26 September 2016

Moto-ing this Season

I've been doing some business traveling this past week, thus the blog silence. I heard temps are finally going to drop to the 80s Fahrenheit at home this week however, so there's hope yet it may finally start feeling like fall. I'm pulling out my light jackets in preparation and this khaki moto piece is one of my long-time favorites. How I managed to snag this on super-sale way back when I'll never know, but I guess it was meant-to-be in my closet!

tweed + khaki moto jacket

Jacket: J.Crew tweed and khaki moto (worn before - sim, sim pricey, sim solid textured, sim solid in pink)
Top: Lands' End shaped stripe on sale (sim pricey, sim, sim under $12)
Jeans: J.Crew distressed matchstick (worn before - sim for $35, sim)
Sunglasses: Le Specs weekend riot (sim pricey, sim for $55)
Shoes: Zara (sim, sim under $50)
Bag: Milly astor crossbody (worn before - sim, sim on sale)


  1. Can you tell me how the moto jacket fits? run TTS or small? especially arms if you can evaluate? It is SO cute, how did I miss it!?!

    1. I'm usually a size 2/4P in J.Crew items and this jacket fits me perfectly in the 2. The arm length for the regular 2 hit me perfectly but I'm a shortie (and usually opt for the petite length in blazers for the shorter arm length) so I think if you're not petite, the arms may be a bit short for you. Hope that helps!

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