09 January 2022

Style Lately

For those of still working this week, I am right there with you. And I am going
to wear all the festive things I’ve got while doing it. 💝
exact: removable collar $13 / coat $120
sim: sweater

Wore this combo before the holidays & liked it so much that I’m bringing
it back. Can’t let go of that Christmas plaid just yet. ❤️
exact: clutch
sim: jacketshirt $16 / shoes $49

Just the basics (& a generous gift from my fab big sis). 😸
exact: coat $120
sim: sweater $28 / clutch $59 / wallet

Ah, we’re so close to Christmas now! As we’re reaching the height of
all the rush, try to take some time for your sanity & remember that the
holidays is not all about gifts but blessings. ❤️
exact: boots $75
sim: coat $150 / shirt $16 / scarf $89

Stay safe & warm out there, my friends. We should all wear a little color
to be bright spots against this dreary winter day. 💗
exact: coat $144 / scarf $55
sim: sweater $70 / trousers $80 / tote

2021 seems to have passed in a blur & we’re already at the end of it. 😳
exact: glasses $13
sim: sweater $22 / skirt $8 / shoes $101 / bag

‘Tis the season. Even my #wfh sweats have to be festive. ❄️
sim: coat $40 / fleece $89 / joggers $21

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