09 August 2013

Floral Bomb

floral bomber  floral bomber

Here's my other pick from Choies - I'm likely late to the floral bomber party, but it is a real lightweight material that wears more like a lined blouse than a heavy outer layer. Meaning, it is just about right for me on a day where the temps are only hovering around 80 degrees.

floral bomber   floral bomber

I know, I know, anything above 70 is still pretty warm, especially in August. Well, as much as I hate being hot, I am totally one of those people who is pretty much always cold all the time. I walk my dog outside with a fleece hoodie on. I have backup scarves and jackets in my office in case the AC gets out of hand. I've got no fewer than three blankets around the living room because at any moment I will need to bundle. I am still wearing long pajama bottoms to bed.

So yeah, this is perfectly fine for me in August. I'm weird.

floral bomber

Jacket: c/o Choies floral bomber (sim navy)
Top: J.Crew vintage (worn here - factory version, sim)
Jeans: BR factory (worn here - sim, sim)
Necklaces: Anthropologie (sim, pricey), Emerson Fry (sim, sim)
Bracelets: J.Crew (sim), Sage K and Co (sim)
Shoes: Zara (worn here - sim t-strap, w/bow, darker)
Clutch: Kate Spade (worn here - sim, sim, deal)


  1. How cute is that jacket! Love the print!

  2. Wow, this jacket is amazing, I love it! And I'm definitely the same way with being cold. I've got a bunch of blankets in the living room too, and wear pants and socks to bed!

  3. that floral print is AMAZING! it looks great with neon pink too, so that is ALWAYS good!

    dash dot dotty

  4. awesome jacket! Love it. :)

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  5. I love all the color and all the accessories - very well put together!

  6. Ok, so floral bomber jackets were a thing? I must be on the same page as you, because I may end up buying this one - super cute on you, as always, btw! - and join you on the bandwagon. Do you find Choies' pieces to run true to size, though? I have really broad shoulder...

  7. love this! the floral bomber jacket is soo cute!! love the bright colors on you!! adore your teal shoes!!

  8. I love this look on you! You are so tiny that pretty much anything looks good on you.

  9. This floral bomber is ADORABLE!!!!

  10. The floral print jacket is so pretty! I'm usually always cold too!

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  11. So bright and cheery! I'm the same way... I'm always cold. It's August and I have my desk heater running!

  12. Wow, I thought I was sensitive to cold, but I only have one blanket in my livingroom! You look great! I love the floral bomber with the pink and teal!

  13. This jacket is so much prettier on you than on the website. I am always freezing too so I always have extra jackets in the car and in the office.


  14. This outfit is soooo cute! Love all the bright colors! Also, pretty sure I need a bright pink clutch in my life. Have a great weekend!

  15. Love the floral bomber jacket! By the way, I've also pulled out jackets and cardigans since the temps fell into the 70s in my area :-)

  16. I absolutely love that floral bomber jacket! And I love that you styled it with a pink top and those green heels. Great color combos girlfriend!

  17. That jacket is actually pretty cool. :) I really like it on you, Lisa!

    70? ugh. we have fog so thick here its like rain. And I caught a cold.

  18. I love all the bright colors! Blue and pink just pop right off each other!

  19. Weird but cute! ;) I like this look a lot! I get Cold easily too, we probably have bad circulation or something like that. But then, you do get to layer in the summer - bad circulation keeps you forever stylish, yay! ;)

  20. it's very cute, and I really like it with the pink!
    Chic on the Cheap

  21. i'm always cold, too. even in the summer i have three different weight blankets on my bed. And i have blankets on every piece of furniture in my studio. At work i'll take the stairs (up like 7 flights) just to warm up. its horrible

  22. Oh my this is SUCH an amazing look! Love all of the colors! The jacket is perfect! You look great!!

    xo, Kenya


  23. I always need a blanket. We were at my sister's house and because their dog has issues attacking blankets, they aren't allowed in te living room. I seriously could not get comfortable without one! Cute jace today too, very unique!

  24. stunning jacket. i'm always cold. always, so i totally dig this look - especially in august!! lol.

    have a great weekend!

  25. Gorgeous jacket! I love the patterns!

  26. ah, such a lovely jacket here! i love the colors in it!

    lindsey louise


  27. I love fuchsia and navy worn together. Nice one!

  28. Love the jacket! The floral print is great!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  29. Such fun flirty colors!


  30. Your jacket is amazing!! The colors are perfect and so pretty!
    Sincerely, Sara

  31. Love the floral print with the pink shirt! Summery and fun! =]

  32. Very beautiful this jacket, the whole outfit really. Up in my top ten with you.

  33. I really love that jacket and your J.Crew bracelet. Such a perfect girly/sporty look!

    Style Diary


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