01 December 2011

Honey Ocelot

I know that I've done a lot of growing up through the years because I never thought that I'd expose myself so physically for all see on the Internet  - now so much because I considered it unsafe though I did to show myself, but because I wasn't confident or comfortable with the way I looked.

And I'm still not all "tada, here I am" on the www-dot-look-at-me stage but I can grin and pose like a dummy in front of a camera and be OK with it, because for now, at least physically, I'm done wanting to be someone that I'm not. I am who I look like, and that's that. And if I wasn't OK with being me, I wouldn't be in front of you going all "ooh, look at me in my fun new dress ..."


Sure, I still work on being the best Me that I can physically - attempting to maintain a healthy-ish/mildly moderate diet if you eat antire entire baguette in one sitting, the calories and carbs cancel each other out, right, exercising semi-regularly, learning to use products/creams/gels/sprays on my face, getting my hair all "did."

And at this point in my life, I don't think that I would do anything drastic to change my appearance but I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't thought about it. Top of my fantasy-land wishlist? Oh, I'd love it oh so much if I could be taller. Then maybe my head wouldn't seem so big. And maybe I could work a little less hard to get some respect around here. Just a few inches, pretty please?

IMG_9842 IMG_9874

In a mildly more realistic world - like, let's not consider the whole very real pain, expense, fear, risk, vanity, etc. factors - I've thought about getting some midriff and thigh fat sucked up, because try as I might and I know there's differing ideas of the word "try" here I have big thighs and I cannot lie. And they make me uncomfortable. I've contemplated getting my freckles, moles, dots, spots "blasted" from my face. And yeah, I've considered new boobies - like a reasonable size - but the thought of people I know seeing me and immediately recognizing that I got new boobs turns me off from the idea more so than the cost or the idea of elective evasive surgery.

I know body image is a huge issue and we all have our own demons, so my intent is not to take a trip down to self-snark town. Believe me, it has taken a lot for me to be OK with the way I look. I am also not trying to comment on elective procedures - to each their own. But out of vapid curiosity because I believe most of us have at least thought about it, here is my random pondering of the moment for you ladies - if health or money were not issues, what one procedure/treatment would you consider getting done to change yourself physically?


Sweater: J.Crew factory ocelot (sim here, brown-ish here)
Top: J.Crew perfect striped boatneck (worn here - sim here, as dress here)
Skirt: Edme & Esyllte via Anthropologie field (worn here - sim tweed here, mini here, midi here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper (same in orange)
Necklace: c/o simplylivly via Etsy
Bracelets: J.Crew / Forever 21 ( sim here, here, blinged out here)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim here, here, peep here)
Outfit inspired by Lilly


  1. Girl, not gonna lie. I would get me some boobies. Actually just fill out the skin from the ones I used to have before breastfeeding 4 kids. ;)
    And your head is not big. You are beautiful. (And I know you were not fishing for that... :)

  2. Aw, thanks, modernmom. But you should see (actually no one should see) my old group class pics from elementary school. It's like regular-size head, regular-size head, BAM Lisa head, regular-size head ... ;o)

    But we're all our own worst critics, aren't we?

  3. Lisa, that's what heels are for! You can be as tall as you want, almost.
    I try not to be overly critical because, hey, we all come in so many shapes and sizes. However, if I had the chance to change some things a nice, flat stomach and smaller boobies would probably be at the top of the list. And maybe some different feet that would allow me to wear impossibly tall and narrow hot looking shoes like Louboutins. :)

  4. Ok, first of all, it makes me a little sad to hear about all the things you want to change about yourself :( I so don't see what you see, I just see a gorgeous, glowing girl. That being said, I know we are all harsher on ourselves (I sure am) so I can relate. In a magical world, I'd love to make my feet bigger. No joke, I wear a size 4-4.5 and I'm missing out on tons of cute shoes! I also wouldn't mind getting some belly and especially thigh fat taken off (though I don't think I'd ever actually do it)- I'm super bottom heave proportionally...

  5. fshnonmymind - it is funny you mention feet because I have "issue" with mine too. But think about this way - all the money you are saving on super-expensive-can't-really-walk-in-them-anyways footwear that you can put towards your fantastic handbag collection (which someday soon, you will donate to me, of course, haha!)

