27 April 2012

Another Round of Friday Mocktails

Are you ready for another round of Friday Mocktails? Has anything - or anyone - happened to you in these last few weeks that have driven you out of your normally perfectly composed state of mind?


Here are bits and pieces of randomness whine from my end these past few weeks -

Out-of-the-blue business trips that required me to pack in about five minutes, which basically meant I was trying to figure out different ways of wearing the same two random tops and bottoms in different professional ways for four days straight. It helped that since I had zero bag space to work with, I felt the uncontrollable urge to pack my neon pink sweatshirt - and its neon tee counterpart. Oh, and I sprained a toe so badly that I couldn't fit into closed-toe shoes, but that's cool, because then everyone got a real good look at my toe in all its swollen shade of blue glory.

We carpooled for a lunch outing last week in a co-worker's truck - a raised F-150 with no floor boards. And I was wearing a pencil skirt. Of course I looked like a lady getting in and out of that thing.

I love you BF. There is sooo much good and smart about you. But why is it that you can never find your own car keys, or sunglasses, or wallet, or a pair of matching socks, or a pen when you need one, your phone, where you set down your coffee, where the remote is ...

IMG_4461  IMG_4414

The slow realization that I am not getting any younger, which means though I feel like I have the mind of a 6th grader, unfortunately I don't have the energy or bones of one. Three hour long roadtrips kill me - my back, my butt, my knees.

I had to participate in a telecon sitting in my parked car the other day as I couldn't make it back to the office in time. I had the windows rolled down so I could get some air but I was very evidently in the middle of something - phone on my ear, laptop on. During this call, one of the people in the office I just had the meeting with came out for a ciggie break and walked right up to my car, asked if I was on the phone - yes, I nodded with my phone still to my ear and talking to the people on the other end - and he proceeded to then ask me about my license plate and if I liked my car. Really? Can we seriously do this another time ...?

At the dog park over the weekend, I managed to step on a sharp stick with one foot and stab myself in the other foot with it.

So what about you ladies for this Friday Mocktail session? What do you want to vent about, big or small? Any griping /grumbling / moaning / general mocking you want to share with your fellow commiserators over a virtual round?


Jacket: F21 (sim, sim, sim)
Top: Zara animal print (worn here - sim, sim, grey)
Jeans: Loft modern bootcut (worn here - sim, sim)
Shoes: Zara lined wedge (worn here - sim, closed-toe, luxe, other colors)
Necklace: c/o JewelMint (worn here - sim, sim, pricey)
Rings: F21 stacked (sim, sim, sim)
Outfit inspired by Peggy


  1. Your story is hilarious! Do you think the person on the cig break was purposely being difficult or totally clued out?
    That beautiful minty colour is definitely great on you.

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. What a cute outfit, Lisa! I really like the way you play with colors and prints! I would have never thought to put aqua/mint together with leopard prints, but it works!
    xo, Tina

  3. Ooh, sorry to hear about your troubles this week. :( But you look great!

    As for my own Friday whining...I would just really, really, really, like the inside of my head to stop itching from spring allergies. I'm seriously tempted to stick something in my ear/up my nose/down my throat to scratch at it. That would be bad, but I'm getting to that point. :P

  4. You've had a heck of a few weeks. I love your outfit and hope your feet are better. My foot is still a mess, but at least I'll get the MRI results today.
    Adding to my allergy discomfort is my ridiculous obsession with an item of clothing at J Crew that I really want and is far too expensive to justify. The Gondola coat is the object of my affection, but for $500 I could buy a chair for my living room, or that dresser and desk I have to pick up at IKEA for my son's new room. Where is a money tree when you need one?

  5. My hubby drives a lifted Dodge Ram and I hate when he makes me go in it while wearing a skirt, it's impossible. I'll vent about my MIL who decided to show up unannounced the other night while my hubby wasn't even home and I had to entertain her for 2 long hours. :/

    Hope your toe is better and enjoy your weekend, Lisa!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. You are adorable and your nails look gorgeous! Men can never find anything - it's pretty universal...sigh.

    My peeve of the week was the cable guy telling me to "just calm down" when I wasn't the least bit excited...this happens to me a lot and it's SO ANNOYING - I'm sorry if you don't have any pep in your step, you doldrums!!!

  7. Love it, Lisa. Glad I'm not the only one living a shambolic life. ;) My whine: Do I really need to have a headache on my birthday? I mean, really???

