21 November 2015

Plaid Scarf Convert

I seem to be about two seasons behind everyone else, but I finally jumped on the plaid scarf bandwagon. I blame the retailers but it feels like we're skipping right past Thanksgiving and going full-on Christmas this year - even more so than usual - so a bright red plaid seems to be appropriate for the season.

My scarf drawer is already bursting full so I think I'll probably end my plaid collecting with just this one, but I can already envision the throngs of outfits this scarf will go with (and I did totally get the red plaid shirt with a scaled down version of the same print so you know there'll definitely be some plaid-on-plaid mixing going on soon. Actually in fact ... done).

plaid scarf

Blazer: J.Crew herringbone hacking (worn before - sim, sim)
Top: Lands' End shaped cotton crewneck (sim pricey, cropped)
Jeans: J.Crew hipslung (worn before - sim, sim)
Scarf: Lands' End oversized square (worn before - sim, infinity)
Shoes: c/o Farylrobin via Anthropologie (sim under $40, strappy, python, cheetah print)


  1. This whole outfit is lovely and something I would wear myself... except I don't have a red plaid scarf! Thanks for the idea though, filed away in the memory banks cuz I don't understand or use Pinterest ;-)

  2. It happens to me a lot. I will get on the last wagon of the trend only to let it go when its finally out OH and then when it makes a comeback, I have usually gotten rid of the item a month before!


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