16 September 2021

Fall Hues

Picking my wishlist for the month by the wonderful saturated hues of autumn. The leaves haven't started changing color around here yet, but I already have beautiful visions of deep greens, gold, oranges and browns dancing in my head. Here are some of my fall-hued faves -

11 September 2021

Style Lately

I’m all over trench coat anything. I think they look so chic (& they give me
Inspector Gadget vibes, which I’m here for). 🧐
sim: dressshirt / bag / shoes

Things have been a little SPOT-ty lately, but my cute new bag makes a
lot of the pain go away … #TGIF everyone! πŸ˜…
exact: bag
sim: skirt / top / ring

Well it seems that I’ve worn gingham pretty much every day this week, so I guess
why stop now ... Enjoy your weekends, everyone! ❤️
exact: shirt / cap
sim: top / shoes

Some kicks worth posting. πŸ’—
exact: sneakers

Another week, another shirt dress. And is it just me, or does August feel
like it’s been the looongest month? πŸ•°
exact: bag / dress / sunglasses
sim: jacketshoes

These two kinds of spots just seem to work together 😸
What kind of pattern combos do you like? 😻
exact: belt
sim: top / sweater / watch

My look for running errands & #wfh today - or rather, my
is-it-the-weekend-yet style. 😘
exact: sneakers (also available in big kids sizes for less, size down 2 sizes) / cap
sim: sweater / shorts / bag

22 August 2021

It's Almost September

I know it is still hot as Blazes, but nearing the end of August means I have vision of fall already dancing in my head. Here is my current wishlist with a definite lean towards cooler weather. 

The Tory bag I have in my shopping bag, the Veronica Beard blazer is gorge but pricey, the Calvin Klein Undies are wonderful seamless basics I adore ...



16 August 2021

Style Lately

When you’re mentally ready for a picnic so you dress like it, but you’re
really physically going to the office ... 🌻
sim: dress / hat / sandals
Hat is by Hat Attack - check out their current styles
& Dress is by Lost + Wander - check out their pretty pieces!

Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe, be at peace, enjoy the day as you want to. πŸŽ‰
exact: dress
sim: bag / hat / shoes
It’s the middle of August, which means Big Hat Weather
(& my fave shorts on repeat). πŸ‘’ 
exact: hat
sim: top / shorts / sandals / bag 
Sandals are by Sam Edelman - check out their other styles!
It has been a while since I’ve gotten shoes that I felt like posting. πŸ’—
exact: sandals
If you’re a red print dress, chances are I will adore you. ❤️ 
And yes, still dressing like I’m on holiday. πŸ₯Έ
sim: sandals / hat / clutch
Sunglasses are Le Specs - love their styles
& Clutch is by Madewell - their current leather goods are here
Decided to embrace shorts weather for as long as I can. 🌞  
sim: top / shorts / bag

Wearing a sweater on possibly the hottest day of the year so far? Just getting
a head start on fall fashion, guys 🍁 (but most likely πŸ₯΅).
sim: sandals

25 July 2021

Style Lately

Dressed up casual for the weekend. I hope you guys have as relaxing a
Saturday as you want & remember to eat the yummy things, wear the
pretty clothes, enjoy the moments. 🌻
exact: glasses
sim: bag in solid / blouse ruffled / shorts / sandals / hat

Things have been a little SPOT-ty lately, but my cute new bag makes a
lot of the pain go away … #TGIF everyone πŸ˜…
exact: bag / watch
sim: top / skirt / ring
(Check out other bags by Tory Burch).

Saturdays mean … errands & some serious house cleaning later.
But first … brunch πŸ₯‚πŸ³
exact: shorts
(Check out other hats from Hat Attack, other clutches by Madewell &

Have a wonderful Independence Day πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, Sunday, weekend. Be safe, be at
peace, enjoy the day as you want to. And please make sure your poor
doggos are safe tonight! πŸ™‰πŸŽ‰
exact: dress
sim: bag / shoes / hat

Not so mellow yellow. I like my colors nicely saturated. Happy weekending!
(& I’m still happily in shorts) πŸ’›
exact: sandals

Currently out & about on a work trip. When I travel, I like easy peasy coordinated
pieces to keep my luggage light. How do you pack? Are you more streamlined or
like to be prepared for any occasion? 😎
sim: clutch

#shortsweathermeans more shorts, please! I like a good high-rise pair,
but it means being OK with looking a little paunch-ier than usual
every time I sit down. πŸ˜…
exact: sunglasses
sim: shirt / shorts / tote / mules
(Check out other sunglasses by Le Specs).