11 June 2012

Online Savvy

I'm on work overload this week so I may be mildly MIA in blogdom, but I will still be announcing the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway shortly. Thanks, ladies!

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I may be dating myself, but most of my childhood was spent in a world far away from PCs and video games. We didn't get our first home computer until I entered high school and my first foray onto the Internet was through NetZero dial-up. My first online interaction was through TalkCity - yes, at that time, one of those slightly unsavory chat room sites, which was nearly only one step up from the "live personal chat" phone lines.


I also must have an adversion to change, because I didn't get a real true blue e-mail address that I actively used until college. And no mobile phone until after college. I know, I know - and I'm here with a kindergarten-age nephew who is more Ipad savvy than I'll ever be.

MySpace? It came and went without me. Facebook? Joined for the first time last year and I probably check my personal page about once every two-three weeks. Twitter? Foursquare? Instragram? YouTube? Nope and nope, nope, nope again.

I am slow to join in all this social media stuff, but I appreciate it allowing me to stay in touch somehow with people from my past that I'm interested in but not enough that I want to spend the time to e-mail or call them. And I think that it is pretty awesome that online dating sites let people from different backgrounds get to mingle without boundaries because a lot of genuine relationships have come out of that. And that texting a person with a question is a whole lot quicker sometimes than calling them - why waste minutes chit chatting with someone you don't want to?

IMG_5664  IMG_5668

But the old-fashioned lady in me can't help but be turned off by all this technological "convenience" sometimes. I am not savvy enough to read into all the nuances of a "relationship status" nor do I think it is acceptable to text a person who is literally ten feet away from you in a neighboring office. Shoot, I got PO'd at a co-worker once who was two cubicles away from me and always always e-mailed me instead of just saying outloud "hey, Lisa!" (we worked in a pretty casual office so that totally would have been OK). My response to their e-mails? I replied in fax. I think it is too easy nowadays to be connected without connecting.

What do you think about all the technology out there that is supposed to help us communicate? Do you think it has helped or hindered our relationships with other people?



Dress: J.Crew factory indigo stitch (sim, sim)
Belt: Asos fluro skinny (worn here - same in orange, sim)
Earrings: Target (sim, sim)
Bracelets: J.Crew via Ebay, Old Navy, J.Crew (sim, sim, sim)
Shoes: Sam Edelman randall (worn here - same also here, sim, sporty)
Bag: Longchamp (worn here - sim, sim, sim)


  1. Why this aversion to social media? Especially when you're such an expressive blogger? Great dress and those red lips look awesome! :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

    1. how do you get so much time on your hands to reply to each and every blog that exists on the internet to promote your own blog? Do you work anywhere??

  2. the hint of neon is such a nice touch, Lisa!

  3. Your technology childhood sounds a lot like mine. I didn't have a computer until I was a JUNIOR in high school. I typed my first research paper on a typewriter. I didn't get a cell phone until I was in college and I refused to get Facebook until I had graduated college. I use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter...but I actually don't know how to use Twitter. It looks like a foreign language to me. So, I am slightly resistant to social media just like you.

    Penniless Socialite

  4. I'm totally going to fax a co- worker! LOL!
    I never did My Space and don't do FB. I am addicted to Twitter and Instagram though. I text co-workers but only things I can't put over email or don't want to yell (we do this too!) or am just too lazy to walk down the hall to say.

  5. as much as I LOVE internet, think the modern technology has really put a twist on how people communicate. What happened to just pick up the phone and say hi to an old friend? Now , you go check out Facebook and see what they are up to. Now at restaurants, if you're having a nice family dinner, don't be surprised to see everybody on their cell? Texting, making plans for as soon as they are done dinner, they are heading out. Can you imagine what it's like 10 years from now? Scared........

  6. I agree wholeheartedly. I have a few blog posts about it even! http://fashionorfiction.blogspot.com/2011/07/fiction-google-effect-and-mt-andersons.html

    I love the neon shoulders on that dress, but they also make it so much less versatile, so I'm torn on the final verdict. What other ways would you wear it?

  7. I love the pop of neon!
    I agree about too much technology. Been thinking about it for awhile now... When is it too much or when are you behind? Good thoughts for today. Thanks Lisa!

