07 December 2011

Connecting the Dots


We've talked about personal style before and I appreciate that most of you gals have agreed that there's no issue with not having a self-defining look, that style is an evolving thing and we grow with it.

However, do you ever feel like the act of getting dressed each morning can be equated with putting on a costume to play a part? I find that what I choose to wear can help put me into a certain mindset. Like when I have an important meeting and need to feel take-charge, I don a suit and essentially become Corporate Lisa (with the Blackberry Thumb). Or for dinner out, I turn into Date Night Lisa with a demure smile and sparkling clutch.

IMG_0008 IMG_0040

Though this was fully unintended, I guess I was feeling secretive and bookish today with my vaguely Royal Tenenbaum-y outfit. I think I am just one cigarette, fur coat and sulky attitude away from full Margot immersion.

Do you have a character in mind when you get dressed sometimes? Does getting dressed in a certain way make you feel and act different?



Dress: LE pattern pique v-neck
Top: LE Canvas floral poplin (sim in navy, bow-tie neck here)
Belt: H&M (worn here - sim here, here)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (worn here - sim here, stacked heel here)
Earrings: J.Crew factory cluster (sim here)
Bracelets: Old Navy / F21 / J.Crew (sim here, here, here, pricey here)


  1. Your characters of the day sound so fun! I can easily picture you based on your descriptive words. Mine... not so much, haha. Usually I alternate between couch potato Cee and dressy-nerdy Cee.

    Pretty pattern mixing and accessorizing!

    PS - Has your BIL convinced you to buy the Panasonic yet? ;)

  2. You look like the coolest librarian ever today! My inner accessory junkie wannabe is drawn to the shoes and bracelets. And i totally feel like somewhat of a character in different outfits. Some make me feel and act more serious, some rugged and cool, and others pretty and fun.

  3. So cute! I love the mix of patterns! I don't really dress to play the part, although the analogy is perfect. I'm still trying to discover my style, which is not so easy. Usually it's jeans-girl : )



  4. I don't think i do it consciously (most of the time) but different outfits definitely make me feel different, and therefore act different. It's kind of fun! I really love this look Lisa. The subtle pattern mixing is adorable, and since stripes and polka dots are basically my 2 favorite things I'm drooling over here :)

  5. Lisa I totally know what you mean! The way I dress totally makes my attitude go one way or another--maybe I have multiple personality syndrome?
    Anyways, you look lovely as always (love the lipstick too) and thanks for the support.

  6. Perfect outfit!
    I def. get dressed based on what I am doing for the day. Heels if I am not doing a ton of walking, flats if not, and I base the outfit on that... :)

  7. I can't get over how gorgeous the dress and top look layered. I usually dress in what Rachel of Glee has perfectly defined as "sexy schoolgirl librarian chic". I think the librarian wear part is accurate, but the jury is still out on the sexy part :) Luckily, my husband is on board with definition!

  8. mm, i do love emma pillsbury but sometimes i don't think i'm cute or confident enough to pull that off.

  9. Agreed. I tend to dress more "corporate" when I know that we will be having certain clients in or activities planned. Love this "bookworm" look Lisa!

  10. I am often influenced by music, as I have synesthesia and "see" colors when I hear music. I know, it's totally weird! Enter my StyleMint Giveaway for 5 shirts!

  11. Hi Lisa, great outfit! I was just wondering what size you take for lands end canvas shirts, the reviews say they run big. I'm typically a 4 in anthro dresses, 4 or 2 depending J crew tops. Would appreciate any guidance on sizing.

  12. I know if something is going to go down at school in terms of an administrator coming in to observe I put on my 'professional' look which usually consists of a pencil skirt and cardi-top combination. But if it's a Friday sometimes I have a tendency to get creative in a fun way.

    I love the layering you've done here. Especially with the two different patterns. That polka-dot top is darling.

  13. Cee - if you call yourself dressy-nerdy, I want to be it too! I still haven't decided on the camera unfortunately - actually I am leaning towards the Sony NEX-5 now but between me being on-the-fence re: the touchscreen and Christmas presents, I haven't moved on anything yet. Just as well - I heard Jan/Feb was THE time to save big on new cameras!

    Mrs Spanglish - I guess we all have multi personalities then - I guess that is part of the fun of fashion!

    Amaryllis - I usually take a size 2 in the LEC button-downs and find them TTS. This polka one I got in XS - I think it is a tad large but I had not tried the XXS so I can't compare sizing. Hope this helps?

  14. Oh, totally adorable...love mixing stripes with dots!

  15. Those shoes look lovely on you! Everytime you post an outfit with them, I find myself admiring them. I've mentally placed them on my "to-look-for" shopping list.

  16. haha!! Yes, definitely dress the part!! There have been times I wicked struggled with this--really only one time and it's when I became a mom. We got married straight outta college and we had our first baby when I was 23. It took a couple emails with a very trusted fashionista friend I went to college with {her words} "Dude, you should be owning motherhood at 23! yes you can wear your bikini to the beach. It would be more inappropriate for you to wear a skirted suit to the beach at the age of 23" haha...but I tempered back to the sporty style bikinis...for about ten minutes and then straight back to the style I feel flatters me most..

  17. Lisa, that is an excellent way of thinking! I need to do that. I think it would make my life and picking something out so much easier. I never thought about that. You look adorable! I love your entire outfit girl.

  18. I definitely have days where I am dressing "in character" or rather where my outfit sort of colors my personality for that day. Not to the point of schizophrenia or anything - but you know in a more vague abstract kind of way. : )

  19. wall leaner! such a cute pic. i would have slipped and broke my shoulder. hehe


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