02 November 2015

Puffin in Leopard Print

I can't stop loving this puffin sweater ... even though it more resembles a seagull, if you ask me. Intarsia knit animal sweaters seem perfectly cold weather appropriate so I'm glad retailers seem to be bringing them back this season. Because nothing says powerful modern-day grown-ass career woman more than a cutesy critter woven on your chest [insert grimace emoji here]. But I can't help but to adore them, so cuddle up.

 puffins + leopard print

Jacket: Zara (worn before - sim, sim, lighter hue, in navy under $35, khaki trimmed in black on sale)
Sweater: J.Crew factory puffin (worn before - sim scottie, polar bear, bunny)
Shirt: Lands' End gingham poplin (worn before - sim, sim on sale)
Jeans: J.Crew matchstick (worn before - sim, sim, sim under $30)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (worn before - sim under $70, wedge heel)


  1. I love the puffin! I'm having the same issue with dog t-shirts, I love em but I think I'm too old for them. And then I don't care. I like how you dressed it up with the blazer though!

    1. I think if the print/pattern is fairly clean then it won't seem too young - or maybe that's just me justifying my adoration for critter sweaters, hehe.

  2. Hi, What background do you use for your flay lays; they look great.

    1. Hi there, I use an old white board - I think a big piece of poster board would work just as well, thanks!

  3. I've loved that sweater from day one - and how you still find new ways of styling it :)


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