23 November 2015

Sleeveless Pink

long pink vest

You know I can't get on board with office wear if I can't show at least a bit of my quirky style. This sleeveless vest is business-y, but lets me show a bit of personality by exposing my striped sleeves. There is a certain streamlined crispness to a perfectly matching suit but that's just not quite me. I actually don't own a suit, I prefer to mix and match together separates to make office-appropriate more my own. #alwaysbealittlequirky

long pink vest long pink vest

Jacket: Banana Republic double-breasted long on sale (worn before - sim buttonless or in black, grey)
Dress: Merona by Target (sim under $35, sim under $28)
Top: H&M (sim, finer stripes)
Bracelets: J.Crew hammered double cuff (sim under $6), Ann Taylor cuff (sim, luxe, tan)
Shoes: Vince Camuto signature rekha (worn before - sim pumps, black)

long pink vest


  1. I love this Lisa, it's totally "you" yet office appropriate. I would call this a waistcoat seeing as vests to me are base layers for kids when it's chilly. Mind you I call camisoles vests too. Tomayto, tomarrrto anyway, I love how we all use language differently :-)

    1. I know what you mean about language - "waistcoat" makes me think of something medieval, haha!

  2. Marvelous - that pink vest has so many possibilities.

  3. I bought this vest/waistcoat in pink and black (supersale!).... i would love to see more styling ideas!


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