  6. skippysays - I'll give you a size off my feet! I'm actually a size 7.5, which I think is big for my height (5'2"). But like you said, we are all totally harsher on ourselves. I don't think I'd every actually get any procedures done on myself either, but I've totally thought about it. I'll take the easy way out and blame it on the Real Housewives ... ;o)

  7. Ahhh.... laser hair removal. I cannot stand shaving! With dark hair and casper white skin, I either have to suffer with razor burn (and ugly legs) or wait a few days for it to grow enough so i don't get the burn. Summer really tries my patience with this. I have an epilator and it works great, but it's like self-inflicted torture. Waxing is way too expensive for my budget. Anyway, in case this makes you feel any better, I have always adored your freckles and also how cutely petite you are :-)

  8. Honestly, there's nothing I'd get unless there is some magical procedure out there for perfect skin. I've always had acne and would kill to be rid of it. My feet are huge but I don't mind... I can still find shoes. Once I surpass size 11 then I'm going to be in trouble!

  9. Well...at my 6 week post baby check-up my midwife informed me that I would need a full tummy tuck to repair the skin stretching and damage of the pregnancy. Awesome.(And she was right, though it was hard to hear after JUST having my first baby and formally liking my once small waist) So a full tummy tuck would be wonderful, oh so wonderful.
    Your freckles are my favorite. I always wanted cute freckles :)

  10. Boobs. Definitely. Not only for size, but, you know, I've had three kids. In fact, I have seriously considered it. It is the only thing I have ever wanted to do in that way. That and teeth whitening (does that count?). You look great to me as always, but you are right. Even the best looking ladies have that little something else they would like to change. I love this mustard skirt on you and the fun animal print cardigan! Lovely, lovely Lisa!

  11. Loving your outfit!!! What would I get done.... I don't know! But part of the reason why I don't want to start a fashion blog is because I tend to fall on Anthro's larger side of the sizing scale. Silly, I know...but there can be a lot of mean people out there I've seen lately!

  12. lovely oufit - Love that green belt - I want it :) and when I started my blog, I used to cut my head out of the pics - but then, I said, of forget it - it is what it is. You are beautiful and you take fun pics. I have 3 kids...and that's all I am going to say as far as what I would get done...lol total body-lift...if at all possible.

  13. From the photos it's hard to tell how tall you are - you are very proportional so you could be 6 feet tall :)

    I have had one elective procedure done to change my body - got rid of the ugliest bunion on my left foot. So glad I did it, scar and all. Otherwise, I think I would go for some laser skin resurfacing type of thing to get better skin, but no knife for anything else!

  14. I'd make my feet and calves narrower. 18 inch calves suck.

  15. Love your cardigan and necklace! And I'd probably trim down my stomach and thighs!

  16. I love your outfit today Lisa! The skirt is so pretty and I love the green belt with it. If I could change something it would definitely be my boobies!! haha. I was flat to begin with but after nursing two kids, they've disappeared and are no where to be found!! But even if I did have money to enhance them, I'm to chicken to go under the knife :)

  17. I think your hot to trot already! I have a feeling I'm going to want to change a few things after this baby is born but I can tell you I no longer want a bigger bust, I miss my small and easy to fit into any blouse chest!

  18. aimee - one good thing about being Asian - though my hair is black, I have very fine hairs on my arms and legs. So yes, that means I can cheat and get a few extra no-shave days in!

    JCrewJD - I had some guys make fun of my feet yeeeaaaars ago (I think I was trying out heels and opted for those pointy-toed ones) and mention they looked big. Now that I think about it, they probably didn't even think my feet were actually big, but that they looked it in those pointy toes. But oh, the things that stick with a person ...

    Alice Marie - I had a pretty abnormally large cyst removed a few years ago. Like large enough that it distended my belly. I couldn't believe the amount of belly flab after surgery and the pooch has never completely gone away - I admittedly hate it myself, but also think of it as battle scars, and I was the winner. ;o)

    Frannie Pantz - so true - even gorgeous celebrity women are doing procedures on themselves all the time - they see things that obviously we don't!

    Leana - I think the people who sneak in and leave hurtful comments are pointlessly trying to be mean for their own insecurity. I've seen women of all shapes and sizes wear Anthro beautifully - it all just depends on the cut and style!

    Jersey Blogess - I cut off my head when I first started blogging too. Partly because I was insecure ... and partly because I was lazy and didn't want to have to do hair and makeup too! And like you, then I said, aw heck with it ...

    eek - aw, thanks - oh, to be closer to 6' tall than 5' tall ... but then I had a lot of tall-gal friends who wanted to trade height places with me!

