13 September 2014

Bits for September

Alright, ladies, it's almost mid-September - "another week, another dollar," right? Here are bits of style randomness from this past month (you can see some of these pics and more on my Instagram):

aug 1 aug 2 aug 3
♥ Sim blouse (sleeveless, 3/4-sleeve - worn), necklace (layer this with this - worn). Dress, necklace, sandals & sim clutch, bracelet (outfit worn).  Shorts, sandals, ring & sim blouse (in dress form - worn).

aug 4 aug 5 aug 6
Espadrilles, shorts & sim top, necklace. ♥ Sim cardi, shorts (worn).   
Sandals, necklace, shorts & sim top, bag (worn).

aug 7 aug 8 aug 9
Tee & sim skirt, heels, bag (worn). Factory version of the necklace & sim top, skirt (worn), bag & wedges.  
♥ Sim (fancier) sandals.

aug 10 aug 11 aug 12

aug 13 aug 14 aug 15
♥ Sim blouse (worn), skirt (in blue), heels, bag. Sweater, necklace.  
Heels (worn), skirt (sim).

aug 16 aug 17 aug 18
♥ Sim top, shorts (worn), belt. Sandals & sim top (worn), necklace (layer this with this), skirt (worn).  
Leopard, Jacks, green scallops, gold (sim), espadrilles, striped bows (sim fancier).


  1. Hm. So I was just in Tanzania and bought a whole bunch of fabric which I just found out yesterday courtesy of Heather (Peacock Fairy) is Dutch wax print. And your skirt also looks like Dutch wax print. Weird how that happens, no?

    I love your beach photos. Can't believe how fast summer flew by.

  2. Wow, what to comment on first. Love that printed skirt so much!

  3. Love this! So much inspiration! I really like the first top with the orange necklace, but it's tough to pick a favorite.

    1. Can you believe I "lost" that top in my closet for ages?

  4. Fabulous post - ADORE that blouse in the first pic so much!!


  5. I love your IG, it is SO colorful.

  6. Your black and white blouse is so pretty and looks fantastic with the coral necklace!

  7. I love your lipstick in the first picture. What brand and color is it?


    1. It's L'Oreal colour riche in British Red - thanks!

  8. I didn't think to try a colored necklace w/the embroidered top (1st pic). Crystals look pretty with it, I know that. Love the large, creme link necklace. Your outfits are so inspirational. The Madewell vest didn't look cute on me and thankfully I was able to return it. I like seeing you in it. Will live vicariously. lol


    1. I'm kind of obsessed with the large acrylic link necklaces - they make a statement without a ton of bling (which I loooooooove, but sometimes it's nice to change a bit)!

  9. I love your random fashion photos! I have that J.Crew floral pink skirt and I always thought it looked better in pictures. In real life it has that blurred look and I prefer non blurry prints.
    I love how you arranged everything to create interesting fashion pictures.
    Have a great day,

  10. I just love how you put colors together and pattern mix. I just love it!

  11. I feel like I haven't visited your blog in forever. Still love it!

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