03 October 2011

Five Minutes With {Red Soles and Red Wine}

Happy first week of October, ladies! I'm on trip two of my biz travel extravaganza and nursing a pretty incredible work event-related sunburn that involves my arms from the elbows down, nose, cheeks and chin, so I'm still going to be some blog-absent while rocking my "white-collar's" tan this week. So to make up for the lack of my outfit posts and random ramblings, I give you ladies another edition of the Five Minutes With ... blogger feature!

This week's featured blogger is a super-talented multi-tasker with a penchant for looking fantastic in designer duds and the grace to handle platform stilettos. She's got some jealous-making gorgeous locks and the talent to pull down both a full-time "real world" job and design blinged-out baubles with her sis.

This week, please meet Jen from Red Soles and Red Wine (and half of the jewelry design duo behind T+J Designs - hello, pyramid crystal bangle, I heart you):

1. Eggplant, no matter how man times I try it I still don’t like it! was the worst thing I ever ate.

2. To be brave is to live life to the fullest. Challenges are what make you grow.

3. I wish I could be friends with Rachel Zoe, she has my dream job.

4. Spiders and bugs scare the heck out of me.

5. I hate having to decide on what to cook, I’m not great cook, but love to eat.

6. The best thing I like about blogging is all the people I’ve communicated with, such great people in the blogging world.

7. My least favorite thing about blogging is negative comments. I believe in supporting women and what makes you successful is your attitude towards others and hard work. People are everything and being kind to each other is imperative in this world.

8. I would love to learn to draw, I am a horrible drawer and I see blogs with the most beautiful illustrations and I wish I could do the same!

9. Most people don’t know that I am afraid to speak in public. I’ve eased into it over the last 10 years and had to do a lot of it in my previous job, but the first time as an assistant merchandiser in presenting I had a full on panic attack.

10. Yesterday, I should have relaxed.

11. Meeting my husband was the moment that changed my life.

12. I can’t live without my dog Louis (Yorkshire terrier).

13. My latest purchase was a Trina Turk fur collared sweater.

14. My favorite useless skill is being able to shop for 10 hours a day and probably everyday. I love shopping and have been lucky enough to travel to Europe to shop for work. Shopping all day for a week when it’s not your money is the best!

15. Moving to New York without a job yet is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

16. Modern Family cracks me up.

17. The first thing I do when I go home is hug my dog and my husband.
18. If I had a theme song, it would be a current song I’m loving “Good Life” by OneRepublic.

19. My favorite outfit is I can’t choose one! I love anything with sequins or leopard print.

Thanks so much again for participating, Jen! And stay tuned, ladies, for another blogger feature coming soon!


  1. Lisa, love it and thank you!!! I hope you feel better from your sunburn. It means a lot to have your kind and supportive words. Have a fantastic week and feel better!


  2. Seriously, after reading this Jen and I have even MORE in common! Great interview Lisa, hope the burn isn't too bad!!

  3. I love the blue dress in the second photo! Love!

  4. I love this feature! Such a cute blogger!

  5. Love Jen's blog- so glad to see it featured! And isn't that pic of her in the blue dress awesome? It looks amazing on her!!

  6. I love Jen! She's just as cute in person as she is in her pics. Loved learning that I'm not the only one who has a fear of public speaking...even though I do a ton of it for my job.

  7. I loooove her and she has amazing blog and style as well!


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