01 August 2014

It's August Already

olmeda skirt

And just like that it's August. And in the SE, the kiddies will all be going back to school soon which is always a bit weird for me, because who goes back to school in the middle of summer? I know, I know, everyone's school year is different. But sorry, guys, I grew up in the NE and we didn't start school until after Labor Day and the year didn't end until late June, so that's just the "right" way to do things in my mind.

olmeda skirt olmeda skirt 

Top: Joe Fresh graphic print (worn here - sim pricey, sleeveless, dress)
Skirt: Tabitha via Anthropologie olmeda (worn here - sim, sim)
Bracelet: INPINK pink glitter barnacle (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: Vince Camuto bello (worn here - sim, sim, flats)
Bag: Cole Haan (sim, pricey, luxe)

olmeda skirt

30 July 2014

Neon Coral and Rhinestone Sandals

neon coral neon coral

These DIY'd wedges have proven to be more versatile than I initially would have imagined. They are awfully sparkly though, so I'm kind of glad I refrained from gluing even more rhinestones to the sandals. I kind of want to bedazzle another pair though, maybe I'll try a more cas pair of flats next time - glam cas!

neon coral neon coral

Top: F21 oversized (sim, sim)
Shorts: J.Crew chino (factory version, sim sailor, scalloped)
Necklace: J.Crew mixed media geometry (check in stores, worn here - sim grander)
Ring: c/o INPINK turquoise polished stone (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: Gap espadrille wedges, DIY'd (worn here - sim pricey flats, pricey plain, plain flats)
Bag: Coach legacy flight (worn here - sim, pricey flap)

neon coral

28 July 2014

Red Lips

junes meadow + stripes junes meadow + stripes

I love the look of bright red lipstick. For a gal who can't really do makeup, lipstick is about the only thing I can manage and red lips can instantly dress up an outfit (and a face). However I wear red lipstick with caution because I have a tendency to get it schmeared everywhere - on my teeth, my cheek, my hands, my collar, on mugs and cups. So any tips to keeping lipstick where it belong, please let me know!

junes meadow + stripes junes meadow + stripes

Top: J.Crew perfect in Liberty june's meadow (worn here - sim, sim, larger print)
Skirt: J.Crew factory (worn here - same in blue, sim, navy/red stripe, flared)
Bracelets: Yunikelley (worn here - sim, sim), Target (sim, sim)
Shoes: Keds spright (worn here - sim slingbacks, ankle strap, lower wedge)
Bag: Furla martha (worn here - sim, sim, luxe)

junes meadow + stripes

25 July 2014

Pajamas through the Daytime

pajama floral

You gals have patiently listened to me blather on about my move for the past few weeks now and I'm happy to say that I'm settling in nicely. However, new town, new house, means having to find a whole new routine for myself. Like finding the local branch of my bank, figuring out the easiest way to get to the supermarket or locating a neighborhood bakery I like.

And dealing with a whole new work routine too. My company doesn't have a facility where I am now, just a satellite office that I only need to go part-time. So I spend a few days working from home and a few with new co-workers. Which means I technically really only need to get dressed a few days out of each week.

pajama floral pajama floral

Nice in theory, right? Well, part of the reason I even started my blog way back when was at the time I was working full-time from home. Which meant I spent too many days in sweats or my robe, sometimes walking to the mailbox in the afternoons with my hair still uncombed and wearing the same clothes I slept in. I was sloppy. And style blogging was a way to make sure I got dressed for real each day.

So I find myself kind of afraid of sliding back into that same ole not getting dressed hole. Granted I care a whole lot more about fashion in general now (and have a whooooole loooooott more stuff in my closet), but don't see the purpose of sporting a jumbo rhinestone necklace or point-toed heels just to stay in the house all day. I guess we all better get ready to see a more casual Lisa (at least part-time).

But if you start seeing me sporting PJs through the daytime, tell me to cut it out! Yes, the irony of my typing that line with this particular outfit on is not lost on me.

pajama floral

pajama floral
Top: J.Crew factory pajama stripe (worn here - matching boxers, same polka dotted, sim)
Shorts: J.Crew factory printed pull-on (worn here - same solid, sim, sim)
Necklace: via Etsy (sim, sim)
Bracelet: INPINK barnacle (worn here - sim, red)
Rings: F21 (sim, bolder, stacked set)
Shoes: Zara block heel (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)

23 July 2014

Lighthouses on my Skirt

mint lighthouse

I was so freaked out about dropping the ball with the blog during this whole packing/moving/unpacking business that I made sure to be pretty diligent with my outfit pics in the weeks leading up to the big day. So much so, that it's now two weeks after we've moved into our new place and I still have a backlog of outfits from our old house to work through. Some of those outfits I really adored (like this one I am wearing now) so I hope you don't mind me showing off an ensemble a few weeks old. This outfit, features one of my fave old school J.Crew prints - lighthouses!

mint lighthouse mint lighthouse

Top: J.Crew factory layering v-neck (worn here - sim, steal)
Skirt: J.Crew lighthouse (worn here - sim floral print, camera print, cat portrait print)
Belt: Anthropologie skinny weave (worn here - sim)
Necklace: via Etsy (worn here - sim, sim, blue)
Bracelet: SweetAuburnStudio via Etsy (worn heresimpler, sim pricey, steal, larger)
Shoes: Sam Edelman trina (worn here - sim, steal)
Hat: Christy's & Co (worn here - sim, wider brim)

mint lighthouse

mint lighthouse

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