14 August 2013

Getting to Know You

yellow +stripes

I find blogging to endlessly fascinating in its ability to connect like-minded people from across the Internets. I've "met" a lot of great blog friends and stylish soul sisters through my time here. Who knew there'd be so many people who would also consider stripes to be a neutral?

So I've got some questions for you this fine Wednesday, because I'm curious as to what got you lovely ladies involved in this corner of the big WWW:

yellow +stripes  yellow +stripes

If you have a blog, why did you start it?
What do you enjoy about having a blog?
What can't you stand about having a blog?
What do you think has helped you the most in gaining a following with your blog?
If you weren't blogging, you'd be ...
What makes a blog worth reading for you?
Favorite blog of the moment? For the sake of fairness, you don't have to mention mine ;o)
What do you wish other bloggers would do more (or less) of?
How have blogs changed your sense of style?
Are there things you have tried because of other bloggers?

yellow +stripes

Dress: Saturday/Sunday via Anthropologie striped day (worn here - sim, sim, colorful)
Cardigan: J.Crew featherweight (worn here - sim, deal)
Belt: Anthropologie ekbal (worn here - sim, sim, neutral)
Necklace: Personalized Necklace via Etsy (sim, sim)
Bracelet: Tiffany 1837 (same wider or bangle, sim, steal)
Ring: c/o JewelMint (sim, sim)
Shoes: Seychelles she's got the moves (worn here - sim, sim, stiletto)
Bag: Coach poppy flight in mirror metallic (worn here - wristlet, sim satchel, clutch, pouch)

♥     ♥     ♥    

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yellow +stripes


  1. This look is so perfect. I love the touch of sparkle and your bright cardigan!

    I started my blog about a year ago, and I love connecting with fellow bloggers and learning more about my own personal style. It can be time-consuming though! If I wasn't blogging I think I'd probably get a few more hours of sleep during the week!

    Fizz and Frosting

    1. Oh yeah, blogging is a wonderful time suck, haha.

  2. Lisa! First off, LOVE this look! Neon and stripes make me purr like a kitten. And yes, stripes are totally a neutral. ;)

    As for blogging...
    I started because I wanted to connect with some of the people whose blogs I had been reading and getting inspiration from. NOBODY I know IRL thinks stripes are a neutral, 'nuff said.
    And I really enjoy making friends through blogging! People like Sayaka and Veronika and everyone else who brightens up my day! :)
    What I can't stand about the kind of blogging we do is the taking photos in public locations bit - if only we had a garden, but alas. I feel like a burglar sneaking around and hiding from total strangers! ;)
    I don't really have a following, do I? But I guess I've *made friends* via blogging by being a reasonably nice girl and just being myself?
    If I weren't blogging, I'd be making play props. Currently that means making a sculpture mold out of liquid silicone!
    What makes a blog worth reading, I think, is that either I really like the person, their writing, or their sense of style - or all of the above! I think all the bloggers I like to read have something unique to bring to the table, which is what makes me think someone is cool.
    Favourite blog of the moment? ARGH, don't make me choose! There are so many I love! But I guess if you beat me repeatedly with a shoe, I might blurt out something like, "Happily Ever Anthro," - followed by, "Oh please God, stop!"
    Stuff people could post less of... recipes, maybe? Stop reminding me what a terrible wife I am, who leaves her husband at home eating instant noodles because she has to do her theatre stuff. Seriously!
    Reading blogs have changed my sense of style in a huge way! I take so many more risks, and feel so much better about myself as a result!
    I've tried LOADS of things because of other bloggers, everything from belting a cardigan to wearing 3/4 sleeves, to buying those cut-out Oxfords that now make me Kristin's shoe twin. Reading blogs has helped me sort out my closet, work out what suits me and what doesn't. It's taught me to see so many more opportunities with the clothes I have. Which is pretty awesome.

