01 May 2012

Can't Fight this Feeling

I can't help it. There's no consoling me on this. There are just some things that I absolutely can not stand - and I have no real rhyme or reason for it. For lack of a better term, I guess we should consider these to be my pet peeves but my pointless absolute dislike of these things seem to go deeper than a cutesy term like "pet peeves" would allow.


Just the thought of any of these things drives me mentally bonkers. And I absolutely admit that I don't know a thing about these items - don't want to either - and I don't believe anyone has consciously given me a reason for disliking anything, but I just am plainly unfairly biased against:

Rhubarbs - they just aren't right.

Paris Hilton.


Foods that look chewed: apple sauce, cottage cheese.

Dodge-brand cars.

French pedicures.

Beans in practically anything - except the refried kind.

IMG_4499  IMG_4510


The smell of coconut tanning oil. Or really coconut anything. But they're kind of cute to look at in whole fruit form.

Messy topknots. (Edit: topknots in my book does not equate with buns - buns I like)

Tim Tebow with the NY Jets.

Fake glasses.

Posed portraits of new-born babies stuffed into things.

The word "brogues."

Going to Starbucks.

I know, I know, I fully expect the eye rolls and head scratches. My gal pals feel the same way. But come on, everyone's gotta have some thing(s) they just plain unreasonably don't like. Are there things you just can't stand for no good reason?


Top: c/o StyleMint (worn here - sim, sim, sleeveless)
Skirt: Limited high-waist (worn here - sim, flounced, pricey)
Shoes: c/o ShoeMint (worn here - sim, sim, pricey, as a loafer)
Necklace: F21 twisted rhinestone (sim in black)
Bracelets: Target pearl, F21 stud, T+J Designs neon (sim, sim, sim)
Belt: from Eva Franco archer (sim)
Outfit inspired by AP


  1. I am actually with you on quite a few of these, especially fake glasses and french pedicures. A few of mine:

    - Instagram
    - Guy Fieri
    - peep-toed boots
    - raisins in anything, but especially cookies
    - Angelina Jolie

  2. HAHAHAHA, babies stuffed into things. Right??? I'm pretty on point with all of yours, esp. Thinspiration (wtf??).


    -Peep-toed boots (purpose??)
    -The phrase "I'm a perfectionist" -- that implies you can achieve perfection and ... well, looking at you, I beg to differ
    -wedding websites (oh gag me)
    -monogrammed wedding anything (you got the initials before you took his name!)
    -wearing black dresses, however nice, to weddings
    -unwarranted hubris of any amount under any circumstance (this one makes me RAGEY)

    1. Why do that to babies, why?! They spent nine months trying to get out of a tight space, and now you fold them back up and ball them into a teacup or something? ;o) (Though I know, I know, there are obviously loads of people who do like it because baby stuffing abounds ...)

  3. You seriously made me laugh out loud, you crazy girl!
    Nice list! :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

    1. I'm just waiting for the hipsters in their fake glasses and topknots to come get me.

  4. "Posed portraits of new-born babies stuffed into things."

    HAHAHA! I can imagine a whole picture book, titled "Things Lisa Doesn't Like For No Good Reason (But Seriously, Keep It Away From Me)"

    I'm going to second (third? fourth?) the peep-toed boots. What ARE those things supposed to be?! And I'm also going to add:

    - using internet-speak/memes in real life (you cannot say "LOL" in person -- YOU'RE JUST SUPPOSED TO LAUGH)
    - gigantic platform heels/wedges
    - bedazzled foam flip-flops
    - rompers on anyone over the age of 8
    - Matthew McConaughey

    1. OMG, the LOL thing has me rolling over here! Because it is absolutely true! And I totally need to call my friends on that because they totally use it!

  5. Love this post. My pet-peeves are endless. I'm in my mid-40's so I think they increase exponentially with age...

    white cars
    white pumps
    botox lips
    huge fake boobs
    gas-guzzling SUVs (especially Hummers)
    when people feed wildlife (birds, squirrels, etc)
    mean/rude people
    faux-Tuscany homes
    UGGs (especially when worn with shorts)
    when people says they deserve something
    Valentine's Day
    red roses
    when people say "Where are you at?" (It's "Where are you?!!!!")
    when people say "My bad"
    when men exercise without a shirt on (I don't care how good you look....cover up! Especially since 99% of the time you don't look good.)
    when people leave all their lights on and their TV running while they're not home
    wasting water
    so called "detox diets" (don't get me started on this B.S.!)

