30 November 2015

Quilted Navy, Golden Stripes

navy + gold

I've turned into a shameless quilted vest collector with the addition of this one I am wearing (and the red plaid one that was recently re-released) but I do seriously wear them all the time on casual days. Gotta keep my middle warm and toasty in these cold months!

navy + gold navy + gold

Vest: J.Crew quilted field on sale (sim under $45, sim for $58)
Shirt: Lands' End gingham poplin (worn before - sim under $35, sim)
Top: J.Crew factory (worn before - sim, sim)
Jeans: Loft relaxed skinny (same fit in sim wash, sim, pricey)
Necklace: J.Crew factory
Bracelet: c/o INPINK multimetal mixed link under $13
Rings: F21 rhinestone arrow & INPINK (sim)
Shoes: c/o Farylrobin x Free People vegan addison (worn before - sim, tasseled)
Bag: Pour La Victoire roma (worn before - sim smooth leather)

navy + gold

navy + gold


  1. I don't own a gilet (as we refer to them) but Mum has a nice one and I've been seeing them on blogs for years. Maybe one day I might pick one up!

    1. I didn't own one for years because I kind of thought they were weird (like sleeveless turtleneck territory - am I cold or am I not?!) and now I think I am making up for it because I probably have too many vests, hehe.

  2. Maybe it's because of the climate where I live, but I don't get vests. I mean, I see people wearing them here occasionally, but I don't understand them. Why would I want to have a warm core but cold arms? I especially don't understand the puffy vests with fur hoods. Gap has a few and I do think they're really cute, but they're essentially parkas without sleeves and I don't think they're practical for me! If it's cold enough to wear a parka and fur hood, I want sleeves. If it's not cold enough, I wear a lighter jacket, with sleeves. Am I missing something?? :)

    1. Bahaha, I know what you mean, I was the exact same way for many many years. But then I got one and I've slowly been collecting them. They def keep my middle nice and toasty but don't feel as restrictive as a big coat would be - def not good for really cold days, but I think vests are a nice fall jacket-but-not-really option. Plus with a vest on, I feel like I can keep them on indoors (because I'm always cold) without looking like that weirdo with her coat on indoors while everyone else is walking around with their shirts only. ;o)


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