    1. My IRL friends don't want to talk about gingham and polka dots all day long - but there are people online who do, yay! ;o)
      And I know what you mean about other blogs making you feel like less of a person sometimes - I have to remind myself that these are very edited views into a person's life. That mama blogger is not wearing heels and does not have a perfect child all the time, for example.

  3. I started my blog to be a part of the fashion conversation. These days, I keep it up as a reason to get dressed, comb my hair, and battle baby spit-up. I come back to certain blogs because of the writing and personality of a blogger.

    I love that dress!

  4. Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to begin. Well, I started blogging because I was a depressed college student. I wanted to chronicle the rest of my college experience and so it's just kind of grown from that into what it is today. Pretty much 1/2 of what I have tried this year has been inspired by bloggers, including yourself!

    1. Haha, I started my blog because I was a depressed work-from-homer who had no reason to even get dressed one most days. Blogging "saved" me from jammies and robes all day long!

  5. I started my blog after reading a few other fashion blogs and thought hey, I could do that! My favorite part of blogging is all the wonderful friendships I've made. Blogging sometimes feels like a second job though so the time it takes up is probably my least fav part.

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  6. Oh my. What a great topic. I started my blog to have a creative outlet. As a mom, my life is mostly about my kids. At my job (in law), I am restricted to logic and black and white documents. I needed some color! I didn't even know fashion blogs existed until I found a few a couple of months before I started my own. I love blogging. If I didn't like it, I would quit. I can't stand blogs that are fake, personally. I mean, I will likely look at the pictures for inspiration, but I don't "read" them like I do the blogs with real people (like you!). I get so much inspiration from blogs. Things I never thought about before that seem like "duh" now like wearing a skirt over a dress to make it a top--so simple, yet I never even thought of it!

    1. There are so many styling tricks that I would have never learned if I didn't read blogs - and easy ones too, like you mentioned!

  7. I wrote an epic comment and it deleted when I tried to Publish. Damn.

    Bottom line, I find blogging to be cathartic and the ideal place to dump my chatterbox word vomit instead of onto people IRL. I only spend 1-2 hours a week blogging, so if I wasn't blogging I'd probably be shopping online or watching TV anyways. My least favorite thing is when I have someone accuse me of living a virtual life or being an oversharer because I blog. They don't understand the ability to schedule posts, or how I have other things going on.

    They also don't understand that I've found my tribe, a great community of people who encourage me to try new things (Poshmark!), recommend great products (Everlane tees), and give me a zillion ideas for recipes, outfit combos, and more. My fashion sense/wardrobe are totally better for it! And while I'm not in it to build a huge following, being added to the blog rolls of my fellow bloggers (who end up becoming friends IRL) add the most hits to my site. Especially my local blogger friends.


    1. Haha to "place to dump my chatterbox word vomit instead of onto people IRL" because that's totally me too! I think of my blog kind of as a public diary in a sense, skewed to fashion. Where else can I spend days on end talking about finding the perfect purse and having gals around me who can commiserate?!

