17 May 2013



So I am a fan of monograms. Partly because I think they are pretty, especially the intertwined script versions. Monograms speaks to my inner tomboy prep. And partly because it's kind of cool to see my own initials down on something physical.

monogram  monogram

But considering wearable monograms are traditionally meant to be discreet and be seen only by yourself, your immediate family and your launderer, I wonder if it isn't a bit egocentric to go around nowadays toting my own initials around in public. Like, I know who I am - you must as well.

What do you think of monograms?



Sweater: J.Crew tippi, monogrammed (sim, sim)
Top: F21 bejeweled georgette (sim, sim, peter pan)
Skirt: J.Crew dorrie (worn here - sim, checked, midi)
Bracelets: J.Crew (sim, sim) & Sage K and Co via Etsy (sim, sim)
Bag: Brahmin sadie (worn here - sim, patent, clear, pricey)
Shoes: Sam Edelman adena (worn here - sim, pricey, deal)



  1. Your monogram is cool, it doesn't scream initials. At first I thought it was part of your sweater, like the Ralph Lauren polo or something. :) Also, those shoes are insane!

  2. your monogram is discreet actually! love it!!

    have a great weekend, Lisa! xo

    phiphi's blog

  3. I was so distracted by the awesome spike shoes, I didn't notice all the jewels on your collar. I love this outfit!
    Penniless Socialite
    Link up your favorite outfit post!

  4. I love monograms as well. I even have it on my phone case. You are rockin' those shoes!

  5. Happy Friday Lisa! What lipgloss/lipstick are you wearing, it's so pretty!

    Thanks, Lisa

  6. that monogram is so cute - I know it's such a little thing but I think it really elevates the look. I wanted a button down monogrammed but they put it in a really weird place (under the pocket...so strange) and that just looks a bit strange.

  7. Monograms remind me of refinement... so I love it! I've been contemplating getting a grey tippi to wear with bold bottoms. Maybe monogramming it would be the extra little touch to keep it from being too drab. Thanks for the idea! :)

  8. i LOVE monograms.. but i have yet to get any! perhaps next month i'll get myself a necklace and maybe opt for a journal or button down with mine. but its so weird... since i got married and changed my last name i have two middle names. so what do i put as my middle initial? argh! ;)

  9. I have to say that I still think they are a bit pretentious although this one is so small and unique most people would probably think it is a brand mark.

    Those shoes could hurt someone : )


  10. I agree that this one is not ostentatious at all. The filigreed initials just look like a design element. Otherwise, yes, they could tend to look like you're marking your territory.

  11. Cute, cute. Your monogram is perfect. Nice choice. I like the color, too.

  12. I think monograms is a nice personal touch. But I am really loving your F21 blouse -too adorable!!


  13. I love having my name on everything so monograms are a big YES for me. I recently ordered a customised pair of Ferragamos here - http://icona.ferragamo.com/ - and was so thrilled to be able to add my initials to the bottom of the shoe (I went with Ush)

  14. It is a cool and understated monogram, so I think it is cute. I am not a fan of monograms as in L Vuiton or Chanel or whatever. Has to do with "screaming I am rich, I can afford this". Also do not like it if brands put their name on stuff. I hate the fact that Coach wrote its name in gold on my pretty yellow bag. If they want me to advertise, they should pay me. Sorry, I am ranting on here.
    Furthermore I like your shoes and blouse. Very cool.

  15. I love monograms, i have a big silver one with an L on it... i absolutely love your sweater, i had no idea you could get these monogramed.

  16. I'm not really big on monograms but I love yours and how they are very subtly placed! Looks good! And I love your shoes!

    xo, Kenya


    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  17. I like monogrammed necklaces but that's about it. I do think your sweater is cute, however (the initials are very small)!

  18. I love monograms. I love my initials. I love having them on everything. Haha.
    And i Love your orange skirt with the cobalt bag. awesome combo.
    Chic on the Cheap

  19. Cool shoes although I hope no one steps on your feet;P
    Hugs & Kisses,

  20. Monograms are awesome! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They just add instant class to anything, especially on a sweater like what you've got there! I just wish I had better initials, OR could decide whether or not to switch surnames(after 5 years of marriage that probably won't happen, but still...)so I could get monograms too, especially one of those necklaces...

  21. I love monograms! I've been thinking about getting a monogram via J.Crew-- how long was the wait? Is the stitching quality good?

    1. Hi Linda - wait was an extra few days and the quality is pretty good, imo. Cost is $10 and you can select style as well as color, though if they have an additional % off retail prices, the monogramming cost will reflect that too. hth!


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