14 November 2011

Flock of Seagulls

Thanks for your patience with me, ladies - after about a week and a half of work and travel, I'm back in bloggie action again, though I think I have loads of catching up to do!


Can you believe that for those of us stateside, it is less than two weeks from Thanksgiving (is it that time of year already)? Which also means - I love how most stores just bypass turkey day and jump straight into twinkly lights and garlands - that the great big holiday of giving is also near. Which also means that is almost another year done! OK, one anxiety attack at a time, Lisa ...

Typically, BF and I would go to one of our families' to celebrate, or we would do an orphan's day, where a bunch of us not going home would get together and "commiserate." Honestly, as much as we love our families, sometimes it is nice to have a drama-free holiday with a bunch of friends, where we would gather at someone's house with football on in the background, imbibe too many beverages, watch the guys in the backyard try not to burn the neighborhood down frying a turkey and then stuff ourselves stupid. Most importantly, we usually divvied up the cooking responsibility so everyone bought a different dish and not one person was saddled with the responsibility to cook for a small army.

IMG_9392 IMG_9401

This year, with BF's work schedule, we decided to buck our normal traditions and instead do Thanksgiving at home - meaning on our own, no families, no friends. Surprisingly the most difficult part has not been telling our families we're "abandoning" them - we each have siblings whose families will be with our respective parents, so cooking/swearing/good-natured arguing/consuming will be done regardless - but trying to figure out a traditional menu consumable for just two people.

At this point we're looking to order the smallest deep-fried turkey we can find (once you go deep-fried, you'll never go back, seriously) and then making our own sides. I know that is almost plain lazy for this cook-til-you-drop holiday, but I ain't slaving in the kitchen all day for just two people!

What are your turkey day traditions? Are there any you wish you could avoid, or ones that it wouldn't feel like Thanksgiving if you did without?

IMG_9414 IMG_9422

Top: Forever 21 dolman birds (check stores, sim here, here, here, solid here)
Skirt: J.Crew No. 2 double-serge (cas version here)
Belt: UO Deena & Ozzy stretch (sim here, like snakebite in ivory)
Shoes: Boutique 9 via Anthropologie botanist heeled (worn here - same here, sim suede here)
Earrings: T+J Designs stone dangle


  1. I live in Belgium/the UK and am thinking of adopting the Thanksgiving tradition in my family. I hardly ever see mine so would love to have another excuse to get together.

    Those shoes are gorgeous, by the way!

  2. Love everyyything about this! Gorgeous shirt and love that color skirt! And the belt is just perfect with it

  3. That skirt is gorgeous on you!

  4. You find the most adorable blouses at F21!! I love the belt too. I've never tried deep fried turkey?! Sounds like something I need to try!

  5. Cute outfit! One of my fav Turkey Days was the first one hubs and I were living out of state. It was just the two of us and our spoiled puppy. Sent DH to the local frou frou market to pick up a small turkey breast w/ all the fixings... and we spent the day in our pjs... snoozing, snuggling, and watching football :o) So relaxing!
    This year we are flying cross country to meet up w/ the in-laws, which is always a blast... but kind of miss the low key celebration.

  6. I definitely respect those shoes. Gorgeous!

  7. Sounds like a nice relaxing Thanksgiving day to me! I actually am not a big turkey day person myself.

    I love your great top! The sleeves and the print are amazing! Hope you enjoy your slowing down time and I am so glad that you are back!

  8. Hubby and I do that EVERY year and honestly it's the best idea ever. Holidays are suppose to be a time of loving, caring and joy, but sometimes when too many people are around it's nothing but drama. So, this Turkey Day and Christmas we're doing it all on our own. Every 2 years we have a Christmas just the 2 of us where we do what we want to do and have no agenda...we make up our traditions like bake cinnamon rolls, sleep eat, watch a movie (or two) in the theater and have a nice dinner. Same goes for Turkey day - it might just be my favorite date night of the year.

  9. this year we're doing lunch with my family and then my family will join my fiance's at his house. i think there's going to be something like 35-40 people there so i'm really looking forward to it!

  10. Raise the Roof! I love this first photo :) What a sophisticated outfit. I love the fullness of the blouse and how it's offset by the slimness of the skirt. At first I thought these earrings were Anthropologie. Very nice. Your Thanksgiving plans sound fabulous. I love my family, but sometimes it's all a little too much. One things for sure, Turkey is a MUST!

  11. Love the color of your skirt, and the bird blouse is such a cute pairing with it! I wish my husband and I could just stay home by ourselves lol...way less stressful, but I'm sure it would cause way too much drama hahaha

  12. I saw your pictures in Google Reader, and I thought, Damn! Lisa is rocking it today! I love the whimsical print of the blouse against the aquamarine.

    M and I have celebrated Thanksgiving on our own for the past couple of years, and I kind of like it! Our budget goes farther on better food, cheese, and side dishes because it's just the two of us, and I feel less stressful cooking.

  13. Amazing blouse- you really carry it off! Such moxy.

    And you've making me very happy that I ordered this skirt colour during the last promo- I have been roaming the net trying to confirm the shade of turquoise-y green and this seems both pretty and true to life!

  14. First of all, I am loving that skirt on you! I still need to get my grubby hands on one myself! As for Thanksgiving, I have to bounce around from my grandmothers to my moms, all in one day. It's always so nice to get everyone together. But then again I can totally understand the appeal of having a quiet Thanksgiving and making your own traditions together.

