18 November 2011

A Zig and a Zag


I've lamented before about my lack of ability to apply makeup like a regular gal as well as my fear of getting - OK, looking - older, so it came as an incredibly flattering surprise for me when one of my dear readers (hi, Julie!) asked me to share what my makeup routine was. Alright, I use the term "routine" rather loosely.

I have always been a bit of a tomboy through my youth, and unlike my big sis, never really bothered to learn the finer points of makeup application. Which has really been fine through most of my life as that meant I could spend additional minutes snoozing in the morning as opposed to puffing or curling. However, in more business-y events, I feel like I lack the polish that some of my cohorts have. So I need to improve a bit. I'm taking baby steps.

IMG_9535   IMG_9540   IMG_9545

My current makeup routine is pretty basic. After I finish washing my face and smearing some moisture onto my face, I use a mineral powder concealer under my eyes (and believe me, with my bags and dark circles, I've tried it all and found that the powder works the best for me for coverage and longevity), then a bit of powder foundation on my lids and chin - can you tell that I have an oily complexion yet? I sweep on some blush then apply one of my ten million shades of nude lipsticks (the Sephora in G17 has been my go-to, but I like the sparkly Givenchy in beige shine too). Lately I've been braving the red lipstick, but I really just smudge it on a bit and not really heavily apply.

What I totally lack is any sort of eye makeup routine - that whole area that already been the cause of way too many morning makeup meltdowns, so yes, shadows and liner are too varsity for me. I admittedly am prone to jab myself in the eye if I try liner, apply shadow like a first-grader, and mascara - I really try, and you can't mess up mascara, but I can't seem to find that formula that doesn't end up in terrible clumps on my lashes or smeared under my eye.

Do you gals have any recommendations for mascaras that don't clump or smudge? And is there a type of makeup that you are intimidated by?

IMG_9513  IMG_9511

Dress: Asos knitted shift
Tights: Anne Klein (sim here)
Shoes: Vince Camuto bronco (worn here - sim here, here)
Necklace: c/o Simply Livly via Etsy
Bracelet: F21 faceted cube (sim here, here)


  1. Mascara is confusing to me...I have really short Asian eyelashes so for the most part I don't bother (especially when I wear my glasses), but I'm thinking of experimenting more. As for learning to put on makeup, I was like that too, but what I did was book an appointment for a makeover at MAC and asked them to show me how to apply everything. I think it's worth it, but there's also the danger of getting sucked into buying everything that they suggest. I haven't been in a while, but last time I looked into getting my makeup done for an event, I think there's an actual cost at a MAC store, but at a department store you only had to buy $35 worth of product (and that's really easy :)).

  2. Great dress! I see on the product page that it had a bow, did you find it easy to remove?

  3. Mascara is one of those things I don't like spending a lot on, because it goes bad so fast. I've had great luck with this:


    But the only place I can find it is Ulta.

  4. You have beautiful skin! I'm oily, too... sucks, doesn't it? Eye makeup is overrated, but have you considered using some type of brow filler? I use this from Aveda, which is really and eyeliner, but a lady at an Aveda salon who waxed my brows once a few years ago recommended it, and I love it.


    It is truly idiot-proof... I am really bad at applying makeup, too. I just lightly pencil a few short strokes and I can't really see what I've done, but when I step back my eyebrows look magically better somehow. Try it!

  5. You have gorgeous skin and look great with a natural look! I am one of those people who needs a little more makeup ;) Once I started using good brushes and watched some Youtube videos on how to apply makeup, I found it helped me a lot. But yeah, I am still on the hunt for the perfect mascara that lengthens and volumizes without clumping!

  6. rachel - haha, I have short asian lashes too - I've considered the MAC makeover thing before but I'm scared of getting "too" made up!

    Alexandra - The bow is actually a pin so you can remove and replace quite easily! I think it would have felt "too sweet" to me if the bow were permanent!

    Thanks, Amblus!

