03 April 2013

Sherbert in the Navy

sherbert + navy  sherbert + navy

Currently loving: the 1980s. 

I sometimes wonder if I hadn't been born too late because there's something about 1980s pop culture that totally fascinates me (in reality, I spent most of the '80s sucking my thumb and learning to count my toes).

I loooooooooved Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, I groove to the techno-poppy-rock beats of Madonna, Pat Benatar and Duran Duran on my cable provider's '80s music channel, I still wish there really is a Sweet Valley, CA. I remember falling asleep to the big drama of shows like Dynasty, Dallas, Falcon Crest that my mom watched - nothing like heavy eye makeup and jeweled-tone claws tearing at each other's big coiffs and chiffon gowns.

sherbert + navy  sherbert + navy

I guess I should clarify - I love my idea of the 1980s. I was really young then and we just moved to the States - everything looks bigger and better from a child's eyes. And now I "live" through the '80s thanks to the idealized 1980s world in The Carrie Diaries and recently stumbling upon a treasure trove of teen queen Molly Ringwald movies on Netflix that I can watch any time I want. I can sit back at stare in awe at the big everything-ness of that timeframe - the hair, shoulder pads, heels. Pop, color and possibilities seemed to be everywhere.

What are you currently loving?

sherbert + navy

sherbert + navy

Jacket: Gap striped twill (worn here - sim, more stripes, pricey)
Top: Loft henley (worn here - sim, trimmed, pricey)
Skirt: Limited sailor skirt (sim, peplum, pencil)
Necklace: gift (embellished, lighter, teardrop)
Bracelet: J.Crew wildflower (worn here - sim, sim, pastel)
Bag: H&M (worn here - sim, pricey, solid)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim, sim, darker)


  1. I love this! I think it's my favorite look of your to date :)

  2. My 80's were very idyllic also! Lot's of She-Ra going on and I was not allowed to touch the new CD player thingy. Everytime I put my neon yellow shirt with my neon pink sweatshirt dress, I realize we finally brought the fashion back--literally the last decade I thought would ever be in style again. Well, that and the 90's.

    I still really love that Gap jacket--so great!!!


  3. I think about this all the time. My love for disco indicates I would have thrived in the 70s. Though if we talk fashion, I am a 60s girl at heart.

    Having said that, I love that I grew up in the 80s - can you imagine having your teenage angst all over FB like it is now? urgh

  4. I'm a big fan of the '80s too. I read all the Sweet Valley High books! Sheesh, how long were those twins in high school anyway - 12 years? :)

    Love your outfit - I'm so impressed you were able to make the striped jacket work with the animal print shoes. Nice touch!

  5. I freakin' love the 80's... well, like you said, the "idea of the 80's". haha. You look great as always, Lisa. Hope you're doing fabulously! I've been a busy bee and feel bad for neglecting my blog and also not frequenting my fave blogs (yours included). Hopefully, this summer will allow me to blog more.

    Happy Hump Day!!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. I love/hate the 80's... loved my sweet LA Gear shoes at the time but now that I see the wedge sneakers making a come back I cringe. I am pretty sure I can say that I will never give in to that trend! heaven help me if I do!


  7. I love the 80's. Everything about it feels so warm and familiar. I have been determined as a mother to expose my children to all of the best pop culture the 80's had to offer and they agree that nothing quite compares!

  8. I loved the 80's! I was old enough to holler over Duran Duran but too young to attend one of their concerts. HaHa I wore bright neon colors, bows everywhere and Molly Ringwald was my hero. HaHaHa

  9. stripes! and baseball! hurrah!
    we have an awesome 80's cover band that plays shows sometimes - everyone gets dressed up and dances/sings. its SO much fun. :)

  10. This looks like a really awesome color scheme. As for me, I don't really think I knew anything about culture until the 2000s. But whenever people mention memories of the 1990s, I totally remember. I think I was exposed to more American culture than I realized.

    7% Solution​

  11. I love this! Nothing like a shout out to the 80's! Such great fashion! You look terrific Lisa!

    xo, Kenya


    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  12. 80s were so much fun. I am old enough to enjoy the start of MTV - it was so cool to watch music videos. Do they still have music videos on MTV?

    Love this outfit - I love orange & navy together. I am so tempted to buy your striped Jacket - I always love how you still it.