    OK, I better stop because my list is endless. And I totally agree with you on French pedicures. So tacky!!! But I LOVE strawberry rhubarb crumble dessert. So tasty!

    1. I've never had a rhubarb in my life, but it just looks like a vegetable to me, so I can't cross the mental divide to think it would work in a pie.

    2. Lisa - it is a vegetable and I couldn't get over vegetables as a dessert either until I thought of carrot cake or pumpkin pie. ;)

    3. Tiffany Rose - that may explain why I don't like carrot cake now either. Though I do adore the seasonal pumpkin pie ... still not changing my mind about rhubarbs for now, haha.

  6. this list made me laugh! But I'd have to disagree with rhubarb, my mom planted some in our backyard so it always reminds me of my childhood.

    1. A load of my friends think I'm crazy for disliking rhubarb - but my kooky mind can't get over it!

  7. Oh. Girl. While I disagree with you on Starbucks, I do agree with you on most of these. Especially Tim Tebow. I'm from Denver, you know. I cannot tell you how much I am sick of hearing about this. And Peyton Manning. Plus, "chewed" food is totally one of mine too. Yuck! I also hate

    -when people with convertibles with the windows up (I get it, the wind, but it looks stupid).
    -oversensitive politically correct people
    -people who try to jam religion down your throat
    -when you say thank you and someone goes "mmhmmm" or "yep" UGH just say "you're welcome!"
    -any Kardashian (sorry)
    -techno music
    -dried fruit
    -Uggs and Crocs

    1. I inadvertantly did a weird and probably very obnoxious point-my-finger-at-and-laugh at some guy in a fancy convertible with the windows rolled up the other day. But I agree with you - if you think it's windy, put the top back up!

  8. - i can't stand how people pronounce words wrong, specifically italian words. risotto is not riz-ot-to. pasta is not pawstah. foccia is not foggatchia.
    - crocs
    - "famous celebrities" who only got famous for stupid reasons (sex videos, one hit wonders, trashy reality tv).
    - raw onions
    - snakes
    - college sports (SORRY!, i didn't go to a division 1, 2, or even 3 school)
    - old ladies who dress like they are still in their teens (ew, put on a longer dress)

    1. I used to live in the SW and thought it was funny/midly annoying when people not from the area would pronounce stuff like "jalapenos" or "chipotle" wrong - but I'm a total hypocrite because the first time I ordered a Tecate beer (pronounced tuh-kah-tee), I am pretty sure I said "te-kate." And the bartender asked me again and of course, I repeated "te-kate."

  9. French pedicures. Amen to that one. And I hope topknots don't include sock buns because that would make me sad :(

    1. I consider topknots and buns different things. I like buns - I think they're sweet and classy. To me, topknots are what you do with your hair right before bed so you can wash your face and then go right to bed.

  10. I can't explain it, but I have always had an irrational hatred of Tim Tebow. He is probably a very pleasant man, but the sight of his face just makes me want to punch things. I also really dislike Uggs, wearing only lip liner on your lips, using "ur" in place of your or you're, adults using teenager texting language, Nicholas Sparks, leggings as appropriate wear for non-casual occasions (leggings have no place in a courtroom, at a funeral or in a church. I don't go to church, but I know well enough NOT to wear leggings there.). I could really go on forever. I am very grumpy sometimes.

    Penniless Socialite

    1. I am probably the world's worst texter because I use entire words and take forever. Most times I just give up and opt to call or send an e-mail.

  11. hysterical, I have an ongoing list of items that I've been wanting to post about too!

    just a few...

    -people with DSLR cameras that don't know how to use them and shoot in auto... with the flash.
    -chipped nail polish
    -people who "like" every comment to their status on facebook
    -people who don't pick up after their dogs
    -the faux floral headbands that people put on babies, they look like a craft store wreath.

    1. I'm always conflicted about "liking" something on FB, especially when it is a bad thing. Does my "liking" this terrible news mean that I am supporting you in your time of need, or am I supportive of something bad happening?

  12. love all the pieces you're wearing! esp the stylemint tee and f21 necklace!


  13. You are gorgeous in this sophisticated look - the reds look great on you!

    First, I confess to loving french pedicures and using my Nikon on auto. I don't think I have ever stuffed my babies...but I do torture them in lots of other ways for photo shoots ;)

    I really, REALLY cannot stand when people are talking about their own parents but say
    "Mom wants to come over after church for lunch" instead of "My mom" Silliest peeve ever, but dude, she's your mom, not mine, she is not universal mom...claim her!

