15 July 2016

Accessorizing Basics

white tee - fatigue pants white tee - fatigue pants

It's just a basic white tee and a comfy loose pair of cropped pants, but with some snazzy accessories to jazz things up, I'm suddenly fashionable, still comfortable, and ready to face the world. Once I'm home, a quick change of shoes and losing the necklace means I am ready to lounge it out with the best of them.

white tee - fatigue pants white tee - fatigue pants

Top: J.Crew garment-dyed pocket (same sleeveless, tee dress)
Pants: Loft (sim, sim, sim on sale)
Necklace: Loli & the Bean via Shoptiques (worn before - sim, sim, sim on sale)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor (sim pricey but on sale, sim thinner under $20)
Ring: INPINK (sim under $40, sim silver)
Shoes: c/o Farylrobin via Anthropologie (worn before - sim, sim under $40, sim under $30)
Bag: Coach pebbled duffle (worn before - this season's version on sale, sim)

white tee - fatigue pants


  1. Looks great Lisa - love those shoes! Always admire them when they pop up on your Insta. Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Thanks - they are some of my faves and make me feel a little more edgy than my usual preppy self.

  2. Marvelously done Lisa ! nice.

  3. The relaxed fit of those pants is perfect, and the thoughtfully chosen accessories really amp up the look. Summer dressing at its best!


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