27 September 2011

The Young and the Restless

Consider this a random post out of left field, but I consider myself pretty much a serial monogamist. Ever since I could date, I've pretty much been in one relationship or another. Even waaay back in day.

My first serious BF was in high school. To a guy in my own clique - 'cause didn't everyone hang in a "clique" in high school? - which pretty much meant we were both nerds with a lot of similar interests. Except he loved playing Magic during lunch and I'd rather be off hitting tennis balls. Or trying out for the fencing team (don't ask).


I think it was typical geeky first love - you know, the passed notes, scribbling hearts in notebooks, sharing Cheesy Doodles kind. "Dating" was going to the local pizzeria or McDonalds, then bowling. When it snowed, we used to go sliding down a hill together on our textbooks (sorry, Board of Education) or he'd dragged me giggling through the slush on my bum so I'd end up having to walk home with wet icy pants. Ah, pitter patter heart.

We were on and off for about three years - eons in high school time - until the night when he promptly dumped me at prom. At prom. During prom. When it was still happening. Like, people were still out on the dance floor dancing and he was all in front me mumbling something about "hey, I need my freedom. yo."

IMG_7635  IMG_7678

I'm pretty sure I cried my eyes out after I got home. I'm sure my heart ached and I couldn't eat and all I could do was be all miserable Bella-sans Edwards-like when I daydreamed about the good times we had together and how I was never going to find another "good man."

Now is it just me, or did we just feel the highs and lows of love more deeply when we were younger? Were we just more receptive to love back then? Were our hearts more open? (Or is it just we've gotten older and wiser with the realization of how truly sucky some guys are?)

Do you remember your first "serious" relationship? What do you feel about now that you think back on it?


Dress: Eva Franco archer (Laura also has this dress, can't wait to see her rock it - sim here, here)
Belt: from Anthro helios batik skirt (skirt seen here - sim here, skinny here)
Shoes: Sofft ramona II (worn here - sim here)
Clutch: Cambridge Satchel Company (worn here - sim here)
Brooch: part of dress (sim all metal here)


  1. How about this for a synopsis on HS first love...
    Guy asks me to be his gf at a party while he was drunk. I said yes more for the fact that he was drunk and I didn't want a "scene".
    Couldn't bring myself to break up with him the next day, or the day after that, or the day after that until we were dating for over a year and I was so in love with him I turned down a scholarship to a college in NYC because I couldn't bear to leave him behind.
    Then one day he just breaks up with me out of no where in senior year...I couldn't eat, sleep...all I did was cry my eyes out (TOTALLY Bella sans Edward with even Lykke Li~esque songs in the background!)
    I picked myself up by my bootstraps (LITERALLY. you've seen my punk pics!) and moved on determined to ALWAYS be the breaker~upper from then on. (I still hold that record!)
    He pops back in my life within a year and we get back together...as I feel myself losing myself again I end it.
    Bumped into him when my son was an infant and he almost cried standing there staring at my boy.
    Then,5 years later, shows up at my work one day, takes me to lunch and tells me he never should have broken up with me, still loves me blah,blah,blah.
    I told him I was happy and married and had moved on (I was lying) and parted ways.
    Then when he heard I was divorcing a year later came back around for 1 more try.
    Crazy, right?
    And no...my husband is NOT him.

    I love how your posts take me down memory lane...

  2. Well...first of all I absolutely LOVE your bow on the dress with the pops of pink. This is just too cute :)

    Second, all guys in high school were pretty sucky. My first "true love" was an older guy (a senior) and oh it was so sweet. Then he left for college. Broke my heart! When I look back on all the guys I thought were so cool back in high school, now as an adult, I say to myself, "WTF?" was I thinking, lol! Heather

  3. Oh man, AT THE PROM. that is harsh. Boys are so dumb. No girl would ever publicly humiliate their sweet and devoted boyfriend because they needed some space.

    I've been pretty much a serial single person. I really want to be in a relationship, but not with anyone too needy.

  4. I started "dating" my husband when I was 14 yrs old...how's that for happy with what I've got and no need for dating around?! :) We've been together ever since and been married now for 10 years!

  5. I was quite the serial monogamist in my younger years, too. My first serious bf was also in high school, on-again, off-again for about 2.5 years, and yes, it did hurt when it ended. But good lord, I shudder to think what my life would be today, had I married the guy I thought was "it" when I was 16. Yeesh!
    For sure, passions were more intense when I was a teenager. Love felt more intense, heartache felt bone-crunchingly, soul-crushingly, omg-my-life-truly-is-over miserable. But that's standard young love, I think. When you haven't seen much of the world, you think what you've seen and felt so far is "it", and so it's presence or loss feels like a huge deal.
    Now, I consider myself deeply in love with my spouse, but on most days, it's not the obsessive kind of "love" I felt for my highschool sweetheart. More like..."Pass the salt"..."Hmmm?"..."Never mind"..."*grunt*"....

