18 September 2019

Style Lately

Blazers for the win - to help instantly upgrade plain ole jeans & a tee 🏆.
exact: blazer only $35 / striped top
sim: heels on sale

I used to never wear camo since it made me feel a bit like a faker - but since
moving to the Southeast, every day is that #camoprintlife day 🌿.

It’s that awkward time in September where jackets are only really wearable early
or late in the day, but I’ll still bring mine with me everywhere because
I can’t break up the Outfit 🍃.
exact: blazer
sim: sweater / heels under $50 / scarf for $10

One of the first things I like to do when I get home is to change clothes. 
Admittedly sometimes it’s straight from work outfit into jammies, but 
pizza night deserves real clothes 🍕.
exact: sweater / mules only $25
sim: shorts under $30

Plans for the weekend involve enjoying the warm weather & nurturing the food baby 😎.
exact: mules for $25 / shirt / sunglasses
sim: shorts under $30 / bracelets

Leopard print, gingham & a wee bit of polka dot - my kind of casual style 🍃.
exact: loafers / chinos on sale / shirt under $30
sim: belt

Jumping in on the snakeprint trend for fall.
exact: pumps under $50 / sandals on sale
sim: bracelets

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