24 February 2022

Style Lately

It finally works out for me that I am wearing pink on a Wednesday. And lots
sim: coat on sale / sweater now $60 / shoes $59 / clutch $59

Are furry vests still a thing? I bought this snuggly piece a few winters ago but haven’t
had the chance to wear it more than a handful of times - better wear it now before
I “lose” it in my closet again. 🧸
sim: vest $84 / leopard sweatshirt $18 / shirt $39 / boots $70

I’m lucky with my job in that I get to #wfh part-time, so there are a few days of the
week where I have an excuse to dress up … & others where I can slub it out if I felt
like it. Today is a “slubbing but still have life appointments” day so there are real shoes
(& pants) involved. What’s your work situation like, & how are you liking it? 🐪
exact: sneakers $85 / striped sweater $28 / coat now $75

TGI-FINALLY- Friday! It’s probably just me, but I feel like it’s been the loooongest week,
so I am so looking forward to the weekend. I hope that even with the Super Bowl &
V-Day right around the corner, that you all can make time for yourselves these next
few days to relax, recharge & enjoy the moments. 💚
exact: clutch
sim: sweater $59 / lace top $28 / shoes now $35

We are getting to that time of the year where most of us are O-V-E-R cold weather
AND also trying to wear all our winter clothes “while we still can”. Fella clothes
hoarders, you get me. 😅
sim: coat $75 / sweater $38 / gingham shirt $46

t’s another cold one for a lot of us, so keep it cozy (& may as well also eat
something tasty, since it’s Sunday after all & that should be reason enough
to do almost anything). 😉
exact: coat now $75 / sweater $34 / loafers $89 / used version of the tote
sim: gingham shirt now $19

Just add spots (& some BRIGHT pink) to jazz up a plain ole outfit. 💗
exact: loafers now $60 / pants $54
sim: sweater on sale / jacket $69

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