    JCrewJD - I only tried a brow filler once and I think I ended up looking like a character from Sesame Street! I'm sure the "technology" has improved a lot since I was in high school though, so I should probably give it another go - thanks for the rec!

    Michelle - thanks! One of the things that make me scared about applying a lot more makeup is that I have a few friends who are really good in the makeup department, but when I see them without the stuff, they look completely different - I am afraid I'll need so much "help" that I won't end up looking like me!

  7. i like the lashblast in the orange tube. around 8.00, i can't really go wrong!

  8. Oooh, I like this question and can't wait to see what your commenters will have to say. I always like to know what's working for other people.

    I also have very oily skin, and a very minimalist makeup routine. Because of the oily skin, most mascaras I've tried end up sliding off my lashes and onto the skin under my eyes, meaning I end up giving myself dark circles with makeup. Not cool.

    So I'm a problem case, and despite that I've found a mascara that still works pretty well for me: L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof in Black. It's not so waterproof that it won't come off with soap and water--it will. But it is waterproof enough to stay on my eyes.

    Best of all, it only costs $5 or $6. It doesn't clump either, at least until it starts to get a little dried out after a couple of months, and then it's time to throw it out.

    Good luck! Keep us posted!


  9. Liquid eyeliner is what I'm intimidated by. I love the way it looks, but I always end up with crazily uneven lines that look awful. The last time I tried it, I ended up with a scary glob of the stuff in my eye and I had to fish it out. :( Sticking to the pencil eyeliners for now!

  10. I love the dress set off by the turquoise necklace- so pretty! I wish I could help but I never wear make-up except for the lipstick I apply to take photos :)

  11. I love experimenting with makeup, I think the only thing I'm scared of is applying fake lashes. I tried once and failed miserably LOL! If you're not afraid of an eyelash curler try that, it really helps to open up your eyes! I don't believe all the hype with "expensive" mascaras. I find inexpensive ones just fine. Since I'm an Avon rep I know some of their mascaras go on sale for like $2.99 - really you can't beat that!

  12. Okay, this is kismet, because I was actually just going to write apost sometime this week about an eye makeup palette I bought that ismagical.  MAGICAL, I tell you.

    Urban Decay "Naked" Palette.  $48 at Sephora, comes with a free eyebrush and eyeshadow primer.  12 beautiful shades that blend well, lookgreat, and allow you to create tons of combos even if you have no cluehow to do any of this stuff (I've been sticking with three-four colorseach time and following the general rule of either "light color underbrow, darker color on lid, darkest color in crease and lining eyes" orthe exact same thing but combining two dark colors on both halves ofthe lid).

    Anyway, the point is that the colors and quality of the shadows makeit hard to mess up.  I tend to look like a trannie if I apply too muchmakeup, but I haven't screwed this one up yet.

  13. That is kind of funny because Mascara is the one thing I don't leave the house without. I feel like it makes me look awake. I'm using the Lash blast cover girl mascara and I love it. It's a really good formula and I haven't had any trouble removing it (I have sensitive skin so I hate it when I have to rub too much make up remover to get it off) Hope it helps!

  14. Love your zigzag dress...and the pop of turquoise is perfect!

  15. Beautiful dress! I don't usually wear mascara because I have long lashes and I wear glasses so the glass gets black and I can't see... oh well, it's a mess. I do have a Dior brown filler and I love it! I need to fill those emptiness in my black browns : )

  16. hahhaa your making faces makes me smile :-) I love the dress so cute


  17. love love love LOOOVE this outfit!!! You are always gorgeous but this is so adorable. Thanks for sharing :)

  18. I'm using Kiehls mascara right now. No flaking in my experience and it's $16.50. Super cute dress. Looks good w/the turq.

  19. I am loving the booties with dresses/skirts look. Never thought I could pull it off, but now I am second guessing myself ;)


  20. Love the necklace and the outfit. I use Cover Girl mascara.

  21. i am a lot like you! i put makeup on, but i never really got into the intricacies of it like my sister did. ;) one makeup item that i am kinda scared of is eyeliner -- the ironic thing is i have a loooot of them!

