24 April 2018

Style Lately

Dressed up sweatshirts.
exact: sweatshirt / shoes under $40 / bag on sale
sim: skirt / necklace

It’s still sweater weather.
exact: blouse
sim: sweater

Ruffly, walkable and under $40 - these shoes are made for 💃🏻.
exact: shoes
My idea idea of mixing neutrals (leopard print and yellow are neutrals, right?)
exact: tote used
sim: sweater / skirt / shoes under $40

Not shown - the thick coat I had to throw over the outfit because it sure doesn’t feel like mid April.
exact: dress now $52
sim: top only $10 / necklace under $20

 Thankful for gingham and Fridays.
exact: clutch / espadrilles under $80
sim: shirt / cardigan now under $40

Waiting for the weekend like 💁🏻‍.
exact: espadrilles for $65
sim: shirt under $30 / skirt luxe

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