  8. I love this! Love learning about other bloggers out there (And I'm DYING over your shoes!)

    - I started blogging because I wanted a place to document life with my hubby & pup. I had a couple IRL friends who blogged & I just loved the idea.
    - I love the many memories I have now that I wouldn't otherwise. Documenting every day life has helped me remember more of those do-nothing weekends that I love so much with my family, instead of just remember trips, etc.
    - The one thing about blogging I can't stand is how it makes me compare myself to others. This is already a problem for me IRL but for a long time I couldn't figure out why certain blogs would get a huge following after a couple months when I'd been at it for a couple years & barely had 11 followers. I'd think "what am I doing wrong?" It's yet another reason I went private - I didn't start blogging because I wanted validation from strangers on the internet so why did I care how many people read it anyway?
    - Gaining a following I think has a lot to do with how much time you spend commenting on other blogs & being on various forms of social media..neither of which I have much time for. I've never commented on a blog JUST so that person would come look at mine.
    - If I wasn't blogging I'd be taking a lot less pictures
    - I like good writing, beautiful photos & good style
    - Fave blog(s) of the moment...Yours (no, really!) because your style is similar to mine & I you always have good things to say. Also, M Loves M - I ADORE Mara's style & I've enjoyed watching her "success" grow in the blogging world. She's also super sweet & always responds to emails & comments (mine anyway).
    - I wish bloggers would respond to meaningful comments/questions more often. I hate asking questions or leaving an emotional comment to just have radio silence on the other end. I get that people are busy but I've stopped commenting on certain blogs b/c I feel like I kinda pour my heart out in their comments & get nothing back. There are certain bloggers with very large followings who seem to always comment back while others can't seem to be bothered...that bugs.
    - Blogs have shown me that it IS possible to be comfortable AND cute/put together. What a concept! :-)
    - I've tried several things b/c I've seen it on style blogs but the one that sticks out most is wearing a sweater over a dress to make it look like separates. Never, ever woulda thought of that on my own (I'm seriously style-challenged)

    Thanks again for this Lisa! PS - I'm SO glad we "met" through blogging!

    1. Documenting my life may be my greatest takeaway from blogging. I've been taking more photos in general now that I blog. Before blogging, seriously there are YEARS that are forever gone and completely undocumented because I never cared about photo taking or anything.

      For me, blogging actually helped me with my self-confidence. I don't mean in the whole "oh you look so cute" sense, but putting myself out there, plus reading a wide variety of blogs, has made me realize that hey, I'm normal, and that's perfectly fine.

  9. I absolutely love that belt with this dress!! I agree, blogging is fun because it gives me the chance to meet women who love to do what I do.

  10. I started blogging because I thought it would be fun! I didn't see many blogs where people blogged about their professional work clothes so I thought I could add something to the mix.
    The thing I most enjoy, like a lot of people, is making blogging friends. I also love some of the small opportunities that have opened up from the blog - I went to my first fashion show this year!
    The only thing I can't stand about having a blog is on days that I don't dress up or feel really confident in my outfit, I almost feel guilty. Like "this isn't blog worthy :(" lol.
    I have a pretty small following, but most of the people that follow me are fellow professionals - but I love that not everyone is the SAME profession as me. I think the thing that led these people to follow me is, hopefully, something unique about my outfits? Maybe!
    If I weren't blogging, I honestly don't know what type of hobby I'd be doing instead. Maybe I'd be at the dog park more.
    I like reading blogs where, in addition to having great outfits, the person behind the blog shares information about their life. Maybe I'm nosy :)
    My favorite blog of the moment is Franish because I love reading about starting med school and how that's affecting her life (and style).
    Less group giveaways! (Sorry!)
    Blogs have made me more aware of style in general and have helped me to improve mine.
    I would have never tried print mixing if it weren't for seeing it on other bloggers!


    1. I know what you mean about the pressure sometimes as a blogger to have "blog-worthy" outfits all the time. I used to stress out about that stuff. So now, I don't blog every day, and if I miss a day or two or four or whatever, I don't stress. It's all supposed to be for fun, right?

      (Haha, don't tell my pup, but we'd totally be at the dog park more if I wasn't blogging too).

  11. Fashion bloggers have definitely given me ideas for outfits. I've seen items paired together that I never would have thought to do on my own.

    It's frustrating that there aren't as many 30-something bloggers as there are 20-something bloggers. I don't need a feed full of selfie and hangover posts.

    1. Haha, I still can't do a "selfie" to save my life. Maybe my arms aren't long enough to get the right angles? ;o)

  12. You've asked some great questions. I'd love for you to feature some of your readers in your blog (including myself ;-) E.g. 1 per month.

    I think this would be a great way to connect with your readers and spread some blog love!


    1. Thanks for the idea, Carol! I used to have that, the "Five Minutes With" series, but I'm afraid I got lazy and it slacked off. Maybe I need to revive it!

