03 May 2013

Walk that Way

minty fuchsia

You know when your mind advises you against doing something and you still do it anyways? I had one of those moments yesterday when I made the executive decision against better judgement to go ahead and sign up for a fitness challenge at work. I am vowing to walk several hundred thousand steps between Monday and mid-June.

Which under normal circumstances would be fairly doable. I think. Maybe. Except on Monday I'll already be gone on one of my handful of business trips between now and mid-June. Like crossing an ocean in a big metal tube gone. And I am totally one of those people who doesn't have the willpower to exercise when I'm traveling because I'm usually too busy trying to sneak in every extra minute of sleep I can.

minty fuchsia  minty fuchsia

So it is perfect timing to strap on a pedometer and vow to walk-run-swing my arms really fast my way to fitness, right?

(I don't get anything if I win and I am fairly certain nothing happens if I don't meet my mark. But I wanted a way to mentally tell myself that I need to change things up and be more active overall. So I'm going to try. I'll go walking instead of lounging. And hopefully reserve my whining to this post only.)

What have you done lately against general better judgement?

minty fuchsia

minty fuchsia

Sweater: Pim + Larkin via Pipelime sequin stripe (worn here - sim, cas, in black)
Skirt: J.Crew pleated crepe (worn here - brighter, knife pleats, longer, as dress)
Necklace: Anthropologie ampay (worn here - sim, sim, bolder)
Shoes: J.Crew paulina (worn here -sim, peep, slingback, solid purple)


  1. Sometimes a small decision can motivate you to do a big change. You never know what a sign up for a fitness challenge can lead to, right? No matter what, it's still something! I have yet to sign up for anything this year but I do plan on it. Such a great springy outfit..

  2. I'm LOVING your shoes...love the print and the adorable bow detail! I think it's great that you signed up for the challenge, you can do it!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. this made me laugh....i signed up for something similar at work where we "walk around the world", against my better judgement. and ended up as the leader for one of the groups.

    so...i have no choice but to kick some patootie (not literally, although i'm sure that would garner me quite a bit of activity on the pedometer) in the exercise department.

  4. Congrats on pushing yourself to sign up for that! Not easy stuff to motivate yourself to do sometimes.
    Love your skirt and shoes.

    The Fashionable ESQ (Esquire)

  5. Well you might say that you can't see a difference in your body with all the running you do, but your legs look great. Very toned.

    Good luck on the challenge. I know it's hard to be motivated to exercise when you are away for work. You spend 80% of the time just trying to catch up from the jet lag.


  6. These colors are sooo gorgeous together! I LOVE your skirt!

  7. I respect those shoes !
    oh... i usually don't commit to something unless i know i can do it.
    When i travel for work i only have two things in my head after i have accomplished my work goals, its: what can i eat and where can i go .

  8. ^this girl and i could be friends. ;)

    i try to finish things once i start them - perhaps you can use this as motivation to get out and sightsee a bit in cities that you are traveling to?

    love this outfit on you - the colors look fantastic on you!

  9. LISA! I totally dedicated yesterday's post to you!


    And your shoes and necklace are totally envy-worthy. I covet them!


  10. I shopped. Totally agains better judgement.
    And your shoes.... so cute !!! Love them.

  11. hmmm, lets see. cleaning the garage last weekend. lets be clear. i live in my grandparents old house. the garage has not been cleaned in at least 10 years. i was so congested from dust and i literally blew out black dust specks when i blew my nose. gross. at least its done, just in time for me to move to minneapolis.

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    oh yeah, another one. letting people know what i think. i'm really bad at letting people get away with treating others poorly. not good when those people are evaluating you.

  12. Love this colorful outfit! I'm trying to think of something I've done against better judgment lately but really can't. Does running 3 miles the other day count?

  13. Oh my... love the color combo and those shoes are SO adorable! Just the cutest ever!!

    xo, Kenya


    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  14. My friends and I just finished a squat challenge and is starting a push up challenge next week. I can't say I feel bad about signing up for these challenges. It was a great support system and hopefully my back end looks a little firmer? :)

    Love those shoes!


  15. I LOVE the sweater and the SHOES, of course! The pink skirt makes the outfit super fun!!

  16. You and Juneli of Fashionably Yours are 2 color queens! You girls have great sense of color mixing.. gorgeous combo!


  17. Oh, I have signed up for challenges like that against my better judgement in the past too :) So I'd say it happens :) Love those shoes by the way, so pretty!

  18. I love these colors together, this outfit is so cheerful! I could never do ANY sort of fitness challenge, so good for you!

  19. Love your shoes, especially the big bows. I can't even resist bows they're so cute
    Hugs & Kisses,

  20. Don't you love it when you say damn the torpedoes? But you might be surprised how many steps you take in a day. I once measured for the closest restroom to my office (yep I'm weird that way) by counting the steps and it was 73 versus 82. They are both very, very close and I wouldn't have guessed that many steps were required each way. ;)

    You look adorable as always.

  21. I love this look! The necklace really brings it all together. You're Lucky that you can wear mint, it just makes me look ill!

    Downing an energy drink late last night was a pretty massive error of judgement on my part. Not much sleep happening over here. When will I learn?!

  22. Hi Lisa. Thanks for the blog linky. I also love the fun, polka dot spring website design. Your outfit colors match perfectly, and those heels are adorable.

    Against my better judgment I came off my shopping hiatus. Oh, but that's more fun than a fitness challenge, right? ;)


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