21 January 2019

Good at any Price

I'm always up for a good online browse of the latest and greatest, so here are some goodies that have caught my shopping eyes recently. They're sorted by price range so there's a little something for everyone's wallets:

under 100

100 & up

200 & up

300 & up

16 January 2019

Style Lately

Wanting to snuggle back in bed (coat & all) but got to go conquer that brand new day ✊.
exact: shoes / coat on sale (also here) / sweater
sim: spotted shirt for $37 / bag pricey

Still feeling 😝 so if I have to leave the house, I am going to wear my sweater
that most closely resembles a blanket.
exact: cardigan now $14 / gingham shirt for $28 / loafers
sim: belt

I have to break out the gingham + buffalo check combo when temps get
appropriately winter-like ❄️.
sim: puffer vest now $77 (or this one for $22) / sweater / gingham shirt on super-sale

Every day is#shoesday 😸.
exact: shoes for $40 with code BIGGERSALE

Let’s all try to have a mellow yellow Sunday 🌞.
exact: shoes now $51 / striped top under $50 / bag
sim: sweater for $19

Ready to make a run for ... brunch.
exact: sneakers
sim: camo sweater now $50

“The beauty of life is in each precious moment. Stop & smell the roses!” 🌹
exact: shoes
sim: clutch / jacket now $78

11 January 2019

Traveling With

Loads of people seem to be using January as an opportunity to escape the cold and take a little warm weather getaway. I, unfortunately, am not one of those lucky ducks, but it got me wanting to share some of my vacay essentials:

  1. Carry-Ons: These are some of the items I always like to make sure I have on-hand with me when I am airport traveling. Head phones (these by Bang & Olufsen) to drown out everything especially during longer flights. A zip pouch (this one by Coach 1941) I can tuck into the seat pocket in front of me which can hold everything I want to have immediately reachable (lip balm, lotion, tissues …). Power cord (this cutie by Iphoria) because Duh. A medium-size tote (this guy from Marc Jacobs) that fits comfortably under the seat in front of me and stand upright to keep my stuff secure. And a scarf/wrap (Madewell) if it gets cold or if I need a pillow. ⇩

  1. Packed: Some items I always like to pack. Flip flops (these are Ipanema) are essential – they take almost no space and can be real shoes, hotel slippers, etc. Cosmetic pouch (SunnyLife) big enough to fit everything. Laundry baggies (Bag-all) to keep my little things organized and to use as dirty clothes containers. And an extra bag (Tumi) that packs down to nothing just in case I need more bring back more than I took over. ⇩

  1. Everyday on Vacay: Things you want to wear pretty much every day on vacation. Hat (Hat Attack) of course. Pretty head band (NAMJOSH) to keep that crazy vacation hair at bay. Easy peasy skirt (English Factory) that goes with everything. A crossbody bag (Poolside Bags) that can take you from the pool to shopping to touristing to evenings. And shoes (Castaner) that are casual, comfortable and a little bit dressed up. ⇩
 Everyday on Vacay

  1. Vacay to Day-to-Day: And things you can keep wearing when you’re back from holiday. Like an easy cotton-blend shirt (AYR) that is just as good for work as the weekend. Super-soft suede flats (Soludos). A denim jacket (this one by Paul & Joe Sister has a cat, people). Sunglasses (Le Specs) that are chic but don’t break the bank. And instant outfit-elevating white jeans (Blank Denim). ⇩
 Vacay to Day-to-Day

04 January 2019

Style Lately / First of the Year

‘Tis the season to break out the old school statement necklaces 💫.
exact: plaid shirt / sweater on sale
sim: shoes / necklace

Can’t seem to get away from red or green this time of year ... 🎄.
exact: leopard loafers / sweater / bag
sim: plaid shirt for $28

J.Crew needs to bring this sweater jacket back because I would get it in all the colors 💛.
exact: trousers on sale
sim: jacket for $19 / blouse / shoes / wallet pricey

Red never goes out of style 🎁.
exact: plaid shirt now $31 with code SNOWBALL
sim: striped top / coat on sale

Extra cozy dressing when it is cold & dreary out ☔️.
exact: ankle boots / plush vest on sale
sim: sweater for $17 / striped shirt

Starting this year off right by dressing like an egg yolk 🍳.
exact: watch / leopard shoes now $56 / striped top
sim: sweater for $33

Weekends are for wearing sneakers to feign the appearance of sportiness while
doing absolutely nothing athletic at all 👟.
exact: sneakers / scarf
sim: sweater / satchel

26 December 2018

Style Lately

It’s a Christmas plaid world right now 🎄.
clockwise from top left:
 sim white now $20 / exact black / sim small for $58 / sim red now $25

First snow of the season, time to put on All The Layers ☃️.
exact: plaid shirt / knit scarf for $15 / plush vest

Oversized sweaters & forgiving jeans for the rest of the month ⛄️.
exact: sweater (sim version in solid color on sale) / used version of the tote
sim: sim white now $20 / booties

Finally started wrapping presents & I appreciate I have a cute tote to haul them 
around in instead of my usual 📦.
exact: plaid tote now $13-24 / purse / booties / gift wrap reversible, pack of 4 plaids

It’s red & plaid all day, every day 🎁.
exact: scarf for $15 / tote now $90
sim: plaid shirt now $20 / sweater only $16 / flats under $40

Feeling festive in green 🎄.
sim: sweater on sale

Holiday season rules encourage multiple plaids to be worn together ❤️.
sim: flats under $40 / blazer only $25 / shirt for $58