08 August 2019

Style Lately

Aug 1
I got the little bag & spotted skirt a few months ago & they’ve
both been great summer work staples 💕.
sim: skirt on sale / sweater / heels under $50 / bag

Aug 2
I know it’s just the beginning of August but I can’t help but to throw a
bit of Fall at you already, because these ankle boots ... 😻
exact: ankle boots

Aug 3
Some light & bright colors to give off the impression of coolness, even though
I may actually be baking in this weather (cardio or no cardi) 😓.
exact: dress for $22 / cardigan on sale / sunglasses
sim: sandals

Aug 4
When you can’t decide, just wear all the colors 🌈😁.
exact: watch / bracelet / bag
sim: skirt on sale / ring for $25 / t-shirt under $10

Aug 5
It’s borderline too warm to wear this sweater just yet, 
but I adore it so much I couldn’t wait 😎.
exact: sweater for $79 / sandals
sim: shorts under $30 / hat

Aug 6
It’s a good day to have a good day #monslay 👊.
sim: skirt on sale / sweater / heels under $50 / bag

Aug 7
Getting dressed like I’m going for a picnic in the park, though real
life is more like Lowe’s 🔧 & donuts 🍩.
exact: sandals / hat / shorts (& sim ones on sale)
sim: satchel under $60 / shirt

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