  15. You look so pretty! Love the turquoise skirt and you matched it so well with those earrings.

    Turkey day is my favorite eating day and a fried turkey sounds delish :)

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  16. Awesome Outfit! love the skirt on you


  17. Okay I am obsessed with this shirt! It's so beautiful! I absolutely love it. Love the pencil skirt too--I think this outfit is perfect.

    Turkey day in Canada is a lot earlier--but it's not complete without... dressing, and peas pudding... and salt meat. And turkey. And carrots and potatoes and turnip and cabbage. All cooked in a big pot. Mmmmmmm!

  18. I know what you mean- I've cooked Thanksgiving for just us two before and even though i love cooking it didn't seem like it was worth all that effort. Hope it turns out wonderful for you two! Oh, and I absolutely love that skirt on you :)

  19. Like the earrings! They remind me of Amrita Singh. Also like the dolman top - perfect paired with a pencil skirt.
    For Thanksgiving I am partial to stuffing, gravy, and lots of mashed potatoes ... carb city, in other words. :)

  20. I make an apple pie every Thanksgiving, based on my mom's recipe. I am especially fond of the crust, so I'll make extra so that it's a deep dish pie : ) I rarely bake, so it's one of the few times I can resurrect that inner domestic goddess.

    I love how you styled this skirt! The seagull print gives it a fun and whimsical look. My Veridian Green No 2. skirt should be coming some time in January (gosh darn those backorders), and I'm sure I'll have lots of inspiration by then!

  21. That is an awesome top and wonderful outfit! I have a penchant for anything with dolman or large billowy sleeves, and this top fits the bill! Love it!

    Our Thanksgiving traditions change a lot, but we did do the fast turkey thing - buying a fried turkey and reheating. It was good! :)

  22. Lisa,
    I think this is my favorite outfit I've seen you wear. LOVE the shirt. I mean, get me to a F21 right now kind of love. This year, we'll be hosting Thanksgiving, so we are hoping it's not as much work as everybody says it is!


  23. Girl, I AM SO WITH YOU! I am catering my entire shindig of 2 peeps too and enjoying my holiday. Gonna catch up on the black friday sales and enjoy some tv! I love the color of that skirt and the sleeves to your blouse are just too awesome!

  24. I have been catering our (Canadian) Thanksgiving for a couple of years - two of our local upscale hotels offer fully cooked 3-course turkey dinners with all the fixings, AND equal purchased food with donations to charity. And if I can get chefs to cook for me, who am I to argue?

  25. Sayaka - fried turkey - life changing, seriously!

    Anon - ooh, I would totally be able to get away with spending turkey day in my jammies (i.e., comfy stretchy pants) ... I can already feel my food baby getting bigger, haha!

    Tabitha - BF and I need to figure out Christmas. For as long as we've been together, we've never spent a Christmas together - but then again, I can't imagine Christmas not being with my fam (and I'm sure he feels the same about his). Someday we'll figure this family timesharing thing out, haha!

    makeupandpearls - the first turkey day that BF and I spent together was at his mom's house and there were like 30 people there - I was so overwhelmed, gack!

    Linda - thanks! Yeah, this is pretty much my new fave top from F21. Sometimes they can come out with a winner!

    thatdamngreendress - the color is gorge, I can totally understand why this color is on backorder!

    Courtney - that sounds delicious, I'm there!

    skippysays - I think the hardest part for us will be portion control for the servings. We always cook for like at least 6 people!

    Carrie - a few weeks ago, I made a box of Stouffers, bought sliced turkey and a can of Ocean Spray cranberry "sauce" because I had the uncontrollable urge for a Thanksgiving sandwich. I had a terrific nap after that, haha!

    Jamie - you make your own crust? Tutorial, please! For me, pie is all about the crust, and I've been too scared to try to make my own! (Re: the skirt, I ordered it a few weeks ago on a promo and it also said backordered until 2012 - but got it in the mail last week, so hopefully you'll be receiving yours soon too!)

    Samantha - I love fried turkey - it is BF's responsibility to score us one, so I hope he doesn't fail!

    Jen - I don't really have any shirt like this and felt the uncontrollable urge to stick my arms out all dang day, so I probably looked more silly than good, haha!

    SassyUptownChic - yeah, watching BF's mom running around like a crazy lady last year but still trying to be graceful and turning down help was no fun. I think when dinner was ready, she was too tired to really enjoy it!

    cagliari67 - ooh, that sounds fantastic - great food, none of drama or headaches AND giving to a good cause all in one!

  26. I have no idea where October and half of November went!

    I'm a big proponent of chillaxing on holidays...which doesn't always come to fruition because of all of the scheduling/personalities/etc.

    Make things you can freeze and use later - potatoes, green bean casserole, day 2 turkey sandwiches!

  27. Thanksgiving usually just stresses me out. We were alternating between my family and my husband's family, but now my husband's family has started coming in town to do Thanksgiving with MY family. So, we're alllllllllll together. Kind of too much family for one day, but I guess the food makes it worth it, haha.

    Good luck figuring out how to get the Thanksgiving feast down to a menu suitable for two... I wouldn't know where to begin!

    The color of that skirt is gorgeous!

  28. Cute top! I love the dramatic sleeves and the miu miu-esque print. And, Happy Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday!

  29. absolutely smashing!!!!! love it all!!!!!!


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