19 December 2011

Denim, Denim, Stripe


We're at the big countdown to Christmas and Hanukkah, ladies, are you all caught up with your holiday-ing? What gets you into the festive mood for merry-making?

IMG_0447 IMG_0470

I was in Sin City last week for business, and being at the mecca of glitzed out commercialized everything has finally put me into the holiday spirit. I guess it can't be helped when Christmas cheer is beat into you by 10,000 flashing strobes and a sea of decked out shops.



Blazer: Cartonnier by Anthropologie hello sunday (worn here - sim here)
Top: LEC heritage oxford (worn here - striped version here)
Jeans: Levi's 545 (worn here - sim here)
Necklace: Anthropologie tinsley strung (on sale, check stores - sim here, -ish here)
Shoes: Etienne Aigner ethel

So here are some of the glitzier seasonal visuals of what I did in Vegas when I wasn't knee deep in that "work thing." And proud to say that I actually did not gamble a single cent during the time I was there, nor buy a single trinket - though I did manage to haul home three new food baby pounds yay to tighter jeans ...

L: La Reve at The Wynn - watery spectacular.

Fancy dinner time at Joel Robuchon - The Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan.

L: Tower of meats.

A shop dedicated to the '50s silhuoette - Art to-go.


  1. Lisa, I love this outfit! You look great, and you did something different with your hair - looks great too!


  2. I'm in love with this outfit...I think I may have actually drooled some! :o) I'm frantically running the items in my closet through my mind to see how I can re-create it. Thanks again!

  3. I love that blazer and necklace! And thumbs up on the curled hair, looks adorable on you Lisa!

  4. You looks so chic that I'm totally convinced to give leopard + stripes a shot! Gorgeous. :-)
    BTW - you shots of Vegas make me want to book a trip stat. So much visual stimulation (and great shopping!)
    XO - Marion

  5. Happy Holidays to you! Love the blazer, cute look!

  6. Love this great casual look Lisa! I have been in the holiday spirit for months (literally), but I am faaaaaaaaaar behind where I should be in terms of getting things done. Oh well. These photos are great! Thanks for sharing them!

  7. Every time you wear that blazer I swoon! It looks so fantastic on you! I must do what I can to search out a stripped wonder of my own. Somewhere one must exist!

  8. I love that necklace Lisa! I'm weary of wearing big bold jewelry like that because I feel like I can't pull it off, but I'm so jealous of people like you who can- it looks awesome!

  9. Love the outfit! I am going to spend Xmas with my family on Friday. I can't believe is Xmas already!!

  10. Hi Lisa,

    Love the color of your lipstick in this post. What might it be- brand and color?

    Thank you, enjoy your blog a ton!


  11. Seeing your pictures it's hard to equate that to the city that I live and work in. I love seeing it through your lens as I see such different side of the strip :)

    It's sad, but I think I've lived/worked here too long that the glitter has worn off for me. It sounds like a relationship gone-bad but I would like to find the "spark" again :)

    I regress, I am in love the with blazer and adore the two denim pairing (and the leopard!) It is inspired!

  12. I love your outfit. I think I can actually semi-recreate it using a striped Calvin Klein blazer.


  13. Natasha Fatah - thanks for the hair compliment! I curled it today which I think is fun, but I am way too impatient to do this daily and my curls aren't as nice as they probably should be - don't look too close, haha!

    Marionberry Style - I love Vegas for being a city where you can do nothing and still feel like you are doing something, if that makes any sense! However, I can only take the Strip for about 2-3 days at a time!

    Frannie Pantz - if it makes you feel any better, BF and I are waving the white flag on getting a treat this year. We'll be leaving to visit our fams soon and the only ones left at our local tree lot are either Charlie Brown ones or ginormous trees.

    Lola - the color is British Red by L'oreal. I only applied one coat so it is still light and pinky.

    Ms. J - oh I bet Vegas is completely different if you live there - it's like when I grew up in NYC, I was busy trying to survive in it and my friends or family who visited could only see the big buildings, fancy shows, etc.

  14. What a fabulous outfit, I love it!!! Honestly, I actually dread the holiday season. There is too much expectation and pressure, and too many opportunities for family drama. Anyway, thanks for sharing your photos of Vegas - it looks like you had a great time!!

  15. This is a gorgeous outfit! And I'm supremely jealous of your Vegas trips. I am angling to get put on some matter---ANY matter---that could take me to Vegas!

  16. I love Vegas. And you're right. All of those flashing lights can quickly beat the Christmas Spirit into the biggest Scrooge there is. You just can't help yourself but get sucked in.

    Love this outfit...I have a striped blazer I had forgotten about since summer that might see the light of day now before spring thanks to you!

  17. aaaahhh fave outfit! love it! Vegas sounds so much fun, besides the work part. I've never been and the H says its a place to go with friends and not your wife, ha! (I *think* he's kidding lol) I do wanna go sometime though :)

  18. I like your hair with the curls! I'm all set for the holidays. Seriously, I think you really need to start "celebrating" right on 12/1 because otherwise it feels like it goes by way too fast and just when you get up all your decor, it's time to put it away!

  19. Casually glam! :) Great look -- always wondered how to double up on denim, and this gives me some ideas.

  20. Oh, this is adorable! Love the blazer!

  21. Oh wow! Those pictures look amazing. There must have been lots of stuff to see. I've never been there but it looks wonderful. I love the denim on denim btw! And leopard flats? <3!

  22. oh this look is so, so awesome!!
    and seeing all the holiday decorations lit up at night is always wonderful to get in the spirit.

    Chic on the Cheap

  23. Love that jacket and necklace Lisa! The decorations in Vegas are fab! :D

  24. Love seeing all the decorations! Love your outfit and your bling :)


  25. Such a pretty post!

    www.originalnumber.blogspot.com xo

  26. Aaahhh...gotta love Vegas!

    Happy holidays to you!

  27. LOVE your outfit, LOVE the shoes, LOVE your makeup!!!;) I got the J. Crew Maritime striped Blazer and I was thinking of wearing it with my Chambray shirt too!

  28. That blazer is awesome, and I like the way you cuffed the sleeves of the shirt over it. That lipstick looks great on you. I know I'm like two days late but this is a really nice outfit.

    And oh yeah, Christmas carols put me in the holiday mood.

  29. Woo pretty curled hair - it looks great : )!


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