  8. I freakin love those wedges. Every time you wear them I drool a little bit. So my keyboards getting a little gross.

    I got a really bad paper cut yesterday. I was just wiping the printer/toner dust off the top of a pile of paper and I got a slice across my palm. That was yesterday and it killed me when I tried to shampoo my hair this morning. Paper cuts are so teeny but they sting like no other!

    This may be tmi, but I got an IUD last weekend (vitamins can affect the effectiveness of the pill apparently so I had to make the switch, regardless of my complete singlehood/lonely catlady without a cat status) and oh man...the cramps this thing causes are no joke! Nothing seems to ease the pain. I find myself doubled over at random moments of the day doing labor breathing to make it through. I can still function...I'll live...But I sure wish the cramps would end! (They should end in another week)

  9. nice shirt - i'm wearing that too!

    i've not had a fever for a week but this plague flu i caught has now turned into a cold with a nasty cough. i mean, really?

  10. I love your stories, and your outfit!!!!

  11. Love the nail polish color. A great color to pair with leopard! :)

  12. I love the jacket!
    I could have written your line about your BF in place of my husband! The man is constantly losing something ... his phone, keys, my credit card when he nicely went to the mall to pick up something for me, important papers, sunglasses .... and then asking me if I saw what he did with them. No I haven't! And you cannot be in posession of my credit card again. Love, your wife :P


    1. argh...bloggerjustatemycomment... why is it that when you randomly drop the mouse or hit a weird key with your hand the automatic response from the computer is to irretrievable erase what you just wrote?

      Anyway, you're looking fine in your leopard and turquoise- very chic! rowr!

      My beef right now is having to drop everything to spend the whole afternoon manually recompiling 3 year old statistics for our board of directors because it has been decided to break down the information in a different way! Did I mention I just sorta recovered from a 3 day migraine...

      sigh. can`t wait for the weekend, if I ever finish this!

      How's the toe now?

    2. My toe's still there, haha! Looks like it should now and I can put on closed-toe shoes, but it still hurts when I touch it. I am wondering if maybe I broke it or something but other folks have told me the pain would be constant if I did. Thanks for asking!

  13. Love your blazer :) Bright colors always make an outfit happier :)

    My whine for the week - being told to turn off the radio so I have to work in dead silence!! Who works like that seriously?? Is that space only yours?? so i have resorted to headphones sigh~ haha on a brighter note! happy weekend!

  14. Oh my gosh..my hubby is the SAME WAY with his keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc. I'm terribly at finding things when they're lost so I always make sure to put things in the same place every time. But not him!!

    I loooove the leopard top with that blazer! So cute! Have a great weekend!

  15. love those rings!! and leopard with that mint looks stunning!!

  16. lol the opposite is true with me and my bf. i am the one who can never find anything and his is always in a spot he can find them lol. i love the colors in this outfit.

  17. Your "step on stick with one foot while stabing the other foot with the same stick" struck a little too close to home for me! Lol (so glad to hear I'm not the only one) That jacket is too cute, I just love the special shape and detailing on it!

  18. Yay, you're wearing the mint blazer...it looks fab on you!

  19. Hi, Lisa! Love the aqua blazer! It looks beautiful on you! Can you let me know what color you painted your walls? That is the exact color I want!

    1. Hi Monica - I went looking through our leftover paint and unfortunately we only have white leftover, no yellow, so I can't tell you what this color is, I'm sorry!

  20. Love your casual outfit!

    You were asking on my blog about the Casbah print shirt at the Factory store. Yes, they do have one. CC reviewed it here.

    1. Oh no - and they've got the ikat print too! And of course I want the same shirt in the raj paisley ... looks like my button-down collection may do some immediate growing!

  21. Ouch re: your feet and toe! Hope all is healing well.

    Ah yes - why is it that men don't ask for directions while on the road but need such hand-holding to locate their wallets, the overdue library book, the phillips screwdriver?

    What an adorable outfit - particularly the jacket. It looks fab on you.

  22. The aqua blazer and animal print shirt were made for each other -- looks great!
    Hmm, I'm going to grumble about allergy pills that stop my sneezing fits, but cause me to wake up several times a night and have an awful headache during the day.

  23. Lisa I love your hair curled!! And I love how you styled the cropped jeans...so sassy and chic!! I hope you have a great weekend!!


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