    1. That's hilarious about the mom thing - claim your mothers, people! ;o)

  14. Oh my this is so funny! I totally have stuff like this too. I'm SO with you on the coconut thing. The taste, the SMELL?! I'm so anti-coconut it's not even funny. I kind of hate all things vanilla in the same sense although not as much as coconut. I'm a huge stickler for grammar errors & I get pretty annoyed when people misspell things..don't even get me started on the texting language of today! I also can't stand it when people pronounce words with a silent 'h' at the beginning. Like 'yuge' instead of 'Huge,' 'yuman' instead of 'human' ... you get the idea. There are several celebrities that do it & it drives me NUTS!!

    Cuuuute outfit BTW! Love the skirt!

  15. tim tebow AND the ny jets (hate both, separate and together!)
    people who text while walking
    people who text and drive
    people who text in line at the store and can't get their shit together
    (can you tell i hate self-obsessed texters?)
    eggplant parmesan
    pockets sticking out the bottom of denim cutoffs
    wearing sandals on the subway (GROSS)

    1. add to list: people who text while you are out to dinner or drinks with them! could you be any more rude?! unless your wife is in labor or your parent/kid/pet is ill, put that shit down for an hour, ugh!!!

    2. I have to admit that I've been known to walk and text, especially at the airport - knock on wood, I haven't walked into anyone or thing yet! I am emphatic about NOT texting or looking at my phone if I can help it while I drive though - I may have to add those people who do to my peeves list now!

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  17. My list is:

    -sonogram photos on FB (I believe it if you say you're pregnant, I don't need proof!TMI.)
    -running shoes (when you're not actually running)
    -cars with one brake light
    -seafood (the smell makes me want to hurl)


  18. Totally with you on French pedicures, topknots, fake glasses, and those weird pictures of babies stuffed into things. Also:

    - People who post photos of every single meal they eat on facebook
    - People who are too busy bragging about whatever they are doing on twitter/facebook to actually ENJOY whatever it is they are tweeting/facebooking about (this especially drives me crazy when it is done at concerts, sporting events or on vacation...put your phone down and enjoy the experience!)
    - Flatforms
    - Texting shorthand ("ur", etc.)
    - Alex Rodriguez
    - Visible lipliner

    1. The visible lipliner thing and the food posts on FB make me insane. Honestly, I don't care what you're eating. LOL!

  19. This list made me laugh!! I have a whole list of anal OCD crap but I've enjoyed reading other's list and I feel a little more normal. I understand a lot of these and some I didn't (oh, the french manicure, really? Sadness.) But I needed the laugh today so I loved it anyway! maybe I'll work on my list! And love the outfit by the way! Great shoes!

    1. I'm cool with French manis but for some reason dislike the pedis - thought last time I was out getting my nails done, wave after wave of women were walking out of that salon with French pedis so I may be one of the few here.

  20. Ok, I must protest. Especially while you are wearing this distinctly rhubarb-y outfit....strawberry-rhubarb pie is a magical paradoxical wondrous dessert...you must try it! It's the best!

    I hate it when people don't undo the temporary stitching on the flaps of coats and blazers! It drives me nuts, especially when it's obviously old and coming undone sloppily anyway!

  21. This made me laugh. I also hate Paris Hilton and Dodge-Brand cars. I have a bunch of stuff I irrationally hate too, but maybe I'll save that for my own blog post. ;)

  22. LOL! Many of your pet peeves are mine, too! I have too many to list. LOL!

  23. Oh no! As much as I am laughing, I just died a little.... I love rhubarb, beans & cottage cheese. And my husband works for a dodge dealership. :( But french pedicures are terrible and should be banned from existence. Paris Hilton too.

    1. BF though, is a big Dodge fan. He wants the Challenger sooooooooo badly ...

  24. I agree with all of those things except Rhubarb. Looooove rhubarb.

    I especially hate the "babies stuffed into things" pictures.

  25. OMG this post has me cracking up. While I don't agree with a few of your pet-peeves (Starbucks, really?!-haha) I do agree with the majority. I have some to add:
    -Wearing sunglasses inside
    -Kitten heels
    -Uggs with shorts
    -Crocs period
    -Not using the correct form of your/you're, its/it's and their/there/they're
    -Mint flavored anything unless it's an actual mint, gum or toothpaste
    -Cryptic FB status updates (to me-it's screaming for attention), like "fingers crossed..." For what?! The earth to spin of its axis, for interest rates to go down, that you don't have an STD?! WHAT IS IT?! haha, sorry, this one drives me super crazy incase you didn't notice =)
    -People who use the non-word "irregardless"; so NOT a word, it's just regardless!
    I'm sure I could go on and on but this is not my blog=)

    1. YES on the cryptic FB status updates! Those drive me insane. Things like "Big changes ahead..." or "Best news EVER!" If it's private and can't be shared then don't post about it on a social media site. If it's not, then stop crying for attention and just say what you mean.