  8. wow- this dress is so great, with the hint of neon and pale blue! It reminds me of the one Cate Blanchet wore to the oscars a few years ago. Now there's glam! This is like the summertime version!

    I hate the whole social media thing just because of the way we're selling ourselves out online. Companies embrace these things wholeheartedly as a 'hip' way to communicate with the masses, and we take these free accounts on everything so we can be advertised to and tracked. I mean, I guess a lot of that is an online thing not just social media (hey people, wanna know why you buy books almost at cost price on Amazon? nobody makes any money on that...they just sell your information!). Whoa- now I sound like a conspiracy theorist ;)

    Uh, I guess do like being able to lazily keep track of people I know on Facebook. I check in every few weeks or so.

  9. What an awesome dress, I love it!

  10. You make some very valid points and while I agree with most of them, I am also grateful for social media and emails to help me keep in touch with my siblings that are spread out all over, including my baby sister that is now in the AirForce.

    The office scenario though- emailing instea of getting their booty out of their chair an walking a few feet is totally a pet peeve of mine and I experience similar situations far too often!!

  11. PS- I dig the pops of yellow! I got a little worked up on my pet peeve there and forgot to comment on how much I like this outfit. ;) and red lipstick looks awesome sauce on you my dear.

  12. Isn't the dress awesome? I love it!! I think I'll wear it againt this week! I like the neon belt with it, especially!



  13. Ok, first, let me start by saying how exquisite this outfit looks on you. You really hit the right note! Secondly, I really like your musings here. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I often engage in this conversation, questioning where this hole social media is taking us as a community. Much like yourself, I am not really on any social media sites but do have a blog, and often wonder how I ever get to anyone without "promoting" it on twitter/facebook, etc. I feel like more often than not, people get lost in the clutches of social media and really do relegate direct contact to the back burner. Not to be reactionary, but I hope that this trend does not proliferate. Phew, that felt like writing my dissertation! ;-)

  14. I dont mind texting even thpugh years ago I would have disagree but I do mind going out with friends and everyone being hooked on something. I also feel that with so much social networks that people keep up with its almost impossible to appreciate your relationships when u are spending time with them!

  15. Not sure if it's helped or hindered us thus far, but it has totally changed the way we communicate with each other, no? Like sending a pop-up to a colleague on the other side of the office just b/c we're too lazy to drag our bums 20 ft or so plus you don't want the rest of the office to know you're just chitchatting. Or texting a friend to say you're just around the corner (literally) when you're running late... I can keep going haha... love that dress, esp with that pop of yellow, and the shoes!:)

  16. I love the detail on you dress. Very pretty. I actually really love Twitter and instagram. I think it's fun. Now if I was posting every hour then that would be a little out of control but it's fun to read other peoples random thoughts and see there random pics. I like social media.

    Method Clothe

  17. love the outfit = that pop of yellow is fantastic!

    as for the social media... working at a consulting firm we constantly have the social media outlets drilled into our heads. even in HR i get it too. so... i guess for me its an extension of my work life. at the end of the day though i try to unplug and go home without constantly checking my email.

  18. I hear ya girl. I am a FB junkie (and by that, I mean that I check it and host a page there for my blog) and an addict to my Blackberry, but other than blogging I have not much more know how with the techy world than my eleven year old son. I miss Oregan Trail! Anywho, love this dress! The pops of neon are super fun!

  19. Great dress! Love how the belt really makes the shoulder detail POP!

    I hear ya on most of the social media / babies with iPhones thing. I'm blown.away every time I see a teenager with a nicer phone than me. I'm pretty up & up on facebook but besides that & blogging I'm on Instagram occasionally. I have a love/hate relationship with all social media. It's a great way to keep in touch with people, like you said, but why do I need to know what my middle school friends are up to today? I can never really answer that question. Curiosity I guess.

  20. Oh man I absolutely don't love all the facebook and texting non-stop that seems to have taken over everyone. It is 100% rude and horribly tacky to be on your cell phone while you are sitting down at a restaurant. Spend time with the people you are WITH!!! Or if something is pressing, take the call/email/text, but excuse yourself from the table!

