26 December 2011

Shared Sparkles

Hi ladies, I hope you're all in the midst of thoroughly enjoying your holidays! I'm home all snug and cozy with the parents up in the NE and it has been grand - even despite the sis, bro-in-law and little nephew are all feeling under the weather. So this is an outfit from last week, because when I'm with the parents, I'm most likely in some sort of fleece pant with wooly socks.

One thing that I enjoy doing when I am home is to spend time cooking with my mom. Now that may not sound like a big to-do - and it isn't - but I only get to see my mom rarely during the year, my dad is typically pretty territorial about his stuff in the kitchen (for reals - don't be messing with his stainless pans), and my mom normally hates to cook. Get the idea who the regular cook of the family is yet?


But when we get together, we enjoy nothing more than to spend an afternoon messing around in the kitchen when my dad is out, specifically for me because she can then teach me her Chinese recipes.

Now we don't aim high here - I sadly know how to cook pretty much a whole lotta Asian nothing and we're not hand-making dumplings or anything like that because no one can make them as good as grandma anyways - and we're probably not making any "traditional" Chinese cuisine. But we mesh together stuff that I remember eating at home with the family while I was growing up and that's tradition for me.

Pork meatballs with minced ginger and scallions. Savory egg pancakes stuffed with veg. Lemon-steamed salmon fillets. Soy-braised pork. Almond dofu (okay, this one is from a box, but I never eat this stuff except when I am at home, so it counts). And other stuff that I am too bad a daughter to remember right now.

IMG_0614  IMG_0624

The food is good, sure, but what I appreciate most is the time I get to spend with my mom and the history and family tradition she is passing down to me in the pleasant manner. I don't mind the mess we make, the splatters on my sweater, my mom correcting me on how to chop scallions / wash onions / oil a pan ... Or the recipes that sometimes don't turn out. Or even the second or third trips to that one specific Asian food market a good thirty minutes away because they are the only ones that carry a specific brand of whatever.

Are there any traditional family recipes that you love to make for the holidays? What's your favorite recipe that's been passed down to you?


Sweater: J.Crew spangled stripes (sim here, cardi here)
Shirt: Lands' End Canvas floral poplin (worn here)
Skirt:: J. Crew dorrie (worn here - sim mini here, midi here)
Tights: Anne Klein
Shoes: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim low here, here, suede here)
Necklace: J.Crew cluster pearl (worn here - sim here, here)


  1. Another super cute outfit Lisa! Enjoy your time with your family and cooking with the parentals!


  2. That outfit is so so so cute! Love that the shirt is dotted, the dots go with the sequins and the necklace. Merry Christmas!

  3. One Thanksgiving my mom taught my sister, cousin and I how to make a whole mess of our favorite Chinese recipes. We even took photos and notes! And how many times have we actually made those meals - a big fat zero :) Somehow the food just tastes better when Mom cooks it.

    But like you said, the process is really what is more important...spending time with the fam, etc.

  4. If by passed down you mean I've had the inclination or time to make it myself...umm no :).
    However my family is from the Caribbean and half of us are vegetarians so we've been enjoying lots of West Indian rice and peas, curried tofu, macaroni pie and baked/curried chicken,and ham for the non veggies.

    Merry Christmas:)

  5. Hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas. And I love the outfit. =)

  6. Glad to hear you're having such a great time Lisa! I love your sweater and skirt!

  7. Love this outfit! The sequins + orange are such fun details!

  8. i love a little sparkle. i have some italian traditions and just ole Southern ones too.

  9. Love the sparkles with the polka dots peeking out!

  10. What a great sweater! My holiday favorite is Spritz cookies but because my German grandmother measured ingredients by weight and was hush hush about recipes, we've replicated it by trial and error!

  11. Happy holidays Lisa! Love that sweater! (ooohhh sparkle)
    I only have one family recipe that I love making and that is Empanadas. It's my grandma's recipe and even though I make it exactly like she taught me it never turns out as good as hers but they're still tasty :) It's not really a Christmas recipe but it makes me feel home away from home.

  12. Hope that you are having a great time with your family. My family is also from the Caribbean, so there is always at least a curried chicken, goat or shrimp and a jerk pork or chicken on the table for Christmas dinner. I have the recipes for them all, but they never turn out quite like my mom's.

    BTW...love the sweater and the necklace. The whole look is perfect!

  13. Love the J Crew sweater and skirt combo : )

  14. Happy Holidays Lisa! You looked so festive in the pretty sparkly sweater and red skirt.

  15. Very cute. I love your full lips! Would kill for them.

  16. aww that is so sweet that you can cook with your mama. I love the polka dot blouse peeking out from the sweater ( the sweater is gorgeous too) btw Merry be-lated Christmas!!

  17. I love cooking with my mom too, I think it's great to pass down the recipes.

    and i love your outfit, your sequined sweater is awesome!

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. very cute, comfy and festive outfit!

    <3 Zoe

  19. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday Lisa! I don't have many traditions, but I did make my first ham this holiday.

    Love the polka dots and sequiny sparkly stripes!

  20. Cute outfit! You always look fantastic in coral. :)
    Hmm ... my mom does not like to cook, but I have a treasured recipe (a Japanese chicken and veggie stew) from grandma. It's always special to me to cook that recipe using grandma's pot, which she received from her mother. :)

  21. cool blog!


  22. I lovelovelove this outfit, so pretty on you!! And while I'm home, much to my mother's dismay, I ask her to help me with my own cooking and baking, trying out recipes way beyond my skill level that require her help! She gets frustrated with me but deep down I know she likes it :)

  23. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE this and I am so going to steal this look right off of you! Keep'm comin...I may never have to have an original thought again! :o)

  24. Lisa, this is such a gorgeous sweater. There are so many fun, festive elements in thise outfit and the tomato red skirt is just perfect.

    As for holiday recipes, I love to make apple pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've been making pie since I was about 10, using my mother's recipe, so it's almost second nature at this point. However, this most recent Thanksgiving, I somehow managed to ruin not one, not two, but THREE pie crusts. My kitchen was quite a mess by the time I finished...

  25. 'Respect the Shoes', indeed !
    One can only respect and admire your feminine style.
    And, personally, I can't get enough of the fresh beauty of your sweet freckled face; and of the luxurious curves of your high-heeled legs.
    Love from Denmark.


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