    2. I kind of hate when people do that on blog posts too - a dedicated post to some cryptic smiling pic of the blogger and "big news coming soon ..." Really?

      And re: the use of "regarding" - one of my friends gets driven nuts when people use "in regards to" instead of "regarding." And "irregardless" - bwahahaa!

  26. You look great, I love the simplicty of your outfit! you look so chic & classy..

  27. Oh I have SO enjoyed reading all these pet peeves!! There's so many good ones!! Also - love your bright red look today!

    I'll keep my pet peeve list short ;)

    1) Hiccups. When I get them. When anyone around me gets them. Make that any regularly occurring bodily noise. Yes I know you have bronchitis and you feel like crap, but please move far far away from me so I can stop listening to your coughing which is occurring like clockwork!

    2) Adults dressed like toddlers in airports and on planes. I get it. Traveling is uncomfortable. But wearing your fleece pj's and wooly socks with sandals and clutching your pillow WON'T make it better! And its an eyesore. Dress like an adult out in public.

    3) Uggs. All the time. Everywhere. Every which way.

    Okay done! Thanks for letting me get those off my chest!!

  28. I love your outfit and your necklace is fabulous! xo

  29. Cute! Love your bracelet combo!!


  30. LOL!!! Lisa I love this post!! And, as always--you look beautiful.

    Absolutely agree on the babies stuffed into things--and the huge baby wreath headbands---I HATE those!!! And french pedicures make it look like you have finger-toes. Gross!!

    I have so, so, SO many things I unreasonably detest:

    *pants that show ass crack...I think if all the women who "have" to show ass crack because of the hip/waist ratio put a temporary tattoo on their butt crack that said "accepting donations to get my pants tailored" they would make a fortune..gross.

    *small dogs...totally creep me out

    *all reality TV except "What Not To Wear"

    *the "surprise" wedding first dance turned hip hop routine (which is tacky to begin with, but incredibly overdone and people are usually not as good at dancing as they think...so it always ends up looking like the old SNL Cheerleader Skits with Will Farrel...oooh so embarrassing...)

    *visible belt loops and no belt...OMG my blood pressure went up just TYPING that...if I see loops I should see a belt!!!

    *parents who try way too hard when naming their kids--like spelling it weird, using last names as first names, or trying to find a name that is SOOO unique that it actually isn't even a name. Or when all their kids names have to "go together." I actually know a family "Sunny, Rain, and Storm." That ridiculousness annoys the CRAP out of me!

    *fried hair: bleached, heat styled, in need of a trim (like probably 7months ago) so gross...it's offensive.

    *when people put salt on everything. It truly gets me angry..no idea why (other than the fact that its FRIKKIN DISGUSTING!!!!!)

    *Having lived on both coasts, the north, the south, and the midwest--I can honestly say that there is nothing that irks me more than when a person who was born/raised/settled in the SAME region thinks making fun of the way you say things is hysterical. UGHH!!! So obnoxious!!! I won't call it pop, I will call it soda. I don't say BAY-gull I call it a BAH-gull. I don't call it a liquor store, I call it a packie. I don't say I drive on THE 15, I just drive on 15. I don't make fun of the way you say "Bless her heart" every time you say something nasty and gossipy about someone else so please stop poking fun at my use of the work "wicked." I don't say wash room, I say bathroom. I don't pronounce it ruff, I pronounce it roof. Try stepping outside of your bubble--your way is NOT the only way!!! *phew...good to get that off my chest*

    OK...I'm goign to cut myself off...