    And facebook is great for me because I've lived on both coasts, the north, the south and the midwest...so it makes it so much easier to stay in touch with friends/family. I don't think it's good for kids at all, though. I think being at home with your family should be your comfort zone...and pre-teens who have to constantly check their online social life (and be honest, social lives are stressfull when you're a tween and teen!!) is such an unnecessary stress. Anyway...my 2 cents :)

    Adorable outfit by the way!!! I kinda want to go get that dress now...

  21. I had a debate about technology, specifically cell phones with daughters when they were about 13 and suddenly HAD to have them. They of course asked me how old I was when I got my first cell phone. They didn't like it when I answered "26!" Ha!

    I'm always slow to change and them quickly become obsessed with it(instagram, I'm looking at you!)

    Love the dress!

  22. I love your dress - the accents of color are perfect.

    I can see where you are coming from - I am a former-Facebook-addict-turned-Instagram-addict. Technology is a great way to connect with people from all over the world, but I have to watch myself - like posting a photo on IG or FB of whatever it is I am doing at the time without really connecting to what I am doing at the time...does that make sense? So, yes, I can see how technology can make us be lazy in trying to cultivate real relationships with live people!

  23. I totally LOVE your dress. I love the pops of yellow. I love your style.


  24. Love the pops of neon in the dress :)
    I am a Gen Y-er but probably have a hint of Gen X in me but I love keeping up with social media though I don't have them all. I love instagram and facebook :) and blogging!


  25. I love this neon and neutral look! Stunning! http://www.natalyascloset.com

  26. LOVE the dress and the neon accents! I can't keep up with all the social media...updating, reading, the gazillion sites...very overwhelming to me.

  27. I really love your dress! love that you added a little touch of neon!

  28. Love the dress and the belt AND the lips :)

    The dress is fab! If you added a cardi or blazer you would never even know there was a great POC on the shoulder. Genius, J Crew, genius!

  29. Lisa, I LOVE this outfit on you. You look fabulous! I definitely like social media myself, but think there's definitely room to be concerned about being "connected without connecting," as you say. As with any new technology or communication platform, that's going to be the case.

  30. Very cute dress! I love the pops of neon on the shoulder and your belt!

    I'm a technology girl I just wish I had more time to play in twitter land, facebook world, pinterest corner and blogspot community! hehe

  31. love this pretty summer look. And those shoes are so perfect with the whole look!

  32. First of all, I love your pops of neon, what fun! Also, I share many of your views on technology. I remember having dial up internet, and even living in a world without a cell phone (gasp!). While I enjoy twitter and facebook, I definitely don't want it to replace actually talking to people and building relationships. I don't want to get rid of it, but I do think we could all use more "real communication" training, myself included :)

  33. Loving the bits of neon on this dress. It's just the right amount :)

  34. Love all the neon, and your shoes are do cute!
    xo Jac

  35. Fun dress - yellow and blue are such great colors for summer.
    Living where I do, I appreciate having Facebook and e-mail to keep in touch with faraway friends. I think you make a good point, though, about the fact that we don't think enough about "why" we use technology. Just because we can text/e-mail someone, doesn't mean we always should ...

  36. Lisa- the dress is lovely, but it's for the wonderful discussion that you always have I love your blog.:)) I am so much like you, it's funny- FB -have, but don't visit; MySpace- what is that??? DId not get TV till 19 y.o, we visited neighbors to watch a movie on 3 national channels that we had a the time, lol. I prefer personal communication, although blogosphere got me- I did acquire a few virtual friends that way.

  37. The first thing I want to say is your dress is awesome! I love it! You look like a doll. I didn't get involved with all of this tech stuff until I started my blog. Even at this point, I use it very sparingly. It's great for some things, but it has hindered face-to-face communication and interaction among people. For example: I was at a birthday party and everyone pulled out their smart phones. No one socialized. I also feel it has hindered writing skills. The younger generation doesn't seem to know how to write a proper sentence or paragraph anymore. You can't include LOL, LMFAO, TTYL in a paper. So there are definitely good and bad points (mainly the latter) when it comes to tech. Just my opinion.


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