19 October 2015

Flowers and Popcorn

popcorn + ponte floral

I'm keeping things pretty neutral in this fall ensemble, letting this easy floral skirt do all the talking. It's actually made of a ponte knit, so not only is it pretty, it's super comfy as well. Miss Pacey also decided to make a special guest appearance in this post as the "forlorn no-one-ever-pays-me-any-attention pup" - life's hard for a spoiled house pup sometimes. 

popcorn + ponte floral popcorn + ponte floral

Sweater: Banana Republic popcorn stitch (worn before - sim on sale, short-sleeve, as cardigan for under $25)
Skirt: Lands' End ponte a-line - also in black floral, now for less than $30
Bracelet: Rocksbox (try the jewelry subscription service yourself with code LISABBF56 for your first month free)
Earrings: J.Crew (worn before - sim, sim for $35)
Shoes: Lands' End point toe (same in leopard print - sim)
Bag: J.Crew claremont (worn before - sim, sim with chain)

popcorn + ponte floral

popcorn + ponte floral


  1. Perfect ! and i've been noticing that Land's End is stepping up their game !

    1. I hope they keep going in this direction! I don't want them to be trendy, but more contemporary styles - yes, please!

  2. Both pieces are gorgeous. I especially love the Pop corn sweater. And I have found some cute things from Land's End lately, too. Your cluster earrings and bracelet are gorgeous, also.

    Have a great week, Lisa. <3 Ada.

  3. How can someone look exquisitely casual? This! Love it.

  4. Such a pretty skirt, I love the print and color!

  5. Love the outfit, love the pooch! (really, everything is so lovely as always!)


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