18 July 2016

Wear it Together

honey mustard + tory burch

Though I do appreciate it when retailers assemble together outfits of their wares so people can consider ways to wear their pieces together, I rarely ever remember any of them to be able to replicate the cute ensembles (I'm so much better gaining inspiration from other stylish women off Instagram or their blogs where I can easily pull their looks up on my phone when I need the help). This cardigan/blouse combination from Anthropologie however, stuck out in my mind and I had to replicate the outfit when I saw the cardigan hit super-sale.

honey mustard + tory burch honey mustard + tory burch

Cardigan: Moth via Anthropologie array zip-front on sale (sim used)
Top: Maeve via Anthropologie luca tie-neck on sale (sim pricey on sale, sim v-neck)
Jeans: Banana Republic factory (sim)
Bracelet: c/o INPINK (sim, sim for $50)
Earrings: J.Crew crystal drop (sim tortoise on sale)
Ring: INPINK (sim)
Shoes: Tory Bruch miller w/rainbow logo (same in red)
Bag: Zac Posen eartha soft top (same studded)

honey mustard + tory burch

honey mustard + tory burch


  1. That yellow is a great color on you!

  2. Your lipstick color looks so pretty on you! Please let us know what color you're wearing!

    1. Hi Lynda - the lip color is Smashbox in Pink Posy, thanks!

  3. I did this style on my sister for her dance recital. I'm no professional stylist, but your step-by-step was so clear and easy to understand that even a novice like myself could make the style look great! Thanks so much!

  4. you do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions.


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