18 October 2011

The Grass, it is Greener Over There

Well of course I've totally thought about it before. I think anyone who writes or reads a blog has. What sounds better than to give up the daily grind in order to dress up, take outfit photos and then post them online - as a profession.


As a full-time style blogger, I envision being able to wake up each morning around 10-ish with my adorable pug next to me. Over coffee, I peruse my walk-in closet and spend a good hour mentally debating - what mood am I in today, what kind of vibe do I want to go for, should I wear my new courtesy of designer pumps or one of the half-dozen new dresses that my sponsor sent me. After checking in with my assistant on my schedule for the day, I go out to lunch with my semi-professional photographer boyfriend and then scout some new grasslands-brickwalled locations to shoot my outfit for today's post. We head back to our sweet bungalow house and I write while BF selects the outfit pics. After a phone interview, answering some e-mails on new potential collaborations, and tinkering with my jewelry line and baking brownies, it's time to get dolled up for a soiree at a designer clothing store. There will be champagne, loads of fans, and of course me, as I will be the grand opening guest of honor. Tomorrow, heading to LA for a long relaxing weekend ...

Alright, I know it is not like this in real life. Let's just take the Leandra Medines and Chiara Ferragnis  immediately out of the picture. I know for most of those who choose to blog full-time, it is a constant hustle of getting (and keeping) sponsors, networking networking networking, looking for freelance work to supplement the affiliate income, and trying to continuously grow readership while always coming up with new exciting content, collaborations, outfits, etc.

IMG_8768 IMG_8779

Plus, what's the life expectancy of a style - or any, for that matter - blog? If a blogger is hot now, will they still be on top of a style blog food chain two years from now, or will it be on to the next new blog thing? If a blog is making a set amount of money now, there's no guarantee they will be able to grow - or even maintain - that same rate for years or even months. And then what's next? I know this may vary by industry or job type, but how does "Professional Blogger, January 2010 - September 2012" look on a resume?

If it were easy, there'd be a lot more of us doing it. I, like most of the rest of you, blog as a hobby because I enjoy it. I make next to no dollars for doing this, save for money once in a blue moon from affiliate links. My regular work life is vastly different from my blog. And actually, I don't know I could do it full time - not even talking about the whole lack of talent, connections thing - I'm not sure I would still enjoy it if I had to blog, had to worry about posting about the next hot thing and pleasing my sponsors while trying to keep my voice. Plus there's this whole steady income and insurance question - I enjoy this knowing exactly how much money I have coming in every two weeks deal. It's a nice little security blanket for my piece of mind.

I'm certainly no expert, so please let me know what you ladies think. What do you think it would take to blog full time? Do you think it'd be something you'd actually want to do if you had the opportunity? Would you blog for a living?


Sweater: J. Crew (worn here - sim luxe here, cardigan here)
Dress: Merona by Target odette (solid here, see Rosa rock it)
Shoes: Sofft ramona II (worn here - sim here, here, slingback here)
Necklace: c/o Simply Livly via Etsy


  1. I love this outfit. It is so pretty and colorful! :) You look beautiful.

    I sort of blog full time, as some months it is the only way I make money (except for the weekly check Mr. Dina gives me for being a SAHM, which is a job, and I appreciate him recognizing that, lol). I mean I don't network, network, network, but the little bit I make with my (one teeny) affiliate helps offset some of my sartorial desires. ;)

    But I love it, I think if I needed to make it work so I could pay a mortgage or buy groceries or get my kids school stuff, I would definitely need to re-think blogging full time. This is not a profession that will bring monetary success except for a small minority.

    The ones who are most successful at it seem to be the uber-fashionable, you know five inch platform sandals by some fab designer, skinny, teeny tiny little LONG legs in short shorts, glittery tank top, layered with a insouciant wool drapey blazer, all topped by a big felt fedora and bug eye sunglasses. In other words, exactly .01% of the American female population.

    But the dream, I like your vision of it. Especially trips to LA and champagne.

  2. I think you're right, it's not as glamorous as it seems. I nanny part-time and blog (at least right now, while I'm trying to figure out the next step in my career). I thought this meant i would have long, relaxing days. Wrong. I still wake up at 7:00 am because since my job is only part time I am expected to pick up the slack elsewhere- I walk the dogs, clean the house, grocery shop, cook dinner, go to the gym, and then get home to blog by 7pm-8pm like the rest of the full time working gals. Or often later. But the imaginary full-time blogging gig you describe sounds wonderful :)
    Love this outfit by the way! Great color combo, and the dress is incredibly flattering!

  3. You look great Lisa – as always. This is a great topic. I’m totally with you…I like have a steady paycheck and health insurance every month. I often read the professional fashion blogs and it seems like the bloggers have a glamorous life. I look at blogs like Saucy Glossy who scored a commercial with TJ Maxx and Cupcakes and Cashmere has a deal with Juicy Couture and I think Coach is one of her sponsors. Who wouldn’t want that blog recognition and extra income. I would love to have some sponsors and get some freebies every now and then. Right now, I blog for fun and I don’t know if it would be fun if I was forced to do it. I also don’t think I could blog full time especially because I live in northern Florida. It’s not exactly the fashion capital of the world. Maybe things would be different if I lived in NY or LA and was able to network and get my name out there.

  4. To blog or not to blog full time?

    I am guessing you would need thousands of followers and blog about what's trendy. I agree with you: if I HAD TO do this, not sure I could. For me, it is something fun I started one long weekend when I had nothing to do. Where is it going? No clue, no plans.

