13 February 2015

Spring Dreaming

Between that holiday this weekend and just plain being over the cold, I guess I have flowers and the color red in the brain. I recently ordered this dress and am wishing it was warm enough to wear already, so here I am doing some outfit dreaming planning for better weather days. Here's me in a lady-like state of style mind.

Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

zara old navy brahmin

Coat: Zara gathered shoulder (worn here - sim steal, in pink, in black)
Dress: Old Navy jersey shift (sim, wrap dress)
Necklace: J.Crew jeweled quill (worn here - sim w/o fringe, simpler fringe)
Shoes: Anne Klein qadira (worn here - sim point-toe, loafers)
Bag: Brahmin lincoln (worn here - sim, sim, simpler)


  1. This is a great outfit! I love the new dress. Have to confess, I am getting tired of snow boots these days... although I can't believe it will be spring so soon already!

    1. Just give me a few more weeks and I'll be whining about how I didn't get enough cool weather, haha.

  2. Love the dress from Old Navy! It's on my wish list :)

  3. Gorgeous. I love the colours of this outfit.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love that dress! And also, I am right there with ya on the weather. SO OVER THE COLD.

  5. Oh, I want to laugh! Didn't Prada have a very similar print at one time? The first thing I thought when I saw this dress was Prada. This outfit looks so high end and the dress is Old Navy? I think I should check out Old Navy more often.
    Great picture,

  6. I would have never known this was Old Navy - you e the ability of making things look so very chic with your styling and combinations.

  7. Cannot wait to see it on you.


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