  6. Um. My first serious relationship was in high school too. The guy gave Dbags a bad name. And, I got pregnant. When I finally mustered the courage to leave that clusterfuck of a relationshit, I felt like it was the worst time of my life. Fast forward about 6 years and two more churin to another Dbag. I found out he cheated on me (A LOT) and I left him with not a single tear. I was just fine. I knew I would be. I think that time and age makes us not only wiser, but braver. Once we know we could live through something like a break up it becomes easier and not that we grow more detached, but we have a stronger sense of self and (hopefully) more confidence. I hope so anyway. I am now in the best relationship of my life and I could not be happier or more thankful for the Dbags that make me appreciate my man even more than I would have sans Dbags.

  7. Ooooh, LOVE that dress!!

    Dude. At the prom? That's like, second only to the alter. What a moron!!

    You know, it's funny, I was just thinking back to my first 'serious' relationship yesterday. I was in college and at one point I really thought I was going to marry the guy. Looking back, I'm sooo glad I didn't!

  8. Getting dumped at prom? Wow, a friend of mine went through the same thing. I'm also a serial monogamist, but looking back my first really serious relationship wasn't until college, we dated four all four years and I got dumped in Heathrow at the beginning of our European vacation. Good thing, cause I met my husband in Paris later that trip!

    Great post, great dress and really awesome brooch. Will definitely be back again!

  9. yep yep. i had two bf's in hs - they both lasted 6-8 months. the last one disappeared without ever telling me why we broke up or why. it's always been a mystery.

    i've been with my fh for ... almost 9 years. so i think i am the same as you.

  10. I love how you;ve accessorized this LBD. I'm in love with your clutch!

    Haha, and cutest story ever! I'm a serial dater too, so I had my "long term" high school guy too. fortunately when we broke up it wasn't at prom... OUCH!

  11. Such a fun way to dress up the LBD Lisa! Fab as usual. I too have been a pretty serious monogamist, and dated my HS bf for 3.5 years, a ridiculous long time for HS standards!! It is interesting to look back and reassess how much love took over my life, whereas now it complements it.

  12. Ahhh the stories we have of our past… LOL. I can’t believe it broke up with you during prom. :/

    My first "serious" relationship was in the 7th grade. LOL. He was my first kiss. He was the first boy I told “I love you, too”, but only after he said it first. Hahah. He would always tell me how beautiful I was and whispered sweet nothings into my ear. Seriously, for a 7th grader, this boy had game. Plus, he was AMAZEBALLS at kissing. At the time I had nothing to compare him to, but looking back, he really was a great kisser. I still see him around town, we never say nothing more than “hello” to each other. He has a beautiful wife now and two beautiful children too. Anyhoo, that “relationship” lasted about 9 months, which was quite lengthy for a junior high romance.

    Several guys came in and out of my life, one of who was the Pirate. Apparently I “broke his heart” when were in the 8th grade and didn’t really speak to each other until our senior year of HS. Before we did rekindle our love senior year, there was this other boy who I thought was “the one”. Boy was I wrong. He was so toxic to my life. Some may say that I wasted two years on that loser, but every experience (both good and bad) makes you the person you are today. I really can only blame myself for staying with him for nearly two years of my HS existence, but everything happens for a reason right?

    Senior year HS, was truly when I did find and fall in love with my soul mate. 12 years later, we’re still madly in love. Sure he may irritate me at times, but marriages are perfect. They really do take work, compromise, and respect of your other half. Whatever we’ve been doing, I hope we keep doing it for years to come. I’m thankful for him every day and make sure to let him know more often, than not.

    On a sartorial note, you look absolutely gorgeous, Lisa. From head to toe you are a knock out!

    xx Love & Aloha

  13. You look amazing in this dress! I love the bow detail on the shoulder.

    Aaahhhh...first loves. My first love was one of my best friends from high school We went to 2 homecomings and our junior prom together. We "broke up' towards the end of my senior year and I went through the same feelings you did. I think nothing can match your first love because it's the first, right? Your heart will never be the same after it's broken even when it's mended.

    I hesitate to call him my bf because we barely even kissed...turns out he is gay! So naturally we are still besties.

    I am lucky that the man I call my hubs is a good man and I adore him. And he loves my bestie (almost) as much as I do!

  14. LOL, love that "yo" at the end. Glad he included it in his explanation :) Actually I'm a dork, but my first serious relationship was in high school to the man who is now my husband. I was his first girlfriend, and though I had dated a bit before, it was all pretty casual before him.
    You're rocking that dress girl! It really just looks so lovely and elegant on you

  15. oh man, getting dumped at PROM?!!? what a JERK!

