13 April 2016

Lace and Knits

green lace, ivory knits green lace, ivory knits

I'm actually belated in posting this outfit since I wore it a few weeks ago, but I adore the mix of colors and textures so much that I will gladly wear it all again soon from head-to-toe. In fact I'm currently Ebay hunting for the black version of this skirt - I'm a sucker for a fancy lace skirt with an elastic waist (food baby carb-friendly).

green lace, ivory knits green lace, ivory knits

Sweater: Madewell (worn before - sim also by Madewell, sim fringed)
Skirt: J.Crew (sim also by J.Crew, sim brighter hue, sim pencil silhouette under $35)
Bracelet: INPINK (sim, sim smaller)
Rings: F21 (sim under $3, sim set under $5)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (worn before - sim, sim kitten heel)
Bag: Milly astor mini (worn before - sim, sim on sale, luxe)

green lace, ivory knits


  1. Great lace skir and color mix.

  2. It's funny you are now looking for the black skirt b/c I bought the black one after I saw this skirt on your instagram a while ago! I haven't even worn it out yet (bad habit of accumulating clothes for 'later'), but if it looked terrible on me would have sold it to you, I think we're similar sizes :-). It fits you great and I love the way you've styled it for spring!

    1. Oh I've been known to do that do - I actually rarely buy something and wear it immediately - it's like I need to have new pieces get "warmed up" in my closet with my other clothes, hehe.

  3. You Looks so pretty.!!
    Thumps UP.!! :-)



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