16 July 2018

Style Lately

I adore the look of a good pencil skirt (but wearing pencil skirts & heels together 
make me feel like a newborn giraffe whenever I have to take the stairs)🦒.
exact: striped top 
sim: skirt on sale for $25 / clutch under $50

One of my recent fave outfits 🍋.
exact: striped top under $60 / skirt on sale / sandals / satchel used condition

Keeping it 🍒.
exact: striped tote for $23
sim: shirt / shorts under $30 / watch now $23

Trying to beat the heat & still look cute ... 😓.
sim: hat under $15 / striped top on sale for $35 / shorts / sandals

Digging this outfit out of my closet - there’s not enough punchy orange in the world 🍊.
sim: top / skirt for $18 / satchel / shoes

When you have to dress up on a Sunday, you pull out some old favorites 🌹.
sim: eyelet top under $36 / skirt / shoes / wallet

With this weather, long pants will be taking an extended break 😓.
exact: striped top / belt for $45 / shorts under $12 / sandals

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