29 August 2014

Ivory Popcorn


While I adore the clean crispness of a white/ivory ensemble, I usually stay away from wearing them because I'm a klutz and a quicker stain picker-upper. But I've been keen on several items from the new fall collection at  Banana Republic lately (thank you again, Marissa Webb), and this sweater and skirt have become my first two fall purchases (thank you, 40% off sale).

I don't really go by the "no white about Labor Day" rule so this hue will surely last me through fall and winter. I was, however, excited about breaking this outfit out that I neglected that this sweater and skirt are also fall-weight pieces, so I was a might bit cozy through the Southeast August weather.

I'm looking forward to pairing these pieces again in cooler temps with maybe grey or brown tights/boots. In the meantime, have a great holiday weekend for those in the States!

ivory ivory

Sweater: Banana Republic popcorn stitch (sim cable-knit, sim)
Skirt: Banana Republic box-pleat (sim, steal, midi, mini for a steal)
Necklace: J.Crew-inspired via Etsy (worn here - sim, sim, black for a deal)
Bracelet: INPINK barnacle (worn here - sim, sim, silver-tone)
Shoes: Zara block heel (worn here - sim, flats)
Bag: Moschino (worn here - sim, as satchel, luxe, coral)



27 August 2014

Can You Dig It

green spots

Thanks in part to my over-sized sunglasses, my whole ensemble in this post is giving me a faint 1970s vibe. I think all I need is a lower neckline (à la Amy Adams in American Hustle) and a flare-panted Vinnie Barbarino to hang my arm on, and I'll be all set to boogie on down.

I used to watch old reruns of Charlie's Angels and Three's Company as a kid, and - rampant bralessness in the female characters aside - '70s style seemed really appealing to me. The silhouette was lean, loose and easy. Lots of slim flared jeans, tall wedges and slender low-cut blouses. Looooooong hair, California tans, and bright toothy smiles.

So here's me inadvertently channeling a bit of 1978 for 2014. Happy Wednesday!

green spots green spots

Top: Old Navy cropped v-neck (sim, long-sleeved)
Dress: Lands' End pattern fit & flare (worn here - same in solid, sim in a striped pattern, shirtdress)
Belt: J.Crew (sim, pricey, with a bow)
Bracelets: J.Crew (worn here - sim), J.Crew factory chain-link, F21 (sim set)
Shoes: Mossimo via Target (worn here - sim, sim, platform)
Bag: Kate Spade (worn here - sim, smaller bow, in black)

green spots

green spots

25 August 2014

Currently ... from August

boardwalk stripes

Currently ...

Eating Outshine Fruit & Veggie frozen bars. Who knew tangerine and carrots together would taste like peaches? And only 35 calories for little pops.

Craving Ikea cinnamon rolls. Icey pops are nice and all, probably even healthy ... but I really want some sugar frosting deliciousness.

Reading The Belial Stone. Ancient artifacts, a kung fu fighting heroine and fallen angels? My inner ancient alien conspiracy theorist self is having a field day with this book. Not as in-depth as The Atlantis Gene trilogy, but it's been a page-turner so far.

Using MyFitnessPal to track workouts and what I'm eating. It's honestly a pain in the ass, but my biggest food downfall is with portion control and MFP has been keeping me honest so far.

Lusting after these J.Crew sunglasses. Though like most other sunglasses, they will likely be way too small for my giant head - plus they're pricey ... so maybe I'll get this Asos plaid skirt for fall instead.

What are you currently info?

boardwalk stripes boardwalk stripes

Dress: Ruche along the boardwalk stripe (sim, simpler, maxi)
Belt: Anthropologie (worn here - sim, sim, sim)
Necklace: Love Obsessed (sim lighter pink, in mint, pricey)
Bracelet: GroopDealz (worn here - sim, small, necklace)
Ring: INPINK coral polished stone (sim, steal)
Shoes: Clarks kyna wise (worn here - sim, platform, lighter)
Bag: Madewell pochette (worn here - same in stitched leather, sim)

boardwalk stripes

boardwalk stripes

22 August 2014

Lace in the Sahara

sahara jacket

Thanks to IG friend Caroline, I got "coerced" into buying this jacket (and these animal-print espadrilles too - she's that good), and while it fits kind of large and shapeless on it's own, I adore it belted. I also took one of Madewell's styling cues and paired this jacket with a white dress for warm weather wear - a cool wear look will be coming soon too!

One cool thing about this style blogging and IG community is that it's opened my eyes to trying new styles or retailers that on my own I probably would never have even noticed. This jacket is definitely one of those items - and thanks to Caroline's promo-on-sale alert, I have a new piece that I can wear now and take into fall (I can't get over the sleeves and the buckled collars - love it!)

Has another blogger or IG-er influenced you into buying anything you now love?

sahara jacket sahara jacket

Jacket: Madewell sahara short-sleeve (sim in white, in tan, fitted, long-sleeved)
Dress: Forever 21 eyelet shift (worn here - sim, sim, loose, pricey)
Belt: Asos (worn here - sim, pricey, wide)
Bracelets: J.Crew factory chain-link, Asos, Forever 21
Rings: c/o JewelMint (sim, sim), Forever 21 (sim, with pearls)
Shoes: Zara block heel (worn here - sim, flats)
Bag: Dooney & Bourke equestrian (worn here - latest version, sim tasseled, rounder, western)

sahara jacket

20 August 2014

Not at the Beach

beach not beachy

First glimpses of fall fashions show that denim pencil skirts are making a comeback, which reminded me that in fact I already have a denim pencil skirt that I had literally not worn for several seasons now (my closet = black hole).

And after wearing this skirt again, it has kind of reminded me why it has been sitting in the back of my closet for so long. The skirt fits me fine, but slim pencil silhouettes seem more formal and denim is obviously a casual fabric, so trying to look relaxed but feeling restricted seems like a contradiction.

What's your opinion on the denim pencil skirt?

beach not beachy beach not beachy

Top: Madewell beach shirttail (in solid, sim, 3/4-sleeve)
Skirt: Lucky Brand (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklace: Love Obsessed (worn here - sim, sim, in mint)
Bracelets: J.Crew (sim), Sage K and Co (the original), Love Obsessed (sim), Asos (sim set)
Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger (sim)
Shoes: Gap espadrille wedge (DIY'd, worn here - sim jeweled flats, woven plain, taller)
Bag: Dooney & Bourke equestrian (worn here - latest version, sim tasseled, rounder, western)

beach not beachy

beach not beachy
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