    KDot - I'm on the cusp of a wide foot so some regular sizes look ridiculous on me, but then some wide ones don't fit!

    TaraMixandMatch - if someone could only think of a non-evasive, cost-effective, pain-free method of lypo ...

    Sayaka - I know, I like to talk the talk of getting this, that or the other done, but it's all talk!

    spiffy - oh girl, how far along are you? Hm, maybe if I tried big boobs for one day I'd change my mind about them, haha. BF's mom is large-chested and she is always joking/complaining about how they are crumb catchers!

  19. Oh my god, I'd get a boob LIFT. I don't want to be bigger or smaller, just perkier! There. I've said it out loud. I'd also love to get my skin lasered to get rid of acne scarring. Kids, listen to your parents and never, ever, pick a pimple. Honestly, I could probably forgo a vacation and get the laser done, but I'm scared to death to do it!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Its very hard to be 100% happy with your body at all times. So often I look longingly at the girls with the toothpick thighs and no boobs and think they are lucky because they can wear what ever they want.

    But I know nearly every flat chested woman wishes her's were bigger.

    And I know tall people who will only ever wear flats and don't wake up every day thinking they are completely blessed to know that "Petite Section" will never be words they will have to utter.

    For me, I know I will never be any taller, and in no lifetime would I ever elect to have unnecessary surgery of any kind. So I think if I could have every annoying bit of hair lazered off, that would be pretty nice. Not having to worry about shaving every day would be awesome.

  22. Love this combo Lisa, it might be one of my faves!

    And I think I'd get laser hair removal, a boob job (since after nursing Gigi my boobs have gone down 1 size, I just want them back to where they were!) and some sort of laser treatment to help my skin.

  23. A boob job even though my husband would kill me (the bigger the better, right??) and something to rid me of these acne scars. I have the worst skin in the world. Oh cystic acne, why me?? I mistakenly thought that once I "grew up," I wouldn't break out anymore. I was so wrong, *hangs head*

  24. I've already done something for vanity. I got Lasik, but it was also for the 'not-having-to-go-get-another-prescription-and-check-your-eyes' thing. I've always wanted to get veneers for my teeth for some reason.

  25. I love your outfit today Lisa....I want to run out and get all of the pieces. And I think that you look great...I wouldn't change anything if I were you. I have always thought about getting bigger boobs and I would love to have smaller thighs. No matter how much I run and workout, my thighs never seem to slim down. I just don't think I could endure the lypo procedure. I can't even watch it when it's on TV.

  26. I like the color of that skirt! Great post - I think you look fantastic =) I think we can sometimes be our own biggest critics. Even though I wish my boobs were a little bigger, I honestly wouldn't get a boob job even if it were free. I'm too afraid of the whole surgery thing - I don't want big boobs that bad, lol.

  27. haha!!! great post!! Ok here is my wish list:

    I want to be taller
    I want a smaller rib cage (seriously HUGE for my frame)
    I want my hip bones to be a little wider
    I want new boobies too.
    I also want to zap my shoulder birth birthmark and some sun pigment discoloration off my face...Oh, and do something to my decolletage to young it up again...
    that's all :)

  28. What a fabulous outfit Lisa! And I don't even have to think about what procedures I might have done if I had the money because I've thought about it so many times!! Lasik eye surgery...top of the list....lipo injection for thinner arms, thighs and stomach. Eye and eyebrow lift (one eye is smaller than the other). Since money is a problem in that department I prefer to focus what I do like about myself.....I totally love my tiny wrists and ankles! Lol

  29. Wow how did I miss this post? Anyhoo I like your skirt and your nail polish :).

    There was a time when I would have changed my feet. They.are.not.cute. As I got older I eventually came to terms with them. They keep me humble. There are still times when I see someone in a cute pair of open toe sandals and feel a little sad, but that feeling usually doesn't last long any more because age has shown me that in the grand scheme of things my feet aren't that big of a deal.

  30. Lisa, you are so beautiful girl! And you are YOU! That's why so many love you. You're an excellent writer, have great style and you're such a sweetie. I adore this outfit. The color of that skirt is divine and I love the cardi and belt you paired with it. GORGEOUS necklace girl! You look like a doll.

  31. Love the cardigan!

    I would consider a little lipo if I had the money and knew there were no risks. Also maybe a little breast lift after I have kids.


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