    <3, Mimi

  22. I loo-ove your dress!!! Did you cut off the bow or is that removable??

    Anyways...I wear pretty much everything on my face...except lipstick. It's the one thing that makes me say, no don't look like a clown!!

    Eyeliner? Try a liquid liner pen (not with a brush) because they're easier to handle.
    Mascara? Something for length will be less messy than something for volume, so I'd go for that kind of formula.

  23. I can't apply eye shadow to save my life. I wish I knew how because it seems like a great way to play with color.

    I love Dior Iconic for everyday and then layer Diorshow for special events or nights. For me and my barely there red lashes, it's the best stuff I've ever used. I'm shocked that I can see my lashes in photos!

  24. I've finally found a way to work with mascara: I wipe most of it off the brush before I apply it. Top lashes only. Once it's on, I blink really hard and wipe off where it transfers onto the skin. Bingo! I still need to check throughout the day to remove the fallout on my lower lid but it's only a light dusting. It might seem like a waste to wipe so much off the brush but I find I can't use up a tube before the 6 month expiration day and throw out an only partially used tube anyway.

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  26. Thanks, makeupandpearls!

    greatblueheron - ooh, thanks for the info, you and I sound like we have similar skin types (and mascara situations!)

    Carrie - I've never tried the liquid liner but I can't even handle the pencil, I think I would look like I signed my name over my eyelid if I tried a liquid liner, haha!

    Elaine A - this is how makeup-stupid I am - I used to apply mascara THEN curl my lashes immediately afterwards! And I was all like, well why do my lashes get stuck on the curler and why do I end up with wonky lashes?!

    JewishGirl - ooh, I'd love to read a review, that sounds like a great all-in-one kit for me!

    Mrs. Spanglish - I think I need all the help I can get to make my eyes look bigger, so I definitely need to rethink mascara.

    lunaday - aw, well the grass always looks greener, huh ... thanks for the info on the brow filler though!

    Thanks, Gigi!

    Jen - I am usually scared of booties, but the tone-on-tone makes the difference of the boot and legging less noticeable and I don't so evidently look like I've chopped myself off!

    Lauren K - yes, the bow is a pin so it is completely removeable. I totally didn't know that info about mascara, I need to keep that in mmind!

    Thanks for the rec, Pamela!

    Anon - that is a great idea actually, because I've always tried to get as much of the mascara off on the lip of the tube - I should've just wiped if off, because the clumps usually just ended up all over my lashes!

  27. Lisa,

    Love the mini sweater dress. Totally reminds of Missoni. I have looked, but so far not taken the ASOS plunge.

    I use Benefit Bad Gal lash. But I do a stupid thing with my Mascara that many have called me on. I warm it up in a glass of hot tap water. After I use it, I cool it off in cold water. No clumps and goes on perfect every time. But I should warn you that I've been told this routine could cause an eye problem. Hasn't ever happened in 3 years.

    Oh, and don't pump the tube with the brush. All that does is introduce air into the tube and dry out the liquid that ends up on the lip of the tube.

    Maybe you don't even need Mascara. Some people can get away with just curling their eye lashes.

    Instead of liquid eye liner, try using a pressed eye shadow in a color that is flattering for you. Just apply it with the end of the applicator wand. You can't mess it up. You can use a damp Q-Tip to straighten out the whoop di dos and define the line.

  28. Oh I love that dress!!
    And I believe that a little makeup goes a long way - you just want enough to trick people into thinking this just natural, right? I am totally the master of the three minute face, because five was just taking far too long.

    Chic on the Cheap

  29. Oh Laura - I sooooo pump the tube to try to remove excess mascara, that probabl doesn't help with thhe clumping! Thanks for letting me know!

  30. Love the sweater dress!

    The makeup item that intimidates me is foundation. I never seem to find the right coverage or the right color.


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