09 January 2012

High Style

The beginning of a new year usually makes a person reflective of the time that has passed. Like thinking about old best friends. And wondering how anyone could be crazy enough to be friends with me considering my non-style style way back when.

In high school, my style was ... in development. I had zero sense of what looked good on me, so I pretty much wore whatever fit - which at the time for me meant living in J.Crew men's wool rollnecks (remember those thick, cozy old school ones with the rolled hem too?), men's puffer jackets and baggy jeans. I wore absolutely no make-up and can not remember for the life of me what my hair looked like, but it probably wasn't encouraging.


I went through a phase of trying to look more feminine by wearing cheapie sheer floral tops from Strawberry's - does anyone still remember that place? I kind of can't believe they are still around - with men's tanks underneath and my typical ill-fitting jeans. Yes, I was clearly channeling an uncoordinated Fly Girl.

I believe my ultimate high school fashion coup (and by coup, I mean "I can't believe that I survived that atrocity") was wearing big jeans with Doc Marten-wannabes, a blue and red striped men's puffer jacket and a sheer white lace billowy blouse over a men's tank with my white sports bra showing through under the arms. For realz.

IMG_0957  IMG_0972

I'm still not sure what kind of impression I was trying to make with that outfit, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't what I came across as. Who I really was back then was a mousy bookworm but would've rather been nose-deep in Wuthering Heights than Glamour magazine, a quiet gal to everyone except to those whom I was close to - to them, I was a big mouth (sorry, friends). To those I didn't know, I must have seemed like some trying-too-hard wannabe with a penchant to flash my non-existent cleavage.

Everything else from high school was a mass of of fashion-deprived blur: cast-offs from my big sis mixed with no-brand sneaks, bad jeans (there were loads of bad jeans), too-big-for-me men's jackets. Mostly dark colors - not goth-y black, but navys, hunter greens, deep burgundies. Enough to make me resemble a murky brown blob from a distance. That was high school.

In the spirit of reminiscing (and cringing), what was your high school style? Do you recall any specific teenage outfit "triumphs?"


Forgive me for the terrible picture quality - I wore this over the weekend and this is
what I get for taking pics in the late afternoon in the winter!

Sweater: J.Crew shawl popover (worn here - sim here, here)
Shirt: Zara animal print (worn here - sim here, here, luxe here)
Jeans: Loft modern bootcut (worn here - sim here)
Bag: Kate Spade quilted signature ellen (check stores, sim here, here, croc here)
Shoes: Zara cap-toe court (on sale, check stores, worn here - sim here, delicate here, luxe here)
Necklace: The Circle is Cast via Etsy (sim here, here)
Bracelets: Old Navy enamel & F21 studded (sim here, here)


  1. Oh jeez... in eighth grade, I made and wore a white lace tutu-skirt with something like 10 layers of lace and a big bow in the back. ...To be honest, it's probably not tooooo far from what I might wear on one of my more 'experimental' days even now. Anyway, a boy in my class said, "You look retarded."

    Fast forward four years: I was turning down a prom invitation from said boy. So there!

    Loving that red Kate Spade!

    xo Julie

  2. I love that leopard print blouse paired with the red bag!


  3. I tried to block my high school "style" and not to think about it. Big sweaters, baggy pants, yikes.....

  4. I think you've seen my old school pictures...lol...green hair, purple hair, flame red hair spiked up or in dreadlocks....and I always preferred my Doc Martens as high up to my knees as I could afford. Punk rock!

  5. Okay I NEED to know how you were able to cuff your jeans so PERFECTLY, especially considering they are bootcut? Love it!



  6. Lol, I definitely was not a fashionista in high school either. Not that I am now or anything :) I tried to dress cool and trendy and failed, so then I dressed to be invisible :)

  7. Firstly, those shoes are gorgeous! Secondly, I love your through description of your high school style. You painted the picture with words so well that i felt like I could actually see you! Haha! Third, my style in hs was a mix of artsy and American eagle. Lots of bright colored tees, slouchy or big bell bottomed jeans, maxi jean skirts, polos, bowling style shoes, the one strap gap backpack (remember those???), lots and lots of friendship bracelets and elastic seed bead bracelets about 3 inches up my arm.... yep. :-)

  8. Julie Rose - oh people just didn't understand Sex and the City, the First Season, style back then! But making your own clothes back then - fab!

    TheTinyHeart - thanks, girl!

    Small Town Gal - oh good, it wasn't just me then, haha!

    Eleanor - you are a fantastic transformation from HS to now - though I love how you still kind of stick with your rocker roots based on how you sometimes accessorize!

