17 October 2011

Road Warrior

Hey, ladies, thanks for being so patient with me and sending me well wishes while I've been away. I wish I could say that I've been MIA for some fun off time but it was a cross-country biz trip medley. At least it was an uneventful few weeks and I'll be here at home for a while.


So this time on the road has certainly make me think about the type of traveler I am. (Whiny aside) I'd like to consider myself an incredibly sensible air traveler. I can't pack outfits worth a darn, but I will plan my minutes from home departure to landing at the hotel. You know, the one who figures which specific ATM to use, how many minutes it takes from airport to car rental center, if I have time to go sit and eat something or need to grab and run.

I'll stick a wrap in my purse in case it gets cold on the plane, I have a little coin purse of "emergency" travel medicines, I never leave home without one or two novels to pass the time, snacks, drinks. I think seriously about the type of outfit I travel wear in order to be comfortable and fashionable - rubber soled flats, jeans and knits are my travel BFFs. I buy a small enough bottle of water to fit in the seat pocket. I eat before getting on the plane. I never clog the aisle and always have my reading materials out and ready. Yes, I am totally Ryan Bingham.

IMG_8715 IMG_8712

I do have one caveat to my practicality though - I like to "reward" myself for enduring the terrible rigors of travelling. I like buy terrible gossip mags and actually read them from cover to cover (Jennifer Aniston did wha-? Oh no she di-int!). I treat myself in deliciously junky terminal fast food - like my latest obsession, Auntie Anne's hot dog pretzels. I do zero work on the plane, opting instead to read or - more preferably - pass out while we're still taxiing.

I don't know how the streamlined travelers do it. The guys who can roll in with no carry-ons, no water, no reading materials - who can sit down, close their eyes and be perfectly content for three hours with no issues. Or the exact opposite of the streamliners - you know, the ones with the required two-piece carry-on limit (plus a purse, plus a laptop bag, plus a neck roll, plus a stack of newspapers and juggling a jumbo size smoothie). The same ones who decide mid-flight to pull out a giant styrofoam container of Philly cheesesteak - extra onions - with garlic fries, and proceed to maw on it while stinking up three rows of seats (never been big on people eating on planes - I've got personal space issues here).

What kind of traveler are you? Do you like to do little things to make traveling more "bearable?" Do you reward yourself somehow for all the tedious "trouble?"



Sweater: Old Navy 3/4 sleeve (see it all prepped out on Jean)
Skirt: J. Crew chino full (worn here - sim here, trimmed here)
Necklace: White Owl via Etsy (sim here)
Shoes: Sam Edelman kody (sim patent here, wedge here, sleek here)


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  1. Definitely a minimalist traveler here! It's a source of pride actually. I get angry when my husband takes longer than necessary going through the security line. Cost is also no object when it comes to buying the latest travel organizer/etc.

  2. Love this outfit! Those shoes are amazing :) I'm somewhere int he middle I think- I am not under-prepared, but I don'y preplan what ATM I'm going to use either :)

  3. Glad to see that you are back. I love your outfit today and the shoes are awesome. I'm going to look for those this week. I'm sort of a preplanner when I travel too and I always have a few things with me. Some of my must haves include my iPod, a magazine/book, and my neck pillow. I usually have a medium sized tote bag or a backpack with everything I need that I store under the seat.

  4. heh...I totally had a pat-myself-on-the-back moment at the airport recently when I realized my shoes were slip-ons. Thanks Ryan Bingham!

    I pride myself on packing light with smart comfortable items that go together, but then I always end up with too much reading material stuffed into all the pockets. And then I just flip through the in-flight magazine.

    I totally enjoy eating badly- though I had an absolutely awesome burrito at Laguardia! Great guacamole!

  5. The heels are so pretty! And go with your look so well. Love the striped sweater

  6. Haha! I am like you!
    I pack everything I need and think I will need for the plane ride. I also eat and pee before my flight. I bring reading materials plus my ipod just in case I feel the need to plug up my ears from chatter boxes and crying babies. I plan my ride to the minute and the diva that I am, expects to be picked up on the dot! I almost never check in my luggage so I'm ready to go as soon as the plane lands!

    Just Better Together

  7. oh, definitely prepared on the plane - and at the bottom of the "plane bag" there's a tightly packed stash of undies, sox, soap, chocolate, and other necessities. Can't say I don't learn from experience!

