16 December 2011

Dad in Plaid

It doesn't take much to notice that I like myself a good button-down, especially of the plaid variety. Not only do the shirts speak to my inner preppy tomboy aesthetic, but they remind me of my dad. For years before his retirement, his outfit of choice always included a plaid button-down with a pullover or sweater vest - making him casual yet neat, and ready for almost any occasion.

Now that his working days are behind him, my dad has hung up his many button-downs for way more casual attire - the sweat suit. He pretty much wears a navye zip-up jacket with matching sweatpants and white sneakers for everything now, and I mean everything. If a place of business or play allows him through their doors in his fleeced out, elastic-bottomed ensemble, then he must be appropriately dressed, right? Real pants are for working chumps, my friends.


So when I put this outfit together last week, I couldn't help but to think of it as a bit of an ode to my dad, then and now. The top is a fancified sweatshirt, the pencil skirt is a heavy knit, but with the button-down and right shoes, I am completely work-appropriate, in a comfortable as all get-out way (I ended up changing bottoms to run errands and grab a bite later in the afternoon).

As we are in the midst of the holiday frenzy, I believe it is a good thing to take a moment to think of the people we love and look forward to seeing them again shortly. Are there any items you wear now that remind you of someone special in your life?

IMG_0158 IMG_0152

Sweater: J.Crew slouch dolman-sleeve (sim dress here)
Shirt: J.Crew quincy boy (worn here - sim here, here, same plaid in kids' here)
Skirt: Forever 21 fitted knit (worn here - sim here)
Shoes: Zara court shoe w/cap-toe (sim luxe here, suede luxe here)
Bracelets: J.Crew, Old Navy (sim here, here, here)

IMG_0120 IMG_0108

Jeans: Loft modern bootcut (sim here)
Shoes: Seychelles ring in the new year (worn here, sim brown here, -ish here)
Cuff: The PS Boutique via Etsy (worn here - sim here)

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  1. Plaid flannels remind me of my Papa and Dad. They used to build metal buildings, so they worked in the weather year round. In the winter, my dad would grow a full beard and don the flannels. :)
    I have that shirt you are wearing, and I LOVE it! Great styling ideas.

  2. aw, i love this outfit being an ode to your dad :) Super sweet post!

  3. I love this post :) I think you probably did your dad proud with this look! Those heels ( the first ones) are fantastic!

  4. I've been slowly getting int button downs. For some reason being small shouldered and button downs don't mix well. Though I have found that if I layered them under sweaters and cardis, it doesn't look as bad on me. Oh, and my dad is the same way with button downs, only he always chooses some sort of plaid or stripe.

  5. I like how you casualized that slouchy sweater and it's so sweet that wearing you outfit makes you think of your dad.
    Whenever, I wear matching colors I think of my mother because she is the queen of wanting to wear the same colors in an outfit.

  6. I love your dad story! He sounds so cute. My dad definitely has his own unique style too. I miss being able to steal his button down plaid shirts like I did back in the 90's! Anyway, you look awesome, and i love how you took the outfit and made it work for the weekend :-)

  7. Totally adorable! I really need some plaid in my life!

  8. I love how you style your plaid shirt. I, too, love plaid shirts and so does my Dad. Whenever I buy a plaid shirt, it kind of resemble some shirts my Dad has!


  9. Anytime I wear anything with a nautical vibe, I'm reminded of my father. I like a good button down and sometimes buy a men's small or a boy's large, because I've found that they're usually made from better quality materials and are more comfortable.

    Love how you've been styling those shoes :)

  10. It looks fabulous with pants or a skirt! I always love your expressions when taking pics. :D

  11. Love how you made the plaid + sweater look both polished and casual! I almost attempted to purchase a plaid shirt over the weekend, but the lines at the register was just too long.

    P.S my dad wears plaid shirts to work too! He wears the short-sleeve plaid button up shirts in the summer. lol

  12. Button up plaid under sweaters make me swoon! Love this!

  13. I love your outfit!!! The heels were a perfect touch! So fetch!


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