    Robyn - I guess because these jeans are short, ankle-length, for me, so I just need to fold them twice? 'Cause usually I end up with the big roll lump!

    skippysays - do you think we're all just inadvertantly playing catchup now for all the style we were missing in high school? ;o)

    aimee - aw no, don't try to picture me in my dumpiness! Actually, I had one of those single strap backpacks as well, from Express - so picture a big black velcro strap across my chest when I'm wearing my horrid outfits!

  9. aimee - or rather, try NOT to picture, haha!

  10. Well you've come a long way baby! I was a freak in high school. Seriously. A punk rocker freak show. I wore tights everyday of every color of the rainbow and type (fishnets, thigh highs, knee highs, solid colors, patterns, etc.). I paired those with baggy t-shirts and waaaaay too short skirts and shorts. No one has pictures. I've destroyed them all. Yikes. My best best friend from high school is a gay man. He told me we could have been friends a lot sooner if I wasn't so tacky. Like he had any room to talk with his bowl cut and tye dye dolphin tee, but whatevs. ;-)

  11. Lisa, this outfit is just perfect and you are not the only person that has come quite a ways from their high school self, particularly, style-wise. I honestly can't remember much of what kinds of things I wore, but I know sweatshirts were involved and I don't want to think of the other atrocities.

  12. goth. LOL! :)

    love the pink pop of color on the bag!

  13. heh...but what would our high school selves think of this leopard-as-aneutral thing? Holy moly, how we change!

    I felt pretty confident in my unique thrifted style at one point, but eventually fell into step with my preppy peers. Then I moved suddenly and switched high schools- it was a total shock to suddenly be surrounded by boho thrifted florals and doc martens and I felt so out of place, when a year or so previously I would have fit right in! Which is why I just dress for me now!

  14. I've tried to forget as much as possible about high school, so I don't know what I wore back then. But I do remember that middle school involved heavily hair-sprayed bangs and neon pink denim cutoffs. Yikes! :0

  15. You look so chic today!! Funny story about your high school years. Your so stylish now I can't imagine you looking bad in high school I think I've pretty much erased my horrendous fashion stages out of my memory!!

  16. Oh God. Why do you make me remember these things. I had blocked them for a reason! lol just kidding. It wasn't *that bad* as far as fit goes but I had a not-so-healthy obsession with pink and I was very matchy matchy which makes me slap my forehead when I look at pictures lol. I'm glad I'm over the matching everything phase but I still love pink :)

  17. I think we've all been through the awkward fashion phase lol! Looking great...love the red bag!

  18. I lOve this look! Great animal print darling


  19. Frannie Pantz - ooh, punky Frannie!

    fshnonmymind - ooh, thanks to J.Crew I am still all about the sweatshirts with sequins. Sans unicorns though! But if JC sold a sequin sweatshirt with a unicorn on it, I don't know ...

    thatdamngreendress - haha, high school Lisa would only be able to recognize leopard as a member of the Felidae family and not a fashion statement!

    Sayaka - thank goodness I didn't have a digital cam way back then - you'd be horrified by my pics!

    Maca - haha, I know!

  20. Love your shoes!


  21. I didnt know what looked good on me in highschool. I stuck to basics bc I didnt want to stand out. So different--now I always like to stand out! Thank God highschool is long over with;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  22. I'm picturing it!!!! Haha! No worries, my single strap backpack was traffic stopping yellow. ;)

  23. Nice bag and shoes.
    In my highschool it was all about not looking as if you were trying too hard. Your shoe game had to be on point which back then meant Timbalands, Jordans, Nike and/or old school Adidas. I would describe my style as tomboy chic with an island flair. Think TLC(the group), bright color baggy jeans,Dickies, close fitting tops, precision hair cuts..... yeah I was cool once :)

  24. hmm high school days yeah i was definitely in experimental mode. I wore lots of random things that I'm not proud of haha. Love the kate spade bag!


  25. My high school years were in the 1980s so you can imagine what high fashion we wore back then! I had the perm and big bangs and all. I wish I had some outfit photos...they would make for a good laugh!

    Whatever your style may have been, you've nailed it these days lady! Keep 'em coming!

  26. Haha, I totally remember Strawberry's! Love how you layered over the leopard top...looks great :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  27. i love this look!! it may be my fave of all the ones you've ever post. truth!!

  28. Like most angsty adolescents I wore a lot of black with baggy pants, nothing too form fitting. Looking back, it was probably a horrible look on me and anyone else, lol. But thank goodness I didn't take too many picture when I was that age.

  29. I think I was more stylish in high school. LOL I wore Esprit, United Colors of Benetton, The Limited, Express. HAHAHA I've now gone in the opposite direction. Poor me! LOL Love that bag Lisa! It's sharp!



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