSALE
sim: cardigan $44

Really just wearing a sweatshirt & pajama pants but making it fancy
because it’s Monday 💕.
sim: sweatshirt $13 / pants / necklace $49 / clutch $59 / shoes $35

Getting a little catty with my stripes on this #wfh Tuesday 😸.
sim: sweatshirt $10 / shirt $26 / ring $80

Yet more gingham for spring, but dressed for the office version. Can you tell
yet that I can’t get enough of this print? ❤️
exact: clutch
sim: sweater / skirt $14 / bracelet $39 / shoes $90

Upgrade a pretty standard outfit & downgrade some statement jewelry
by using earrings as brooches ✨.
sim: sweater $34 / shirt $23 / earrings as brooches $80

Dressing up one of my fave sweatshirts. It’s simple, comfy &
makes me miss my old hometown 🍎.
sim: sweatshirt $90 / skirt / necklace $15 / clutch $59 / shoes $35