29 December 2011

There are a Few of My Favorite Things: 2011

Year-end almost always means a time for reflection. This being a fashion-related blog, I felt the need to reflect on some of my best purchases from 2011 - what items really spoke to me and did I purchase happily without regret? Here's my top ten from 2011:

1.  Rebecca Minkoff - where was my life before you?

IMG_4402  IMG_4616

2.  J.Crew's "modern red" - sure it is not really red, but this punchy orange color has been my constant go-to through summer and fall. Keep these brights up!

IMG_0076  IMG_8875

3.  Dressed up sweats - J.Crew, I live in your sweats on the weekends.


4.  Sam Edelman adena - These weren't cheap but also not that expensive for a pair of comfy shoes that also made me feel very high fashion.


5.  Anthropologie hello sunday blazer - This is cheating because I technically purchased this jacket in 2010. But I didn't really start to wear it, and love the bold statement, until this year. I think this jacket was the start of my striped obsession.

IMG_0470  IMG_6036

6.  Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin - This was a favorite in 2010 but I had it give it another round of adulation since I purchased more colors this year.Gingham continues to be a favorite of mine and I adore wearing it as a neutral.


7.  Anthropologie greybar coat - This is an old Anthropologie item. I tried it on in-store years ago and had always regretted not purchasing it. Then a few weeks ago I spotted it on Ebay. And I had to buy it and had to mention it here, even though I haven't even had a chance to wear it in an "official" blog capacity yet. And yes, for a person who normally loves to wear patterns and bright colors, it is hard to not look like a crazy pattern blast lady in this coat ... but I loves it!

8.   Xhiliration by Target teanna platforms - The best cheapie shoe purchase for me. I loved the look so much I bought them in two colors. Trendy platform comfort for only $20 a pair? Score!

IMG_6554  IMG_5886

9.  Forever 21 leopard pleated skirt - Cheap, on trend, flippy fun. What could be better?


10.  The ring - okay, I didn't buy this, but this is probably the single most important purchase made in my household for 2011. I've been told this is going to change my life. Eeps!


What about you, ladies? What have been your personal best purchases for 2011?

(BF and I have been on a whirlwind visit-all-the-families-now-we-know-why-we-have-never-done-this-before holiday trips this week - I'll be back to regular blogging and regular reading in the next few days - thanks!)

Happy New Year's, ladies!


  1. Love all your looks, especially that Anthropologie blazer! I am obsessed with stripes this year on everything (blazers, sweaters, tees, tanks, skirts, etc). And your engagement ring is gorgeous :)

    I'd say my best purchase of the year was my Romona Keveza wedding gown but technically it was bough it 2010 (but I didn't get to wear it till this year!) and I wasn't the one that bought it. So, I'd have to go with my diamond wedding band, which fits perfectly with my engagement ring, has my wedding date engraved inside, and I actually bought it myself.


  2. I love, love, love how you layer so flawlessly. You truly made me change the way I dress. I'm somewhere between misses and plus-size, depending on the item, but layering and wearing belts really make such a difference! I would say my best purchases for 2011 are all the belts and cardigans I bought. They really change up the whole outfit!

  3. i was introduced to j.crew sweats in 2011 and they are definitely a life-changer! and i have those target shoes in a greenish color and adore them too!

    happy new year, lady!

    dash dot dotty

  4. LOve that new coat you grabbed on eBay...so cute! Great recap! So fun to see you favorites! Happy new year!

  5. Oh that ring makes me so happy! Yay for engagements! Have a happy new year Lisa! Thanks for sharing all the purchases. They are great! My favorites are the reds (or "reds").

  6. Ok I looooove that coat and shut up with that ring. gorgeous :)
    Happy 2012 to you Lisa!

  7. You scored some great stuff this year Lisa! I really love those shoes in your third (weekend) look, and the outfit with the dress and striped anthro blazer is absolutely to die for lovely :)

  8. I love that you've been embracing leopard and doing lots of layering this year!!
    I can't think of any one clothing purchase that has been a stand-out this year because I've bought so much stuff (smh), but my burgundy Marc by Marc Jacobs bag has gotten a ridiculous amount of use and I'm usually one who changes her purse almost everyday.

  9. LOVE this post - argh! why didn't i think of this? ;)

  10. I LOVE seeing everyone's look back outfits post...you had some amazing ones..and your ring is gorgeous!!!

  11. Between the many skirts I've added to my collection and my rediscovery of how to wear button downs, I can't pinpoint any of my 'best' purchases. But I did jump on that gingham and chambray bandwagon and don't regret it at all.

  12. What a great idea to sum up what your fav buy for the year!! Bravo!!

  13. I love this year end summary!

    Happy happy new year!

  14. What a great post! Love your top ten. =)

  15. Love this post with the whole summary of all your outfits :) Hmmm best purchase of 2011 - that's a hard one. I think the best thing for me was being able to go to the US and shop to my hearts content at stores that we don't have in Aussy land :)
    Have a happy new year ;)


  16. Love this list. I desperately need a Rebecca Minkoff. Maybe 2012 is the year it happens. And this greybar coat is CUTE. Great find!

    I hope you're having a great holiday and Happy New Year!! xo

  17. Love all your picks- esp the blazer! so cute!

    and that ring is MAJOR!!!


  18. I adore all things RM! I've been "collecting" since 07 and each year they've been somewhere on my best-of list. Now feel a little guilty because I am terrible about giving them all love. I need to pull them out and use them! If I am really good - I'll document it too...

    All the items on your list are fantastic - I especially love the gingham and stripes (and of course that rock!)

    Happy New Year!

  19. You're so cute!

    Happy New Year, Lisa :)

  20. Great roundup! Your ring is so beautiful that it deserves to be included among your favorites, regardless of who bought it! :)

  21. Love this recap, I bought my first RM this year too!!!

    Have an amazing 2012 Lisa :)

  22. Lisa, I can't comment on just one style because I LOVE them all! I just LOVE how you dress! You are definitely my role model. Happy New Year to you! I love your ring! It's gorgeous! I have a new blog url, so I wanted to make sure you have it. :)


  23. I love all of your picks but I must say the ring is the BEST!! It's gorgeous!! Congratulations Lisa!!

  24. Beautiful ring! I'm coveting your red pencil skirt. And your Anthro blazer and coat are absolutely gorgeous.


  25. My favorite would be some Ferragamo pumps with a houndstooth sole that I got on deep, deep discount. They were on the top of my wish list for a long time, so I was thrilled when they finally went on clearance!


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