26 July 2018

Style Lately

Being a bit boho this weekend - thankful for a loose, flowy top for 
another scorcher of a day ☀️.
exact: blouse / espadrilles under $80 / bag under $28 / sunglasses for $69
sim: shorts under $20

The closest I’ll get to a super hero costume - in trouser form ⭐️.
exact: sandals on sale
sim: pants

When taking a break from stripes, I have to go for gingham πŸ’™.
exact: clutch / woven flats / bracelets in gold, silver, rose gold / sunglasses under $70
sim: cardigan on sale / skirt

Casual summer denim 🌸🌿(unseen: the body contorting involved in taking 
a “laidback” detail selfie) πŸ˜“.
exact: tank now $13
sim: bracelet / jeans under $40

Old faves with new faves 🍊.
exact: striped top shorts under $15 / bag under $28
 espadrilles under $80 / sunglasses for $69

Preppy bows on my toes (I adore these shoes much that I rarely wear them because 
I don’t want to get them dirty πŸ™ˆ).
exact: pants
sim: loafers / bag under $70

Whew, has this been a long, hard week, or what? πŸ™ƒ
Feels like 🍸 time already ...
exact: bag on sale / sandals under $40
sim: blouse all-white / necklace for $45


  1. I'm loving the Boho style but I find so hard to find good pieces. I love the top in your first pic, pairing with jean shorts is so perfect!

  2. I love your boho blouse! I always have a weakness for those types of styles.
    Chic on the Cheap

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