12 February 2019

Style Lately

Animal print shoe decisions ... 🐆 or 🐍?
exact: jacket (also Factory version for $46 & quilted version for $110)
sim: dupe vest for $32 / sweater for $28 / dupe loafers now $78 / dupe sneakers

Lunar New Year seems to be as good a reason as any to wear a punchy red coat ❤️.
exact: bracelet / watch
sim: coat for $50 / top now $17 / wristlet for $84 / dupe shoes

My outfit yesterday got rave reviews thanks to a bold lip & this lacey beauty
from Magnus Clothing Co 💋.
exact: removable collar only $25 / earrings for $58
sim: houndstooth dress for $20 / blazer

All dressed up & only work to go 💼.
exact: sweater
sim: embellished top / skirt for $16 / shoes / bow wallet for $67 / striped clutch

A little bit pink for today 🌸.
exact: loafers (or these sim ones for $60)
sim: lace top only $20 / cardigan under $30 / jeans

Feels a little bit like it’s January 64th ... I need some bright color to break
up all this dreary winter ❄️.
exact: sweater
sim: blazer / polka dot shirt / shoes under $70 / trousers

Liking the look of exposed button-fly jeans, hating it when I miss a button 🙇🏻‍♀️.
sim: cardigan under $30 / denim shirt / striped top on sale / jeans

05 February 2019

Only Hearts Club

Valentine's Day is less than 10 days away, and while I'm not big on the holiday personally, I do appreciate a bold red or pink and like a nice heart print any time of the year. Here are a few items I've been loving lately - all Valentine's Day appropriate, but not so over-the-top you couldn't just wear it any ole day.

Plus these pieces are from one of my fave e-shops - Shopbop. That means free 3-day shipping to most locations worldwide (plenty of time to get your items before Valentine's if you're so inclined) and Amazon Prime members can sign in with their Prime log-ins and receive 2-day Prime shipping!





31 January 2019

Style Lately

I’m late to the “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” bandwagon, but just started the series &
I had to wear a full midi skirt in her stylish honor today 💕.
sim: sweater for $84 / skirt only $16 / shoes / wallet on sale for $70

Sometimes you’ve got to be adventurous enough to double up on your leopard prints 😸.
exact: loafers 
sim: blazer on sale for $68 / buffalo check shirt now $36 / belt

Some simple pieces in contrasting colors & textures makes it looks like I
 got dressed with purpose this morning (though I am too 😷 to feel it).
exact: necklace now $21
sim: sweater / gingham shirt on sale / shoes only $28

Oldies but goodies in a nautical way ⚓️.
sim: vest / sweater for $30 / shirt under $20 / necklace

Sometimes you have to dress up on a Friday - even when you’re secretly
wearing pants from Athleta as trousers ❤️.
exact: cropped pants / sweater
sim: blazer factory version on sale / satchel / shoes

Dressing down a lace top 🦎.
exact: coat on sale / watch
sim: chambray shirt only $20 / lace top also $20 / belt

Kind of looking like I’m trying on a Sunday ☁️.
exact: striped sweater / shirt for $28 / used version of the tote
sim: ankle boots only $25

21 January 2019

Good at any Price

I'm always up for a good online browse of the latest and greatest, so here are some goodies that have caught my shopping eyes recently. They're sorted by price range so there's a little something for everyone's wallets:

under 100

100 & up

200 & up

300 & up

16 January 2019

Style Lately

Wanting to snuggle back in bed (coat & all) but got to go conquer that brand new day ✊.
exact: shoes / coat on sale (also here) / sweater
sim: spotted shirt for $37 / bag pricey

Still feeling 😝 so if I have to leave the house, I am going to wear my sweater
that most closely resembles a blanket.
exact: cardigan now $14 / gingham shirt for $28 / loafers
sim: belt

I have to break out the gingham + buffalo check combo when temps get
appropriately winter-like ❄️.
sim: puffer vest now $77 (or this one for $22) / sweater / gingham shirt on super-sale

Every day is#shoesday 😸.
exact: shoes for $40 with code BIGGERSALE

Let’s all try to have a mellow yellow Sunday 🌞.
exact: shoes now $51 / striped top under $50 / bag
sim: sweater for $19

Ready to make a run for ... brunch.
exact: sneakers
sim: camo sweater now $50

“The beauty of life is in each precious moment. Stop & smell the roses!” 🌹
exact: shoes
sim: clutch / jacket now $78