11 September 2021

Style Lately

I’m all over trench coat anything. I think they look so chic (& they give me
Inspector Gadget vibes, which I’m here for). 🧐
sim: dressshirt / bag / shoes

Things have been a little SPOT-ty lately, but my cute new bag makes a
lot of the pain go away … #TGIF everyone! 😅
exact: bag
sim: skirt / top / ring

Well it seems that I’ve worn gingham pretty much every day this week, so I guess
why stop now ... Enjoy your weekends, everyone! ❤️
exact: shirt / cap
sim: top / shoes

Some kicks worth posting. 💗
exact: sneakers

Another week, another shirt dress. And is it just me, or does August feel
like it’s been the looongest month? 🕰
exact: bag / dress / sunglasses
sim: jacketshoes

These two kinds of spots just seem to work together 😸
What kind of pattern combos do you like? 😻
exact: belt
sim: top / sweater / watch

My look for running errands & #wfh today - or rather, my
is-it-the-weekend-yet style. 😘
exact: sneakers (also available in big kids sizes for less, size down 2 sizes) / cap
sim: sweater / shorts / bag


  1. Hi, the tennis shoes link goes to the red cap. Would you mind reposting? Love the shoes :) Also, I think the striped shirt link goes to the trench dress. Love that look so much.

    1. Thank you for letting me know - corrected! I also linked to to Big Kids sizes because they cost less. I typically wear a 7.5-8 in women's and got these in a big kid's size 6 and they fit great!

  2. Love the blue sneaker. But the link point to the NY red cap. Can you give me the link to the sneaker. Thanks.


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