  5. Blogging is def my hobby. It helps me keep my creative side while working in a sea of lawyers and Court officials. I am like you--on the fence with how I would feel doing it full time. I envision it the same way you describe--time to myself, mozying around town, making killer connections with brands and fans and the like. But, then again, I don't know any professional bloggers. I don't know what all goes into it and how much they have to actually work to get their names and blogs out there. Your title is perfect, the grass does always seem greener. The life of a full time professional blogger sounds glamorous and carefree, but what doesn't sound glamorous and carefree is focusing on what you are wearing at all times every single day. Or wondering what kind of income or (as you mention) health insurance, retirement, etc. that will be gained from that employment. I've also similarly wondered how long you can actually be a style blogger. I think it's safe to say that most of us here are in our 20's and maybe early 30's, but will there ever be middle aged bloggers? Elderly bloggers? Who knows! But with fashion being such a youth centralized industry, it would be hard, I think, to maintain a blog beyond the years of 40 (or even mid 30's). Blogging to me is my escape from work and kids and it's something that I can honestly say is just for me. I think it is great the people that I have "met", the few trinkets I have received and the amazing support and comments that I get on my page, but they are just perks to doing something I already love! Would I still love it if I was doing it as a job or a source of income? Hard to say. Great post as usual Lisa!

  6. Love the way you styled this dress! I wish I had that jacket in yellow!

    For me blogging is definitely a hobby and a way for me to express myself creatively! It wouldn't be as fun if it were my *job* I don't think.

  7. I think you hit the nail on the head here--of course, I'd love to blog full-time, as my career, but if I did, my blog wouldn't be what it is now: a creative outlet that is completely fueled by me and me alone--no ads, no sponsors, no giveaways. It's liberating for write for myself (and my audience) and be proud of the content I put out there. I'm not sure it would be the same story if I was blogging to make money.

    Thanks for bringing up the topic!

  8. What an interesting topic, and I love the title. Ah, wouldn't it be great if that imaginary life was real?

  9. I like that your imaginary glamorous blogger life includes baking brownies! :) Now that's what I think of as luxury.
    I blog for fun, but I definitely wouldn't want to do it as a job. I don't follow any big-time bloggers, but I think that you'd have to be in constant acquisition mode, buying and wearing the latest trends. Even though they probably score a lot of stuff "courtesy of," I still think it'd be tiring.
    The print and color of this dress is lovely!

  10. What a poignant post!!!
    Of course being a professional full time blogger SOUNDS appealing, but so did my last job when I accepted it...full of travel, free bags of clothing in my hotel room at the end of the day, deep, deep discounts on the hottest new merchandise...don't you wish everything was 55% off????
    But with all the hustle and bustle and busting my ass I still had no time to just BE. To smell the roses if you will.
    I started my blog as a hobby because I love to dress up and I adore vintage and I love to write. I love nothing more than thinking up a subject to talk about. Just like you, which is why you always keep me coming back for more, more, more!

  11. Fantastic outfit. I love the colors and textures and everthing! I bet you even smell great.

  12. What a great look! I love the color combo and that sweater is so cute. And yes, part of me would love to blog full time (and have pictures that are not always taken at the crack of dawn in our home office) but I do love practicing law too. Can't we have it all?? :)

  13. Oh, to dream!!! I often think it would be amazing to be a full-time blogger, but you're so right in everything you said. The grass is always greener! Dare I say I might even get a little bored sitting at home blogging all day, every day. Of course, with all those glamourous networking events, maybe I wouldn't be so bored after all :)

  14. I don't know that I would want to blog as a full time job even though sometimes I feel like I spend too much time doing it. Creativity ebbs and flows and the pressure of always having to be on would be too much for me!

  15. Blogging full time and be able to pay bills? I think bloggers who can do that and still be creative are lucky.

    I am loving this outfit, I like the vibrant colors and I want your necklace!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  16. It's an interesting question, and definitely something I've thought about a lot. By having no sponsors, no adds, there is no pressure. I can blog what I want, when I want and the only person I'm aiming to please is myself. (and if I'm pleased, than hopefully readers will be, and then I will get more readers) But since I'm making zero dollars from blogging why exactly do I need/care about increases in readership?

    Blogging for a living would mean blogging to promote companies. Of course who doesn't love the dream of having designers sending them free stuff... but I know that I would then be worried about pleasing them, so that I make them money and they continue to give me stuff.

    But then I'd be one of the bloggers who (just gonna say it) I hate a little. When I see every other item in their outfit details with a "c/o" beside it.

    I'm about real world style, that I can pay for with my own money. I'd love it if Coach wanted to send me a brand new station bag... but my reality is that I can only afford the one I got at the thrift store for $10. I like it when people compliment my style and thriftiness. I would have to give some of that up.

    Of course I still love the fantasy. And it would be fun, to be just a tiny bit famous. Even if it's in the tiniest of circles.

    Chic on the Cheap

  17. Welcome home Lisa!! I missed your blog!! You look awesome and I see no trace of jet lag!!

  18. I definitely wouldn't be able to do it. Aside from the fact that I write about whatever randomly pops into my head (which would never be interesting enough to garner a huge audience), I don't think I'd enjoy blogging as much if it felt like a job. Putting pressure on myself to churn out a post every day no matter what would take the fun out of it... and probably result in some really crappy posts.

  19. I fo sho would blog full-time if I could, but I know it's not a reality. My blog is a personal blog, and unless your life is crazy interesting and relatable at the same time, you are out of luck.
    You have a niche though, which is important. Just looking at the things you are doing (networking, collaborating, etc.) makes me believe you will go far.

  20. First thing I really like your dress the print and style is looks perfect on you.

    As far as blog full time nope, never, I cant and wont ever do that. I need to have a busy/fulfilled life and talking about myself everyday isn't it.


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