  8. Hey Lisa!

    Been busy too - just trying to catchup with everything. Love the top!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  9. i actually did a 36 hour trip this weekend to LA with the smallest carryon ever.

    i'd like to say i'm getting better with traveling. i always have my kindle charged, medicine in my purse and a hoodie in case i get cold. also, slip on shoes are a big thing for me with security lines.

    i'm not a massive fan of flying, but i'm getting more... used to doing it. we are going to NYC in nov, hawaii in dec, and i'm potentially going to dallas for work in dec as well so... it's a way of life, i guess.

    when i fly out of SFO i like to stop at the sourdough stand and get a bag of emperor norton ranch sourdough snacks. MMMMM.

  10. Lovely shoes!

    I'm a minimalist when I travel and also time myself from door to the airport. I also hate it when people stink up an entire plane with a slice of pizza! I try to eat before boarding, or grab nuts for a snack to take with me on the plane. Once boarded, I try to catch up on all the movies.

  11. lol!! I love your writing! I roll on with no water, no reading material, no carry on. I feel like baggage weighs me down...def a minimalist...even when I'm traveling with my kiddos.

  12. Welcome back from your travels!!!

    I'm the frazzled traveler. I'm fairly minimalist, but by the time I get through the security line, I throw my stuff in all different places and can't find anything. I spend all my time rummaging through bags!

  13. 1) Your shoes are awesome! 2) Love the stripes...so cute!!

  14. love how you accented the sweater with that amazing necklacE:)!

  15. I'm a minimalist. I refuse to bring anything other than a carry on. I always make sure I have a sweater, socks so I don't have to go through the security line with bare feet, an ipod, hand sanitizer and something to read. Before I leave I'll get enough cash to cover my trip. If I'm travelling outside the country I get the currency before I leave. No ATMs for me:)

  16. Welcome back! Love this sweater, Lisa. And the lace necklace gives it such a pretty, feminine touch.

    I also love to treat myself to magazines when traveling -- using Vogue and Instyle are my go to (why do I have to pick the heaviest magazines to carry?!). And if there's a Starbucks in the airport, I will hunt it down to get my latte and coffee cake. Even if that Starbucks is several terminals away and I had a cup of coffee before leaving. it's the small things, right?

  17. This outfit is perfect example of elegance, simplicity and innovation! Simply loved the adorable color combination and top is truly awesome! Red Shoes are charming as well!!

  18. Pamela - the amount of luggage that BF and I have is ridiculous. We have a different bag for almost every situation. And not like I need it, but I am scouting a new rolling computer bag - the one I have is sometimes too big for the regional jets and for some reason, gate-checking ticks me off.

    thatdamngreendress - I cracked up during that scene from the movie when Clooney describes the different kinds of travelers on a security line, because I totally do that too - and yes, I am Asian and queen of the airport slip-on shoes!

    Justine - we're totally the same here. If we're boarding 35 minutes before take off, at 40 minutes before, I am heading to the ladies room!

    wellfedfred - My old boss would always carry on one change of clothes with him and I had thought it was dumb - until my luggage got lost once on a business trip and I literally was left with no clothes, no makeup or hair products, and no time prior to the meeting to do anything about it!

    makeupandpearls - I totally wouldn't mind traveling if it weren't for the whole "getting there" part!

    Rose -I guess we should be glad people only stink up planes with food and not cigarettes anymore!

    Anne - wow, how do you manage through a flight with the kids with no carry-ons (i.e., distractions)? My sis is usually ladened with videos, books, toys, you name it, so her son will "remain calm" on flights!

    Kelly - I am so scared of losing something through security! I had a friend who literally walked out of security, got on a plane and flew away without picking his laptop back up!

    Of the Comely - I always forget about the sock thing going through security since I wear ballet flats a lot - and I'm always stuck feeling gross!

    Jamie - that is exactly why I don't pick the Vogues and InStyles, my crazy brain is also thinking about my carry weight, haha. And before I moved to the SE, I used to terminal hop whenever I had a layover in Atlanta so I could get some Krystals!

  19. Ah, before baby, I too used to buy current trashy magazines and be fairly streamlined when traveling. Now, who has time to read when you're carrying a baby on your lap? And streamlined? What's that? :)

  20. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get a pretzel at the airport. I knwo all the health mags say the last thing you should do when travelling is load up on carbs/sodium, but I can't help it! They're so good. And you're right - travelling is tough business and means that you deserve a treat!

  21. omg! i have those shoes. and i was just thinking about wearing them. i think they were in the closet for 2 years. i love when old things come back in style! love your blog!!

  22. I'm actually going to be posting about my upcoming trip pretty soon (depending on when I get my butt in gear and take/edit pictures). But I try to be as minimalist as possible, while still making sure that I have everything I need!


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