27 October 2016

Crossing the Rhode

linen rhodes blazer 

This is my first Rhodes blazer - in linen - that I stalked online and snagged on a popback for a steal. I dig the color and gold-tone buttons, though I think the fit is a bit wider than most of my other J.Crew blazers in the same size. I don't know if it's because the material is linen or that's just how the blazer fits. Next time when I'm not super-sale stalking, I guess I should try one size down to compare fits.

(And I'm a bit tardy in posting this outfit - it was from a few weeks ago when it was a bit warmer).

linen rhodes blazer linen rhodes blazer

Blazer: J.Crew rhodes in linen (wool version, same in houndstooth - sim)
Top: Maeve via Anthropologie pintuck (sim, sim)
Jeans: Ann Taylor (sim)
Scarf: Anthropologie (sim, sim in red, sim pricey)
Bracelets: Kate Spade set in stone in gold, rose gold, silver (same in ring set)
Ring: F21(sim under $5)
Shoes: Zara (doppelgänger, sim with higher heel, sim)
Bag: Coach (worn before - sim, sim, sim luxe)

linen rhodes blazer

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