    My high school boyfriend and I broke up in March of my senior year...and then proceeded to go to prom together the next month because he had already ordered his tux to match my dress and the tickets were paid for. So that was basically SO MUCH FUN.

  16. You look stunning in that dress. It is fabulous. I always want to run out and get your great clothes!
    My first relationship was horrible and toxic and abusive, but I was so caught up in the throws of it, it took me a long time to realize it. Luckily, my rebound relationship was with my now hubby! I had a few boyfriends in between high school and college, but it has pretty much been all Ryan since I was a senior in high school and we will celebrate our 5 yr anny in a few weeks. SO thankful my first HS relationship failed. MORE thankful that my second one is still going :)

  17. First of all, I love that brooch! (and the entire outfit). Secondly, I AM still in my 1st serious relationship :) I feel kind of silly for not having the same experiences as others, but at the same time extremely grateful I didn't have to go through bad breakups and stuff. I guess love just happens when it happens and there is no use expecting it to come sooner or trying to put it off :)

  18. Love the outfit and the very cute bow pin on your shoulder. I really want a Cambridge satchel, but I'm a little worried about having something shipped so far away.

    My first relationship was with my best guy friend, who in the end broke my heart before prom. Then took my ex friend instead and started dating her afterwards. In the end I felt like such a winner because 1 year before I got married he got in touch with me. Saying all the things he thought would get me back, but he didn't realize high school Marie was gone and so was any emotional attachment to him. I'm happy I married the perfect person for me! :)

  19. Oh my gawd what a lame loser! I can't believe he did that to you, all teen-movie style. I think it's easier as we get older because we gain perspective over the years, and have more to distract us. I mean, I had eons of time to listen to The Cure and feel sorry for myself back then. Now there's too much to do.
    I love this outfit on you--the sleekness and the sparkle of it all. Yum!

  20. Wow..your story..break the old heart..and then I read Eleanors and WOWSERS.
    I don't know that I have that much highschool love drama...OR maybe I just don't remember, I have a really bad memory.
    Anyway...LOVE this dress..Eva Franco has the sweetest most adorable little frocks.

  21. OK, Eleanor, you totally have me beat! Wow, that is not just a story, that is like an epic drama! Good on you for being the strong independent woman you are!

    Style Journey - ooh, an older man? Dating an upperclassman was a big ole deal at my school!

    LyddieGal - yes, boys are dumb. Some boys now are still dumb.

    Leah / skippysays - I bow before you both for meeting, dating and then marrying your high school sweetheart! How awesome!

    Tara B - you're right, I shudder to think if I ended up with my HS boyfriend - but I guess that's unfair on my part because he's probably a totally different person now. Maybe. ;o)

    Holy cow, Frannie Pantz, I have some new found awe and respect for you! Raising kids on your own and looking for the love you deserve can't be easy - but you seem to have a real good thing now!

    whenlifehandsyouapear - moron is right! ;o)

    Cara - it does totally make me assess whether or not a HS relationship can be considered all that serious - well, it was certainly serious at the time.

    makeupandpearls - one just up and disappeared on you? What a dog!

    Melrose - hey, at least I have a "fun" story to share, haha.

    Dea - I totally agree that way back when we didn't have anything else to compare it to, young love was so (overly) dramatic and consuming!

    sharon lei - more bowing before you for marrying your REAL HS sweetheart! And dating for 9mos in junior high - that really is an eternity back then!

    Thanks, Lauren!

    Eek - that is awesome that you guys can remain friends - too many breakups end up ruining too many things.

    Oh Ashley, you cracked me up - it is like forced prom-going!

    Alicia Marie - ooh, congrats!

    liz - hey girl, when you find a good thing, good on you! And good for your honey, for knowing what a good woman he's got!

    Mrs. J - Aren't we all glad we're older (i.e., wiser) women than what we were in high school?!

    Laurel - you're totally right, it WAS all teen movie style, except Jennifer Love Hewitt couldn't stand if for me - though I bet she wouldn't have gotten dumped at prom, haha!

    Carly - I know, wowsers indeed!

  22. I love how you styled the Archer. I thought breakups like that only happened in the movies. If he saw you today in this outfit, he would be reconsidering his actions. It's nearly 100 degrees still. I wont be wearing my Archer for 2 months. Yes I remember my first love. I broke off the wedding. I was too young to realize what a great guy he really was. Oh well.

  23. Oh the memories! I just got out of my first real serious relationship that started way back when I was in high school. Oh the memories! But so glad to know that I am not at all alone!

    Just Better Together


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