    1. So I guess you're not a fan of the Duggars and all 19 of their kids with names starting with "J"? ;o)

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I have an extensive list too. Some of them are friendship deal-breakers, but most I can overlook.
    -close talkers (see this space? it's mine. don't come in, unless i invite you.)
    -"professional" emails that have improper grammar, (lack of) punctuation, capitalization
    - when people write their status in all-caps on FB. stop yelling at me. seriously.
    -people who drive 10 MPH in a school zone. it says 20 in a school zone, not come to a dead stop. (i still have to get my kid to school. today, preferably.)
    -people who eat the same 3 things their whole life, and never try anything new. (rhubarb is actually pretty good, lisa! ;)
    -real housewives of "who gives a crap!". there is NOTHING real about you! you want a REAL housewife? follow me around. bored? good, it worked.
    -jessica simpson (and her pimp father, too)
    -uggs with sweatpants
    -uggs with shorts
    -uggs with yoga pants
    -people who don't wear clothes to take a flight. this is not the HoJo, get out of your pi's, people.
    -people who say, "you look great. for having 4 kids." really? is that a compliment, so if i didn't have 4 kids, i would merely be mediocre? (that one is actually pretty funny.)
    -people who say, "you must have good genes" in regards to me not being overweight with said 4 kids; as they eat a hotdog & french fries (and a diet coke, of course).
    -people who talk during church. i know this is terrible. i should be more forgiving, after all, we are in church. but i came to hear the message, not your lunch plans!
    -a cute outfit with TERRIBLE shoes. drives. me. bonkers.
    -people who wear perfume to the gym.
    -people who run 25 miles on the treadmill next to you, lose half their body weight in sweat, then get off and walk away. never to be seen again. CLEAN YOUR MACHINE! it's a heath hazard!
    -drivers who run me off the road while i am running. you see me? i am running against the traffic just so that you CAN see me. it's a 2 lane road, where would you LIKE me to go?
    -people who stand in line at Starbucks for 20 minutes, then get up to the register and say, "um. um. um. i don't know what i want."
    -when women past their prime keep long, frizzy dried out hair like it's a crowning glory. get new friends. ones who will tell you the truth. (please, for the love of God tell me if I need a hair cut, Lisa!)

    I have more, but I feel my blood pressure rising. Better go shave before I prick my husband tonight with my hairy legs (his pet peeve. LOL)

    1. "real housewives of "who gives a crap!". there is NOTHING real about you! you want a REAL housewife? follow me around. bored? good, it worked."

      I spit some of my drink onto my laptop - seriously.

  33. Everyone has their random things they can't stand lol! Really love the color scheme of your top!

  34. Yes. Topknots. They don't look good on more than .05% of the population, so why are they populating every other fashion post? I don't get it. Blargh.


    1. I think the worst are the gals who pull their hair up really really tight and then have some random poof of a topknot - like, I'm trying to look like I'm too cool to care and did not just spend 30 minutes attempting the perfect I-don't-care hair.

  35. This is FUN!
    -Slow drivers- seriously, you can go 5 mph over the speed limit!
    -LOUD sneezers. Don't tell me you can't somewhat control the volume on those things!
    -Rude customers at fast food restaurants (or any restaurant for that matter) Seriously, if you freak out when Jimmy John's doesn't give you a pickle how do you react to REAL life problems?!?
    -People clipping their finger nails at work!! GROSS! Your cubicle is not your own private grooming area. And those suckers can fly into my cube too!

    1. OMG - YES on the nail clippers! There's always that one person in cubicle city that feels like it is OK to groom. Then over the din of work you here the random "clip clip clip" ...

  36. Lisa...I love your outfit today and I love your topic today. I have some of the same pet peeves on your list and on many of the other ladies who have posted already. Here are some more things that drive me nuts - I'll try to keep it brief:

    1) When people don't use their blinkers when making any turns or changing lanes.
    2) People that post everything that they do on Facebook.
    3) Blue Cheese - the look and smell of it drives me insane.
    4) People that don't wipe down their machines at the gym - gross.
    5) Uggs with shorts seem to be a common theme in Florida....especially in South Florida (I will never understand this trend).
    6) Black lip liner.

    That's it for now.

    1. What about people who move right before making a left like it's such a tough, tight turn when it's not?!

  37. I agree with many of your things. The only one I will refute is babies shoved into things. In general, I hate that as well but with the introduction of Pinterest you can find a multitude of things to put babies in that YOU NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF. My husband is a huge hockey fan and I found a picture of a BABY in a HOCKEY HELMET! Who would ever think to put a baby in a hockey helmet?!

    Okay, that is a little ridiculous, now that I think about it. But ridiculously cute.

    But there are some things I hate as well:
    - When people say "fustrated" instead of the actual word "fRustrated"
    - Sperm eyebrows (when people overpluck and it's just a little dot with a tail)
    - People that wear pajama pants in public
    - Leggings as pants. Like with a shirt that does not cover your butt.