  13. I originally started my blog because I was thinking of doing photography on the side. somehow, my love for handbags and fashion took over and i started blogging about that instead (hence the odd name of my blog url...). I would like to make it more of a lifestyle blog but its so hard in a tiny apartment where I can barely open my oven and I'm sure people would just make fun of my messy apartment.
    My favorite blogs... Hello Katie Girl, Phiphi's blog, yours, Franish, Blue Paper Lanterns, and a lot of others.
    I, like Jen up above, have to just not get so hung up on numbers of comments or blog followers. I try to respond to every comment, and I'm not going to lie - there's been a blog or two that I've stopped following because i would always post on theirs yet they never took the time to either respond to me or check out my blog. Sounds snarky.. but I donno.

    Anyway. I digress, and seem to have written a novel. I adore your necklace - I still have to get myself one. And the pop of color on your belt is adorable with this dress!

    1. I considered skewing my blog towards lifestyle blogging before but I don't think I do much worth blogging about - like, look at me, going out for tea! Granted there are talented ladies out there who can make going to the supermarket with their kids a "thing" but I can't even make a thing a thing! ;o)

  14. Blogging has been a ton of fun! It's fun to meet different people and to figure out different ways to use your wardrobe that you would never have thought to try previous to writing a blog.

  15. What a great outfit, love it! I started my blog because I was bored with my wardrobe and wanted to feel good about what I was wearing again. So glad I did and am loving every minute of it :)

  16. If you have a blog, why did you start it? I started because I liked fashion and love meeting other bloggers through my blog
    What do you enjoy about having a blog? I enjoy having an outlet to just vent whatever I feel like venting or sharing :)
    What can't you stand about having a blog? Sometimes having to blog can be a chore - writers blog anyone?
    What do you think has helped you the most in gaining a following with your blog? Just being yourself and not trying to gain followers - commenting on blogs you like not just for the sake of followers :)
    If you weren't blogging, you'd be vegging out in front of the tv wayy too much haha
    What makes a blog worth reading for you? Intersting one that are funny or just interest me
    Favorite blog of the moment? I like extrapetite, sewpetitegal
    What do you wish other bloggers would do more (or less) of? Less of the advertising and getting people to buy things from their site
    How have blogs changed your sense of style? It has made me more aware of what other variations of outfits you can do with one piece
    Are there things you have tried because of other bloggers? Yes - some OOTDs I have put my own spin on it

    Fun questions Lisa :) Always love visiting your blog :)


    1. I "multitask" and veg in front of the TV while reading blogs, haha.

      And yes, I have waves of time where I can't think of a single thing to write, or I have an idea, but can't make the words make any sense! Argh!

  17. I love the stripes with the yellow cardigan! It's a lovely look on you!

    I started my blog because I needed some motivation to put more effort into my clothes... and I keep it up because it's fun connecting with people like you! =)

    1. Me too! I was working from home when I started my blog and I would literally put zero effort into my outfits. It was bad!

  18. Simply fab!



  19. That's a really great dress, Lisa! I love that you paired the black and white dress with colorful elements like the yellow cardi and purple heels! So cute!


  20. Oh, and to answer your questions, I started blogging so I can document my fashion experiments. Being an exclusively pants girl in the past, wearing skirts, dresses, sleeveless tops and shorts was a rarity for me. Now, as I've gotten used to it, I think people around me have too.

    I also blog because I find that plus size blogs helped me in accepting and CELEBRATING my body. I wanted to add to the numbers and started showing people that even at my size, I could also look pretty nice!


    1. Blogging has definitely helped me gain confidence in myself - not in the sense that I think I'm hot stuff or want people cooing over me all the time, but it has made me realize that hey, I'm normal. And normal is OK!

  21. OoooOO! I love these questions. I started blogging as a way to create an online scrapbook of our family (especially my daughter's) life. Along the way I rediscovered that maybe I could be fashionable with all the clothes that I have. I'm really not, but it's been fun to see what I can come up with. Like you, I'm so grateful for the people I've met through the blogging world- like minded women with similar faith and values. You guys are all so inspiring in your own way :)
    Your dress is adorable, by the way!!


