28 November 2011

Pink Flamingo

I can't seem to control myself recently. I've been wearing collared shirts under pretty much everything this season. Other than the pure I-get-cold-so-I-like-to-be-cozy aspect, there is something preppy to it that speaks to my inner tomboy (I refuse to call it "borrowed from the boys," you hear me, J.Crew?) aesthetic. Plus, I quite like to pop my collar now and again.


Now there's nothing wrong to having a formula for a great go-to outfit at the ready, but I feel like I am doing it every day now. Plus, I threw on a plaid button-down under a sweatshirt with jeans this weekend to grab a casual bite with the BF and we ended up staring at each other, as he was wearing a plaid button-down under a pullover ... with jeans. Sigh - does this mean that I am dressing up like my other half now, or does it just mean I am dressing like a dude?

IMG_9593 IMG_9560

So even though I grabbed myself three new collared shirts this past week thank you too much super sales - I wore this outfit last week so it doesn't count anymore, right - I will try to refrain from button-down layering this week to get myself out of a big collared style rut.

Have you all found a trend or two that you can't get enough of? When do you think an go-to outfit formula can become a style rut?


Sweater: F21 cable knit (sim here, here, tunic-length here)
Top: J. Crew quincy boy (worn here - sim here, here, same plaid in kids' sizing here)
Skirt: H&M drop pocket (worn here - sim here, ivory here)
Shoes: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters wingtips (worn here - sim here, here, oxford here)
Necklace: Crewcuts ribbon pearl (worn here - sim herehere)


Sorry , I messed up on my giveaway end date - I wrote "Sunday, November 29" which doesn't exist this year. So my Shopbop giveaway will end on the correct Tuesday, November 29 - which means you still have time to enter here!


  1. This outfit is anything but boyish. Love that beautiful pink and those shoes are awesome! And there is nothing wrong with a style formula you love if it works as well as this one :)

  2. I actually think this is much more preppy and pretty than boyish. You look great in this Lisa! Plus, borrowing from the other half can always be good to get inspiration from when you're in a rut!

  3. I love that you finished with those shoes with this outfit! and omg, the shoes from the side!?? LOVE IT!!

  4. Lisa, I am loving your outfit, but I've fallen in love with those SHOES!!! They are beyond amazing. Love them! :D

  5. Southern Belle, Ph.D.November 28, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    Your outfits are always the cutest! I like it myself and have actually purchased some nice shirts from the men's line at J Crew as well as some of their broken-in chinos. I look forward to more of your inspirations.

  6. Lisa, I love the collared shirt thing you have going. Wear it until you get tired of it!!
    I can't think of anything that I've been wearing over and over again, but I'm all about layering necklaces.

  7. I'm with you Lisa...I have been layering collared shirts under everthing! Even layered two collared shirts. :o)

    BTW...Looove those shoes!

  8. What a great outfit, love the bright pink colour on you! You look fabulous as always. This is most definitely not boyish - I can't see your BF wearing a bright pink sweater with his plaid shirt! (not to mention the skirt and heels) ;-)

  9. I promise I'm not stalking you but I adore every outfit you've been wearing lately. Although following someone's blog is a bit like stalking, no ;)?

  10. Love the mix of fuschia and blue plaid! This look is sweet, preppy and sophisticated all in one!

  11. Love that bright pink on you! And those shoes are adorable!

  12. that shirt looks familiar! ;)

    I'm starting to do the collared shirts under sweaters and adore it. i just need to get some better tights so i can wear my skirts when its cold out.

  13. Lisa, I love all the pink you have been wearing lately, it really suits you beautifully! And whatever your lipstick is, I want it!

  14. heh- I'm addicted to cuffed sleeves sticking out from whatever layer- been wearing silk blouses that way too, but particularly love it with checked shirts.
    I just watched a marathon session of 30 rock and realized my go-to blazer and jeans are always styled Liz Lemon-y, with checked sleeves hanging longer! But that's okay, 'cause I loves Tina Tey!!!

  15. You definitely aren't dressing like a dude ;-)
    I really like this look on you.

    My go to trend is the skinny jeans in boots during winter. It totally is a turning into a rut! But one that I don't mind!

  16. lol..you are funny - this outfit is so cute - I recently started doing the same thing - although I have not posted may pics of same because I doubt myself. but this look so cute and pull it off very well.

  17. I am washing that shirt tomorrow so I can steal this outfit asap. Thanks!

    :) Jen

  18. Lisa, I am loving the look of the collar shirt under a sweater! I don't think you can consider it a rut if it's this cute!--we'll talk again if you're still doing this in the summer lol

  19. Love the cabled texture on your sweater, Lisa. It almost looks like it has polka dots! And I think your collared shirt looks are fantastic. I tend to wear collared shirts under cardigan, and I think the collar adds a certain amount of jauntiness.

    In terms of trends, I've found myself a bit obsessed with the color blocking trend. I've bought about three color blocked items in the past eight weeks (one dress and two tops)..and then, on Black Friday I bought a pair of color blocked flats. I think enough is enough!

  20. Fun outfit my dear! My go-to thing right now are my cognac leather knee high boots. I have been wearing them with everything! Its fun seeing how your go-to thing changes every season huh? :)

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  21. I can't stop wearing button ups either...they are the perfect layering piece!

  22. My style rut (or signature as I like to call it) is skinny jeans, some sort of tank, a cardigan, and a pair of flats. I literally wear that everyday of my life : )


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