12 February 2022

Style Lately

I got this sweater last year from the big kids’ section & adore it. If you’re a shortie
like me, don’t sleep on checking out the big kids’ clothing (or shoes for that matter)!
Cute styles & less money are my thing. ❤️
sim: sweater $18 / shirt $54 / shoes $42

Leopard print & B&W stripes are considered basics (& neutrals) in my book. So
wearing these two prints together is my idea of keeping things simple. geth😸
exact: striped top $23
sim: sweater $75 / shoes $50 / bracelet $105

When the color combo on the kids’ shoes are too cool to ignore … ❤️ When it comes
to sizing from the big kids’ section, I suggest selecting 1.5 sizes down from your normal
ladies’ shoe size (i.e., I am a ladies’ 7.5 & ordered these kicks in a big kids’ 6). ❤️
exact: sneakers now $60 / jacket now $44

Always a fan of pairing leopard print with green. Casual winter weekend style. πŸ’š 
exact: loafers $75 / blazer $228
sim: shirt $26 / sweater $46

Winter layers … & boots that I rarely wear out because I am obsessed with them
& know I’ll never be able to find another pair & don’t want to scuff
them up. This is perfectly normal behavior, right … πŸ‚
sim: jacket now $85 / sweater $20 / shirt $42 / boots $64

“Ruffles have ridges” & so does my collar. Feeling a bit Elizabethan today … πŸ‘ΈπŸ» 
exact: collar $11
sim: sweater $35 / blazer $140

These pieces are all oldies, but they are absolutely πŸ’ (& it’s sunny out &
no snow, so I am voluntarily going to freeze my toes for this outfit). πŸ˜…
sim: skirt $28 / sweater $47 / shoes $42

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