    1. I def take more photos in general now thanks to blogging. Kind of makes me sad about pre-blogging Lisa. All the years of no photos at all!

  22. Lots of questions and love reading everyone's answers.

    I started my blog after discovering fashion blogs through Pinterest. I had starting taking picture of my outfits to help me remember what I've worn and how long I can not repeat an outfit.

    Like most, I enjoy meeting other wonderful ladies that love clothes as much as I do. It's been fun to meet people from all over the world.

    What can't I stand about having a blog - sometimes (a lot of times) I have writers block and have no idea what to write. I also feel like I have to be more creative with what I wear or my readers will be bored. It also demands more time than I ever expected.

    If I weren't blogging...shopping and reading!

    What makes a blog worth reading? I like blogs that shares a little about themselves and also ones that actually makes comments back on your blog. Not necessary for the sake of comment but for genuine comments.

    Favorite blog...tough one. My daily reads include Because Shanna Said So, Suzanne Carillo Style Files, Adore to adorn and Mix Match Fashion and of course your blog :)

    The giveaways though are great are sometimes kind of annoying. I don't participate unless it's an item that I actually do want to win and I already follow the blogger. I hate to follow for an entry to win. Oh and I am kind of tired of bloggers asking to vote to help them win a contest. (I've done it once and own but it felt so weird to beg that it's gotta be great prize for me to beg again).

    Blogging has def made me take more fashion risk like pattern mixing and wearing colors that I would never have paired together. That's part of the fun of reading blogs - to get ideas from others and make it your own.

    Thank you for this and hope you will answer these for us too!


    1. "What can't I stand about having a blog - sometimes (a lot of times) I have writers block and have no idea what to write. I also feel like I have to be more creative with what I wear or my readers will be bored. It also demands more time than I ever expected."


      For outfits, I def think about whether something is "blog-worthy" or not. And yes, I have the worst writer's block sometimes. It's like, I have a cute outfit to show, but I have ZERO words coming to mind!

  23. i really enjoy writing about topics that interests my readers. i also love exploring the extent of what i can do with writing, taking pictures, etc. and most importantly, i love being able to build relationships and friendships with my fellow bloggers. :D

    <3, Mimi

  24. llllooove how u added a pop of purple in! gorg

    xo meghan

  25. That's such a great belt!
    Getting to your questions..
    What do you wish other bloggers would do more (or less) of?
    Sometimes they post too many pictures! I think that you can get your message across with max 6 pictures.
    How have blogs changed your sense of style?
    Yes, I dare to do things differently.
    Are there things you have tried because of other bloggers?
    Sure!! I've also bought more things because of them -

    1. Blogging has def helped me out of my style comfort zone too. I had no belts before blogging - who has no belts?!

  26. great outfit. Love the dress.
    You ask some great questions. I find blogging to be a great release outside of my regular "9-5" job. It's a creative outlet I enjoy and I also enjoy networking with others who have similar interests in fashion/style. It's incredible. But, I do find that it can feel competitive where for someone like me, I truly enjoy reading other blogs and "meeting" new people. =)

    1. I used to stress out about my blog - wanting to post every day, trying to get followers, etc. It made it all really not fun. So I stopped posting everyday and just chilled out about it all. I'm never going to make a career out of blogging, why stress about it? It's def a fun hobby for me.

  27. What a cute dress! Love it. And it looks great with that yellow sweater!
    Answers to a few questions (I only did a few since this would be so long if I didn't!)
    I started blogging because I loved reading other blogs, and I wanted a way to express some of my creativity. I was a fashion major in college and have always loved fashion, but now I am a graphic designer and don't do much at all in fashion. So I wanted to be able to do something with my love of fashion.

