05 July 2019

Style Lately

Getting dressed for work after a beach holiday means finding ways to hide
 unfortunate tan lines 😎.
exact: shoes under $50
sim: shirt / skirt / clutch

Two stripes do make things go right ❤️.
exact: top (around waist) now $15 / sandals / watch / bracelet
sim: top (wearing)

Physical reminder to self that I certainly do not need to be adding more neutral-tone flat
sandals to my closet (not shown: yet more neutral-tone flat sandals ...) 👣
Clockwise from top right: exact snake / exact strappy / exact leopard
exact ankle-strapped / exact brown / exact tan/silver

Wearing this skirt always makes me wish I was headed to a beautiful park picnic 🌳
instead of into a big air-conditioned concrete block 🏢.
exact: top under $15
sim: skirt / shoes only $25 / clutch less than $10 / earrings

Guaranteed I will be getting a few fanny pack digs today, but no one else will
have all their stuff so conveniently located 👋.
exact: belt bag on sale
sim: skirt / sweater

Doesn’t seem appropriate to wear any color combo except red, white & blue right now ❤️.
 sim: shirt / shorts under $13 / sandals / bag under $25

“Hello, my name is Lisa & I’m a stripe-aholic ...” 🙋🏻‍♀️
exact: bag / striped top on sale
sim: shoes under $40

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