01 February 2016

Black Plaid with a Twinkle

You know me an sparkly things, and my current "ooh shiny" obsession is the brooch. Since I got this pretty flowered piece from Zara a few weeks back, I've become slightly fixated and I've already added a few more to my collection (thank you, Ebay and Etsy, for your endless array of pretty twinkly options for cheap). Sure I'm not super-keen on poking holes in all my clothes so I've got to be careful, but I find that the brooch is an easy way to add some bang to an outfit without being borderline over-dressed the way a huge statement necklace can sometimes be.

black plaid

Blazer: J.Crew schoolboy (worn before - factory version, sim)
Shirt: Banana Republic (sim on super-sale, sim for $28)
Jeans: Lands' End mid-rise slim leg (sim)
Brooch: Zara (sim, sim for $15, darker for $18)
Shoes: Pour La Victoire mai (sim under $60, sim pump, flats)

29 January 2016


navy + green navy + green

If you've seen some of my recent casual outfit posts, you'll likely notice that I've been wearing a bit of a uniform: puffer vest, patterned shirt, jeans and ankle boots. It's an easy peasy formula of an outfit to put together, warm enough to get through most Southeastern winter days and it helps me look like I tried without having to try. And now that I have like a half a dozen of these awesome vests (J.Crew, I blame you), I've got to get my winter's wear out of them, so I'll be pulling these out on the weekly!

navy + green navy + green

Vest: J.Crew shiny quilted field (worn before - sim, belted)
Shirt: J.Crew ridge plaid on sale (sim, sim)
Jeans: Old Navy sweetheart (sim under $25, sim)
Belt: J.Crew factory (sim, sim)
Bracelet: J.Crew (sim under $6, pave)
Rings: Gorjana (sim), F21 (sim set)
Shoes: Vince Camuto bronco (sim, sim)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff unlined tote on sale (worn before - sim under $80, not studded)

navy + green

27 January 2016

Style Lately

Spring in my step, despite the weather (exact: shoes on sale, under $30! / sim: shirt, skirt, clutch under $60).

Layering it for pizza night (factory version of the vest on sale / sim: shirt, t-neck, necklace).

Pixelated herringbone (exact: sweater / sim: necklace under $20, skirt multi-colored, bag).

These kicks (exact: shoes).

Work wear (exact: skirt / sim: top under $20, shoes).

Polka dot ivory (exact: sweater / sim: blouse, jeans, loafers).

Wallet issues (exact: pink, this season's rose gold / sim: yellow, orange, green under $24, blue, striped).

25 January 2016

A Bright Shade of Pink


I'm in the middle of some major meh-looking hair time lately - been trying to grow it out length-wise and my stylist has been talking me into doing pseudo ombre highlights where she only touches up the bottom half of my hair that I kind of like, kind of meh about. Add to that some questionable photo lighting and my recent aversion (laziness) to a  curling iron and we've got some could-be-better-but-I've-gone-a-bit-styling-lazy hair. So ... let's concentrate on some of this punchy magenta hue instead, shall we?

magenta magenta

Vest: J.Crew factory quilted puffer on sale (worn before - sim, sim under $40)
Top: Boden breton buy more and save (sim as swim tee)
Pants: Old Navy mid-rise rockstar skinny
Scarf: J.Crew (sim, sim)
Bracelet: INPINK barnacle (sim, gold under $20)
Rings: Gorjana via Rocksbox (sim), F21(sim)
Shoes: c/o Mossimo by Target jessica suede strappy (worn before - sim studded, w/contrast straps)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff unlined tote on sale (sim under $80, not studded)


22 January 2016

Neutral with Sparkles

neutral + spotted

If I could get by in sweatshirts and jeans everyday, I'd love to be able to do that. And this look is exactly it, but dressed up just a tad so I can step out without looking like I'm studying for finals or am out on a trip to Lowe's for more screws. So I'm secretly comfort slumming but looking like I'm at least trying.

neutral + spotted

Sweatshirt: J.Crew (worn before - sim, sim hoodie, long-sleeve, long-sleeve cardi)
Shirt: J.Crew blythe (worn before - sim tiny dots, black spotted, red spotted, green spotted)
Jeans: Banana Republic factory (sim, sim)
Brooch: Ebay & earrings worn as brooches by J.Crew, Jeweliq (vintage sim, sim, sim or set)
Boots: c/o Mossimo by Target jessica (sim studded, w/contrast straps)
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