    I love everything about having a blog! I love coming up with new content and meeting other bloggers. I love feeling constantly challenged. And I love feeling like maybe I am helping or inspiring someone, even if it is just one person.

    Blair from Atlantic Pacific will always be one of my favorite bloggers. She is so talented and diverse. One say she is super girly, the next really edgy, then laid back... she is constantly coming up with something new and different.

    Blogging has changed my sense of style because I take more risks now. I have always loved trying new pieces together, but blogging has made me work even harder. I don't have a huge clothing budget, so I am always trying to remix what I have in my closet.


    1. I don't think a gal needs to have a ton of money to be stylish. It's all about how someone works what they've got, how they accessorize, etc. I do shop a lot but I wear my stuff over and over (and over) again. Blogging has definitely helped me to take more risks - colored pants, animal print, even wearing skirts, none of that existed before I blogged!

  28. I'm jealous of how well you wear yellow. I don't look good in it! It's an Asian thing!

    1. I totally stayed away from yellow and orange for most of my life - but as you've noticed, I've totally embraced orange. Now lavender, totally washes me out!

  29. Oh your belt is FABULOUS! And of course stripes are neutral. Neutral prints: Stripes, polka dots, leopard.
    I started my blog to show that you can dress fun and fashionable for not a lot of money.
    The best thing about blogging is making friends. I've met two IRL and hope to meet more!
    The hardest part of blogging is that it is a time vampire. It's like having another job. I also don't like how materialistic it can be. I remember feeling inadequate till I got my first J.Crew bubble necklace. Same thing with the pave link bracelet from last year, the rose gold Michael Kors watch everyone had, Rebecca Minkoff bags...You get the picture. I write a frugal fashion blog. I can't afford those things :(
    I have about 41 followers, and I attribute it directly to reading and commenting other blogs.
    Reading is what I'd do if I didn't blog. It's my favorite pass time aside from blogging.
    When I check out new blogs, they have to have something that the other blogs I follow don't. I am actually really surprised at how varied the blogs I read are. One girl is a bohemian princess. One is a corporate sexpot. One is a chic Mommy.
    My favorite blog of the moment is Shy girl Loud Voice. No matter what she wears, Kacie remains true to her inner bohemian.
    I wish more bloggers would re-wear their clothes. I get a little tired of seeing a new outfit every day. Even thrifting, I can't do that. I like to see the closet remixes. They are so inspiring!
    I think I've remained true to my casual/slightly preppy and easy style, but blogging has made me try new things, like colored jeans and trends like peplums. Things I'd have otherwise passed on.
    I will occasionally get inspired by other bloggers and do a copy cat of their outfit. I bought a Gap chambray shirt because Kaylee of Sidewalk Ready made hers seem so versatile. I got really into statement necklaces because Angela from Head to Toe Chic looked so amazing in hers and they added so much interest to outfits. Blogging lets me embrace trends, colors, patterns, and jewelry that I would have deemed too "something" previously. And they always have links to these little-known boutiques and shops that are so affordable that otherwise I may never had heard of!

    1. Thanks for playing along, Ash! I completely agree, blogging is a huge time suck. Especially for me, since I take a long time sometimes to think of posts. And blog reading! I adore reading blogs, but wow, it takes a load of time. I like to peruse blogs while I watch TV - is that even considered multitasking? ;o)

  30. cute outfit. Love how you pair the dress with a belt.

    I started blogging as a "shopping diary" for myself. Nobody in my family/friends know about it. Not that I don't want them to know about it but simply because I'm "guilty" of my shopping habits :)

    1. Most of my friends and family don't know that I blog either!

  31. What a Gorgeous Black+White Dress, Lisa. I LOVE IT especially against Yellow. And I have always loved Yellow & Purple paired together. A Girly, Fun, Bright, Smart Outfit!

  32. Lisa I love this post! I started my blog because I had fallen into a style rut and felt like I had lost a part of myself because of it. The blog gives my a place to exercise my style muscles - if that makes sense.
    My style has absolutely been influenced by other bloggers! I don't know how it could not be! They have opened my mind and encouraged me to try so many new things.
    I love that the blogging community is so welcoming and supportive! It's something I didn't expect and am so appreciative of!