    But every once in a while, a smushy baby in something is okay. And sort of cute.


    1. I had "sperm brows" in freshman year of high school! That's when I "discovered" the tweezer and went crazy - it took FOREVER for my brows to grow back!

  38. Ha! You're funny! Stuffing babies into things was soooo mid-90s! It's grammar that gets me. I hate it when people don't know when to use "I" and "me." Or "your" and "you're." And people who refuse to eat fruits and vegetables. When people tell stories that aren't stories, it's just a long list of boring stuff you did over the weekend.

    1. I have to admit that in conversation, I sometimes am totally one of those people who start a story and it drivels on and ends in a whole lotta nada - especially if I've been drinking, haha!

  39. Hilarious! Clearly, we all have those darn "pet peeves", or as I call them, "quirks":p But those babies squished into something is sooo cute! haha

  40. first off, you look fantastic, as always! :) and i totally agree with you on french pedicures! i like the look of french tip manicure, but it's just too weird as a pedicure... :/

    <3, Mimi

  41. Funny stuff and I agreed to most. Especially UGGs with anything and everything. And pants, sweatpants and otherwise that have big letters across the ass. Oh you know, Pink or Juicy. They are not suitable for any age but worse when you are older than 12. I don't need to draw attention to my ass when I try to lounge publicly ( sarcasm ) and falsely advertise that my ass is anything near Pink or Juicy. You need a doctor if it is in one of those condition. I mean seriously, for the love of womankind, don't wear them in public and not with UGGs.

    Sorry to anyone who love them. Oops. LOL

    1. For that reason alone I refuse to walk into a Juicy Couture store, even though a lot of their stuff is too. I am scared I will get tempted by the rainbow of velour and walk out with a pair of lime green velour flared pants with "juicy" splayed out in neon pink across my bum.

    2. There's this hilarious Asian comedienne who has a skit about this. It goes something like, "If it says Juicy in the back, it should say Itchy in front. If your butt is juicy? GO SEE A DOCTOR!"


  42. French pedicures on the toes is definitely a no no!!!

  43. Lol! I totally agree with beans in anything... I HATE BEANS! and i cannot stand the look of cottage cheese... it just looks gross to me..

    My pet peeves would be..
    -rude people
    -people next to you in class who whisper the questions while you are taking a test.
    -drivers who talk on the phone and go a mile an hour.. HELLO YOU SHOULDN'T BE ON YOUR PHONE!
    -when people ask "how are you?" but just don't even listen to your response.. you don't need to ask people "how are you?" if you're not going to listen.
    -when people don't pick up their dog's poop

    and i have a lot more.. those are just the things i can think of...

  44. Cute look! Loving that top! I really need to check Stylemint out!


  45. Yesterday I saw a baby(maybe 7 months old) with a french pedicure...I swear!!Seriously, WTF!!

    A few quick pet peeves:

    -The humble brag FB status. We get it you are a legend in your own mind.
    -The preachy/relgious FB status. Enough said.
    -Chipped nail polish
    -Women that talk about needing a big closet for all of their shoes on House Hunters and they're wearing the worst shoes ever!Just,no.

    And as always, you look great!

  46. Hello! I just came across your wonderful blog and was wondering if we could follow each other on Blogger and Twitter? Take care. :)

    Kristina (pink-sequins@blogspot.com)

  47. red! red ! red! lovin' it!!

    following you now.

    follow? http://daraferrari.blogspot.com/

  48. I'm fashionably late, but my contributions are:

    1.) People who bring fish to work for lunch
    2.) People who take up two spots when parking
    3.) Loud people
    4.) People who use their phone during a movie

  49. Will smith and his annoying wife jada

    When someone sends out a group email and people feel the need to "reply all" instead of just reply that everyone is forced to read their response when it's irrelevant to the group

    People who wear sunglasses indoors

    When someone follows me in a parking lot or on the street bc they want my parking space

    Standing too close to me or using theexercise machine next to me when every single one is unoccupied

    Taking forever to get your bag in the overhead compartment

    Fake glasses-yes!!!

    Whistlers/ loud chewing/ gum chewing

  50. Your pet peeve list is hilarious!

    One of my biggest pet peeves is people chewing loudly. I don't want to hear the munching of chips or popcorn -- blech!

    Also -- "close talkers" I need my space!, super clumpy mascara (why??), and women in their 40's who wear tight Abercrombie and Hollister logo t's. I am almost 40 and I will not have the same shirt as my 13 year old ;)


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