17 February 2012

Five Minutes With Carol {In Pursuit of Pretty Things}

It makes me feel a bit old, but I've been reading style blogs since late 2010 (was that really two years ago? Yikes ... time ...) And one of the fun things I enjoy about this blogging community is that because we only get to experience a glimpse of each other through our blogs, even after two years of reading someone's blog, I am learning new bits and pieces about some of my fave bloggers.

So I am happy that in this edition of Five Minutes With ... we get to spend a few moments with the other half of In Pursuit of Pretty Things - full-time professional, mom, wife, style blogger extraordinaire - Carol!

1. Most people don’t know that I love picking up the day’s mail. You never know what’ll be in there!

2. The antics of Rowan and Kate (my kids) make me smile.

3. I hate having to decide on my favorite anything. There are so many things I like.

4. Talking with friends is what I am most likely to be found doing during a party. I’m a bit of a chatterbox.

5. The best thing I like about blogging is getting to work with my co-blogger (and super good friend) Kathryn.

6. My least favorite thing about blogging is not being able to respond to all the comments readers leave. I wish I had more time in the day.

7. Realizing that I couldn’t be without my friend (now husband), Lawrence, was the moment that changed my life.

8. I can’t live without my morning coffee.

9. My favorite part of the day is after dinner, when my family gathers in the family room to just relax, play, and be together.

10. A stinky fish dish (I thought it was fried tofu!) was the worst thing I ever ate. I kind of hated that. Yech.

11. To be brave is to act on your principles, even when you’re scared out of your wits.

12. You can tell I am angry when you see the look on my face. Apparently, it’s an open book. I’d make a terrible spy. Or poker player.

13. Fish scare the heck out of me. (Typing that actually just made me shudder.)

14. My favorite useless skill is being able to spot the most costly item in a store and fall in love with it, in under 10 seconds flat (and not because it’s the most costly – I always figure that part out after the falling-in-love part).

15. Really bad, corny jokes crack me up. For instance, what did the parents of Obi Wan name their second son? (Obi Two. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! So funny! Yeah, I’m that friend…)

16. If I had a theme song, it would be No Such Thing by John Mayer. The best of me is still hidden up my sleeve, you know. And I’m invincible as long as I’m alive. Though, I should probably point out that I have no desire to run screaming through the halls of my high school. Unless, I happen to be chasing Hugh Jackman and he decides to cut through my old HS campus….

17. Getting yet another shot at becoming awesome (or just incrementally better, I guess) at fill-in-the-blank is what I am most looking forward to about the start of a new year.

18. My idea of a dream come true is a house that stays perpetually clean, without any effort on my part. Can you imagine? Happy sigh….

19. I love being asked to take on new projects. Fun new projects. Exciting, fun, new projects. Yes.

20. Snuggling down under the covers in bed with a good book is my favorite way to stay warm in the winter.

Thanks for playing along, Carol, and for keeping us entertained with your style, adorable kids, wit, and your blogger partner-in-crime, Kathryn!

If you ladies would like to catch Kathryn's feature, just click here!


  1. What kind of birds stick together?

    Lisa, these questions are so much fun- I really enjoy getting to know some of your faves better!

  2. I love these types of posts Lis! Thanks for introducing me to Carol's blog, I'm going to check it out now! :)


  3. Thanks for posting another great "Five Minutes" segment. I always look forward to reading everyone's responses.

  4. love this section of your blog lisa! thanks for introducing me to Carol's blog!

  5. she and i could bond over #14 ;)


  6. Great interview :) Love these blog posts :) Always find it interesting to read new blogs :)



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