  33. Hey Lisa. I found your dress pretty adorable. My friend had the exactly same combination of black and white with yellow top. It is indeed a very matching combo.

    Best Regards,
    Barker Marine

  34. This is another hit for me. Such a awesome dress. I immediately fell for the strappy shoes with the lines of the dress. Girl, you are good. Where the h... Do you get all these terrific soes from? And where do you put them?
    The yellow cardigan works ever so well.

    And I started blogging... Oh... I won't tell. You have more than enough to read already.

  35. I started blogging last month because I needed to kick start my creative writing. What I have enjoyed so far in this short time is the free flow of ideas that I can put down and not have to worry if an editor will like it or not. It is hard to discipline myself to write when there are many excuses to put it off.
    What can be difficult about blogging is that it is more personal than just submitting an article. A blog is more about, "Hey world, look at me! This is what I like to wear and this is my life!" I don't like having my picture taken but I think it is important for a fashion blog to showcase photos of myself from time to time. It has also been challenging to pin point exactly how I want my blog to appear. How do I combine fashion and the mundane life of being a mom? I came to the conclusion that it will be a fashion blog that tilts to a few favorite stores and then sprinkle in my other life into it as a seasoning for the blog soup.
    I do not have a following yet since my blog is so new. But I was over the moon when I submitted a reader outfit for Effortless Anthropologie and my photo was placed with the rest of the Anthro tribe.
    My favorite blogs that I have bookmarked are too many to list. Respect the Shoes is on that list! The outfits are spot on and the photos are a good quality. I am missing She Hath Done What She Could and hope she goes back to blogging. Found in my Closet, Apples and Pencil Skirts, Chocolate Shoes and Debate, Literate and Stylish, I Dream of Anthropologie and of course Effortless Anthropologie.
    I wish bloggers would not appear to be the headless woman. If I can post a picture with no makeup and gray roots showing than you can too.
    I have learned how to update my look but still keep my personal preppy style and love of vintage. Because of other bloggers I have introduced more skinny jeans into my life. They are really a must to pair them with the loose blouses and long cardigans that stores like Anthropologie offer.


  36. This post should be a tag :)!

  37. Lisa, I am drawn to bloggers with a true artist eye and a skill for using language!
    You excel in both arenas.
    I started blogging because I have alot of creative energy and I wanted to learn something new. I am learning everyday now. Love it, and I love your blog/
    XX. elle

  38. Oooh, LOVE the striped dress and it looks so cute and cheerful with the yellow cardigan!
    Now in response to the questions.
    "If you have a blog, why did you start it?" I started my blog because I've been inspired by some other great blogs and wanted to try and do the same for a few other people, and I love fashion.
    "What do you enjoy about having a blog?" I love how it gets me to wear more creative outfits and experiment with new things. I also love making friends with other bloggers.
    "What can't you stand about having a blog?" That feeling of desperation I get sometimes, when I see blogs that have just started and already have hundreds of comments and followers, and are being featured on websites and having clothes sent to them. And here I am, 10 months into it, and I only have a handful of followers. I hate that feeling. :P
    "What makes a blog worth reading for you?" The obvious thing - if I like the fashion and outfits. But the quality of the photography, layout, writing, and feeling like I'm getting to know the blogger also really helps.
    "Favorite blog of the moment?" First blog I ever discovered. Still my favorite. SidewalkReady.
    "What do you wish other bloggers would do more (or less) of?" For me personally, I want to see outfits on a blog. An occasional tutorial is fine, but if I click on a blog and have to scroll past 5 tutorials and recipes or pictures of food or travel for every 1 outfit post, I'm not coming back.
    "How have blogs changed your sense of style?" They've made me try things that I would never have thought of or dared to do. Too many things to list.


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