  13. Great color combo! I'm a big fan of the 80's too. Some of my favorite memories are of my friends and I at "80's night" during my college years. I loved dressing up and dancing to all of the fabulous music!

  14. This is a color combination I've really been loving lately. You look gorgeous!

  15. beautiful colours! "working girl" is one of my all time favourite movies!

    xox P

    phiphi's blog

  16. hmmm, not really a fan of the 80's. it would be interesting to live a day in a different decade, tho... i'm probably reading too many fantasy books, huh?

  17. You are adorable, Lisa! This outfit is way too cute. Love it! I lived through the 80s as a child and an awkward pre-teen. I still love the button up shirts and big brooches (and other jewels). I'm okay without the scrunchies, over-hairsprayed bangs, the layered socks, and the fluorescent everything (though, obviously small, discreet pops are great). :)

  18. Very very cute! I am currently loving all things stripes (it's almost an addiction at this point), green, coral/orange, basically anything bright. Oh, and anything marine-themed. :)

    FashionEdible Blog

  19. Oh gosh, yet another perfect outfit. How do you do it? And always so well proportioned (I have difficulties with that). Love the colours together. Why can't I think of this? I cannot even remember it and copy it. The shoes are on my WANT list.

  20. I'm currently loving this outfit! Especially the top! The color is great & I love pairing coral with navy.

    Man I'm so with you on all things 80's being awesome. My Sirius radio is almost always tuned to 80's on 8. Hard to come across a bad tune on that station!

    I'm also currently obsessing over rap/R&B music. I'm typically more of an 80's/90's or alternative rock girl, but lately I've been going through a phase & getting my gangsta on! Haha...not really. I'm totally like the guy in Office Space - know all the words to the hard core rap songs but turn it down at the stop light so no one hears me jammin! :-)

  21. this outfit is incredible! it's so put together yet so spunky :) I swear, girl, you always accessorize so perfectly. and those leopard flats?? PERFECT.

    for 80's movies, I love Valley Girl, there's a shopping scene there that makes me sooooo sad that I can't just go shopping in the 80's and bring my purchases back with me!


  22. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! the colors are just perfect. :) I NEED TO RECREATE IT ASAP :)

  23. haha!! I loved watching Dynasty, Dallas & Falcon Crest with my mom!:) Loving this color combination, it's lovely!

  24. I am currently loving this outfit! You are seriously the model style blogger. I love every tiny aspect of this outfit and your writing is always so interesting and funny. I haven't been checking your blog enough apparently because I missed your posts!



    Southern (California) Belle

  25. How cute are you?! Love that clutch. Adorable.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  26. I can totally relate to wanting to have been a teen in the 80's - but then again, I've fallen in love with the movies version of the 80's. Regardless of the decade, I would never have a saturday detention, day playing hookie, or school dance like those on film.

    Also loving your coral and navy combo. so ready for spring!
    Chic on the Cheap

  27. I feel like the shoes ties everything together!! Very cute and chic Lisa!!

  28. Sigh..this color combo is killing me! Looks great!


  29. That skirt is all kinds of fabulous - love those button details!

    Pearls & Paws

  30. I love 80s music and 80s movies! I think I appreciate the 80s more now that I'm an adult :)

    The Tiny Heart

  31. Love, love, love the shoes - i've been trying to replace my animal print shoes and these fit the bill !
    Oh how I wish it was the 90s' i would do so much bettter at getting dressed-

  32. Wonderful colors and combo! I think navy blue or blue in general is the black! You are so adorable. Love your color ideas :D.

  33. Coral and navy are a good idea!

    Na-na-na-na...the reflex!

    That is all ;)

  34. I have a thing for the 80s fashion too, for some odd reason. Something about the colors and the cuts. Unique and always unexpected :) I haven't seen the CD yet, but I saw some previews and they look pretty hilarious!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  35. The necklace! the jacket! the shoes! And I have a thing for 80s music. Bon Jovi is my hero. x

  36. This look is so adorably perfect!! Love it!

  37. Your necklace is so gorgeous!! I love it!


  38. Ooooh I love this color combo!

  39. I have that same clutch from h&m :)

    <3 Kelly

  40. You look so pretty! Love the color combo.



  41. Such pretty combination, Lisa. I am in love with your jacket. It goes so well with your coral colored blouse.


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