11 August 2017

Wishlist at Every Price Point

We are still deeeeeep into summer right now but thanks for all those tricky retailers out there, part of my brain can't help but to think of fall fashion. So my wishlist of the moment revolve around pieces that I could wear now and into early fall.

I thought it'd be fun to show you my Shopbop wishlist broken out into a few price points - from less-than-$100 goodies to splurges that run closer to the $500 range (see below - the links are non-affiliate). Near the top of my wishlist now? Probably those gorgeous silver mules (under $100! ... having trouble narrowing down just one color), olive-hued anything from Rebecca Minkoff, and the sequinned patched Kate Spade beauty.

Shopbop 1

Shopbop 2

Shopbop 3

Shopbop 4

Shopbop 5

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