06 January 2012

From the Frozen Tundra ...


You know when it is mid-August and all you can stand to put on your body is a thin tee and a pair of shorts, cuteness be damned? Well, I am getting the reversed winter version of that now, as in the SE we are just beginning to get really cold (or at least it was earlier this week - and I completely understand that 40-degree weather is not defined as "really cold" by some most ... and I am acutely aware it is still early January and we've got two and half more months at least of bone-chilling ahead of us) and suddenly all I want to do is wrap a warm scarf about twenty times around my neck and get into my snuggliest woolens.

Which means that it is getting difficult to get myself dressed in the mornings, even after jumping into the steaming shower and cranking up the heat. It is hard to motivate myself to think of interesting clothing combinations when all I want is a sweatshirt, jeans and big fuzzy booties.

IMG_1063 IMG_1025

It also doesn't help that I have been all about the skirts this past year and pup makes it difficult for me to look decent winterizing my look with dark tights, as I literally have to put them on at the last minute before dashing out or spend time tape-patting down my legs at the office. Her hair, it is Everywhere. Plus I realized that I don't really like to wear tights. And I pretty much only have a dozen variations on black tights, since I am still scared of color on my legs.

Yes, this whole post has pretty much been one big whine because the weather is not 75-degrees perfect everyday, I hate to bundle up, and I don't really have a winter coat. I am resigned to being cold and am going to wah wah wah all about it. Lucky yous. And don't even look at the forecast for the SE for the remainder of the week because as I sit here sniveling about the cold, the temps are rising ...

I did get dressed appropriately yesterday and managed to be mostly pup fur-free through most of the day, so with that, let's look on to brighter things. What are you looking forward to donning once the weather becomes more pleasant? How do you survive the winter chills?


Dress: Lands' End Canvas pleated tartan (worn here - sim here, here, here)
Sweater: Gap v-neck (worn here - sim here, here)
Belt: Anthropologie infinity (worn here - sim here)
Tights: Anne Klein
Boots: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim here, here)
Bracelet: F21 facted cube (worn here - sim here, bling-y here, mixed metal here)


  1. I have to laugh, I live in MN and it was 45 degrees and all everyone could talk about was how hot it was for January...some Minnesotans don't wear jackets, because it is so "warm" out. It is funny how relative temperature can be!

    ps. the tights look great with that outfit and I am loving those booties!

  2. Love, love, love that outfit! It's so cute and girly! Plus, it looks comfyy!!:)

  3. I was laughing, I live with a guy who is convinced that somehow, somewhere, the weather is always plotting against him!

  4. I love that tartan dress!

    I can totally relate to the dog hair. I have 2 dogs and they shed like craaazy. I wore black pants today (brand new ones) and sadly I have some dog hair on them. I feel like a hot mess!

    And since I live at the beach (but in NJ) I am dreaming about summer and wearing a bikini again!


  5. I love your plaid dress! Over here in eastern Ontario, Canada, it hasn't really been that cold this winter yet. But I know what you mean by not motivating to dress up. It's just too easy to throw on a big thick sweater, jeans and a pair of Uggs.

  6. I love this look. I always forget that I can change the look of a dress by putting a shirt OVER it. Awesomeness. :) And I TOTALLY hear ya about the cold. It's been like 20 degrees here lately and yesterday I woke up to no heat and no hot water. The oil burner's line was frozen. Ugh! All fixed now, but yep, we were packing on the clothing. LOL!


  7. I'm with ya! I was dealing ok with the cold temps until this past week...now I'm DONE! For whatever reason God must be smiling down on me though because today is suppose to be almost 60* here! :) Yah!!!!

  8. Lol I saw the first comment from SaraV and that is exactly what I was going to write. Except I'm not originally from here so I still wear a jacket outside lol.
    You look gorgeous though!

  9. Oh my dear, we have been in the 50's here and I have been sweating like it was June because that is HOT for January in Colorado! LOL But to each their own, y'know? I love your look and our dog is white with long hair, so I totally get your tights scenario! LOL

  10. i feel you on the tights. a coworker was just saying something similar to me this morning about my tights and skirt pairings. and yes. my cat, she sheds too. :O

  11. This is a really cute look. It looks really preppy and now I feel like shopping! haha


  12. That dress is adorable, and you did a great job winterizing it!! I haven't ever gotten anything from Lands' End, but you have so much cute stuff from there I feel like I have to check it out!

  13. Brr ... 40 degrees! I start looking for my jacket when it hits the 60s around here. :) This is such a cute outfit! I haven't tried colored tights myself but I think you would get creative with them and look lovely. :)

  14. So cute! That dress is fantastic and I love how you've styled it.

  15. It's 45-50 degrees here in the Mid-Atlantic and weirdly warm for January. I was overheating today in the car, in my wool peacoat and no driving gloves; normally by now I've pulled out the down puffer. I'm originally from Canada, too, so I have to keep up appearances. Actually I get cold really easily because I have poor circulation, but I'm used to the idea that winter = cold.

    But I totally get what you mean about the cold weather making it hard to motivate stylish outfits... since I'm still on winter break, I've literally been living in yoga pants and layered sweaters. Today I put on real clothes for the mall, but it's not a very inspired outfit.

    I love wearing color on my legs, but I hate wearing tights and pants. Oxymoron, I know.

  16. Oh gosh, I love this outfit. It look so fun and chic. Cute pics too.

  17. What a cute outfit! I love the mix of the plaid with the little black booties. And I totally understand the allure of black tights, they go with everything. They also pick up pet hair like craaaazy. I'm such a fan of mini lint-rollers.

  18. Lisa, that is the cutest dress girl! What a gorgeous plaid. I would've never thought to put a red sweater over it. LOOKS FABULOUS! :D


  19. . Plus I realized that I don't really like to wear tights. And I pretty much only have a dozen variations on black tights, since I am still scared of color on my legs.
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  20. I like how you belted the sweater. And your nice bright colors.

    You can come to Houston for 70-degree weather in January if you like. I am hoping it still cools down before it gets hot again!

  21. Meanwhile, I love our recent weather because I get to wear cute wintery outfits. The only thing that sucks is its too hot inside to keep on the layers.

    P.S. Your dress is awesome!

  22. It does get very cold here in Toronto (certainly not as cold as other parts of Canada, but still!), and I can't stand it, especially as it is so cold. I bundle up in my cashmere sweaters! ...I would love to live somewhere where it's warm year around - like southern California.

    Cute outfit, love the colours!!

  23. I am so guilty of the jeans-boots-cardigan-scarf slump in the middle of winter. I live in layers, and it makes me miss the sun!

  24. you look gorgeous hun! totally obsessed with your dress and the way you styled it!


    Fashion Fractions

  25. I'm the opposite of you. I love to layer layer later, lol. And I feel extra naked sometimes without my tights. I think you did a fine job layering that dress and accessorizing. It's such a great look on you!

  26. That's a cute look. I wish I was like Jenn and loved layering. I pretty much suck at wearing tights and socks. I often go without, all thru winter. Couldn't move to a cold climate I don't think.

  27. Ooh! I love the bright pop that sweater gives it!

  28. Cute outfit. The blazer looks so cute. It looks great with your skirt. We love it!

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  29. I love this look on you!! You look so cute in red Lisa!!

  30. I love the style you created around that gorgeous dress. I 'm slowly getting used to the cold Canadian winterrrrh (I'm from France) and I try to make the best of it by admiring snow tops mountains (not everyone can) and loving wearing soft knitwear (at peace with huge scarves and leg warmers)...and hot drinks!


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